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Yeast   SH6471   47500   Sasano Y, Kariya T, Usugi S, Sugiyama M, Harashima S.   Molecular breeding of Saccharomyces cerevisiae with high RNA content by harnessing essential ribosomal RNA transcription regulator.   AMB Express   2017 -12   7(1)   32   28155199   10.1186/s13568-017-0330-4  
Yeast     47499   Folco HD, Chalamcharla VR, Sugiyama T, Thillainadesan G, Zofall M, Balachandran V, Dhakshnamoorthy J, Mizuguchi T, Grewal SI.   Untimely expression of gametogenic genes in vegetative cells causes uniparental disomy.   Nature   2017 -2 -15       28199302   10.1038/nature21372  
DNA material   Genome Network Project Human cDNA Clone IRAL009C12 ...   47487   Hirano T, Katoh Y, Nakayama K.   Intraflagellar transport-A complex mediates ciliary entry and retrograde trafficking of ciliary G protein-coupled receptors.   Mol. Biol. Cell   2017 -2 -01   28(3)   429-439   27932497   10.1091/mbc.E16-11-0813  
Drosophila   5680R-2   47490   Huang J, Feng Y, Chen X, Li W, Xue L.   Myc inhibits JNK-mediated cell death in vivo.   Apoptosis   2017 -2 -01       28150056   10.1007/s10495-016-1340-4  
Yeast   BYP7373   47292   Kitamura K, Kinsui EZ, Abe F.   Critical role of the proton-dependent oligopeptide transporter (POT) in the cellular uptake of the peptidyl nucleoside antibiotic, blasticidin S.   Biochim. Biophys. Acta   2017 -2   1864(2)   393-398   27916534   10.1016/j.bbamcr.2016.11.030  
Yeast     47479   Satoh R, Matsumura Y, Tanaka A, Takada M, Ito Y, Hagihara K, Inari M, Kita A, Fukao A, Fujiwara T, Hirai S, Tani T, Sugiura R.   Spatial regulation of the KH domain RNA-binding protein Rnc1 mediated by a Crm1-independent nuclear export system in Schizosaccharomyces pombe.   Mol. Microbiol.   2017 -1 -31       28142187   10.1111/mmi.13636  
DNA material   S. pombe YFP-FLAG-His tag clone SpYFH26B06 (SPW090430...   47477   Li G, Poulsen M, Fenyvuesvolgyi C, Yashiroda Y, Yoshida M, Simard JM, Gallo RC, Zhao RY.   Characterization of cytopathic factors through genome-wide analysis of the Zika viral proteins in fission yeast.   Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A.   2017 -1 -17   114(3)   E376-E385   28049830   10.1073/pnas.1619735114  
DNA material   pDUAL2-HFF1c (RDB06154); S. pombe ORFeome Entry c...   47471   Toteva T, Mason B, Kanoh Y, Brøgger P, Green D, Verhein-Hansen J, Masai H, Thon G.   Establishment of expression-state boundaries by Rif1 and Taz1 in fission yeast.   Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A.   2017 -1 -17       28096402   10.1073/pnas.1614837114  
Drosophila     47453   Yamamoto M, Ohsawa S, Kunimasa K, Igaki T.   The ligand Sas and its receptor PTP10D drive tumour-suppressive cell competition.   Nature   2017 -1 -16       28092921   10.1038/nature21033  
Mice   ICR.129(B6)-Msi1<tm1Okn>(RBRC04435)   47446   Wolfe AR, Ernlund A, McGuinness W, Lehmann C, Carl K, Balmaceda N, Neufeld KL.   Suppression of intestinal tumorigenesis in Apc mutant mice by Musashi-1 deletion.   J. Cell. Sci.   2017 -1 -12       28082422   10.1242/jcs.197574  
Drosophila   CAS-0002   47455   Chechenova MB, Maes S, Oas ST, Nelson C, Kiani KG, Bryantsev AL, Cripps RM.   Functional redundancy and non-redundancy between two Troponin C isoforms in Drosophila adult muscles.   Mol. Biol. Cell   2017 -1 -11       28077621   10.1091/mbc.E16-07-0498  
DNA material   Genome Network Project human cDNA clone IRAK140P09 ...   47456   Funabashi T, Katoh Y, Michisaka S, Terada M, Sugawa M, Nakayama K.   Ciliary entry of KIF17 is dependent on its binding to the IFT-B complex via IFT46-IFT56 as well as on its nuclear localization signal.   Mol. Biol. Cell   2017 -1 -11       28077622   10.1091/mbc.E16-09-0648  
Mice   B10.C-Tyr<c>/Hir(RBRC04860), C57BL/10JMsHir(RBRC04...   47447   Hamanaka T, Nishizawa K, Sakasegawa Y, Oguma A, Teruya K, Kurahashi H, Hara H, Sakaguchi S, Doh-Ura K.   Melanin or melanin-like substance interacts with the N-terminal portion of prion protein and inhibits abnormal prion protein formation in prion-infected cells.   J. Virol.   2017 -1 -11       28077650   10.1128/JVI.01862-16  
Mice   B6.129S-Osmr<tm1Mtan>(RBRC02711)   47445   Yamamura K, Uruno T, Shiraishi A, Tanaka Y, Ushijima M, Nakahara T, Watanabe M, Kido-Nakahara M, Tsuge I, Furue M, Fukui Y.   The transcription factor EPAS1 links DOCK8 deficiency to atopic skin inflammation via IL-31 induction.   Nat Commun   2017 -1 -09   8   13946   28067314   10.1038/ncomms13946  
Drosophila   1599R-1   47452   Fujita N, Huang W, Lin TH, Groulx JF, Jean S, Nguyen J, Kuchitsu Y, Koyama-Honda I, Mizushima N, Fukuda M, Kiger AA.   Genetic screen in Drosophila muscle identifies autophagy-mediated T-tubule remodeling and a Rab2 role in autophagy.   Elife   2017 -1 -07   6     28063257   10.7554/eLife.23367  
DNA material   pCAG-HIVgp (RDB04394); pCMV-VSV-G-RSV-Rev (RDB04393...   47457   Kuroda K, Fukuda T, Krstic-Demonacos M, Demonacos C, Okumura K, Isogai H, Hayashi M, Saito K, Isogai E.   miR-663a regulates growth of colon cancer cells, after administration of antimicrobial peptides, by targeting CXCR4-p21 pathway.   BMC Cancer   2017 -1 -07   17(1)   33   28061765   10.1186/s12885-016-3003-9  
Drosophila   CAS-0004,TBX-0002   47423   Hayashi M, Shinozuka Y, Shigenobu S, Sato M, Sugimoto M, Ito S, Abe K, Kobayashi S.   Conserved role of Ovo in germline development in mouse and Drosophila.   Sci Rep   2017 -1 -06   7   40056   28059165   10.1038/srep40056  
Rats   W-Tg(CAG-GFP)184Ys (strainID=525)   47474   Nakazaki M, Sasaki M, Kataoka-Sasaki Y, Oka S, Namioka T, Namioka A, Onodera R, Suzuki J, Sasaki Y, Nagahama H, Mikami T, Wanibuchi M, Kocsis JD, Honmou O.   Intravenous infusion of mesenchymal stem cells inhibits intracranial hemorrhage after recombinant tissue plasminogen activator therapy for transient middle cerebral artery occlusion in rats.   J. Neurosurg.   2017 -1 -06     1-10   28059661   10.3171/2016.8.JNS16240  
Mice   B6;129-Olfr1507(RBRC02928)   47448   Low VF, Mombaerts P.   Odorant receptor proteins in the mouse main olfactory epithelium and olfactory bulb.   Neuroscience   2017 -1 -03   344   167-177   28057532   10.1016/j.neuroscience.2016.12.044  
Yeast   FY16412, FY17842, FY12290   47311   Yang HJ, Osakada H, Kojidani T, Haraguchi T, Hiraoka Y.   Lipid droplet dynamics during Schizosaccharomyces pombe sporulation and their role in spore survival.   Biol Open   2017 -1 -03       28011631   10.1242/bio.022384  
Algae   NIES-144   47415   Allewaert, C. C., Vanormelingen, P., Daveloose, I., Vyverman, T.   Intraspecific trait variation affecting astaxanthin productivity in two Haematococcus (Chlorophyceae) species.   Algal Research   2017   21   191-202     10.1016/j.algal.2016.10.021  
DNA material   pCAcc-Luc+ (RDB02443)   47498   Chen Q, Osada K, Ge Z, Uchida S, Tockary TA, Dirisala A, Matsui A, Toh K, Takeda KM, Liu X, Nomoto T, Ishii T, Oba M, Matsumoto Y, Kataoka K.   Polyplex micelle installing intracellular self-processing functionalities without free catiomers for safe and efficient systemic gene therapy through tumor vasculature targeting.   Biomaterials   2017 -1   113   253-265   27835820   10.1016/j.biomaterials.2016.10.042  
Yeast   BY22813   47501   Ishikawa K, Makanae K, Iwasaki S, Ingolia NT, Moriya H.   Post-Translational Dosage Compensation Buffers Genetic Perturbations to Stoichiometry of Protein Complexes.   PLoS Genet.   2017 -1   13(1)   e1006554   28121980   10.1371/journal.pgen.1006554  
Algae   NIES-144   47418   Kiperstok, A. C., Sebestyén, P., Podola, B., Melkonian, M.   Biofilm cultivation of Haematococcus pluvialis enables a highly productive one-phase process for astaxanthin production using high light intensities.   Algal Research   2017   21   213-222     10.1016/j.algal.2016.10.025  
Drosophila   7904R-3   47463   Martins T, Eusebio N, Correia A, Marinho J, Casares F, Pereira PS.   TGFβ/Activin signalling is required for ribosome biogenesis and cell growth in Drosophila salivary glands.   Open Biol   2017 -1   7(1)     28123053   10.1098/rsob.160258  
Mice   B6;129S2-Spesp1<tm1Osb>(RBRC04714)   47444   Nakata H, Wakayama T, Asano T, Nishiuchi T, Iseki S.   Identification of sperm equatorial segment protein 1 in the acrosome as the primary binding target of peanut agglutinin (PNA) in the mouse testis.   Histochem. Cell Biol.   2017 -1   147(1)   27-38   27539077   10.1007/s00418-016-1478-8  
Drosophila   11142R-1   47464   Tajiri R, Ogawa N, Fujiwara H, Kojima T.   Mechanical Control of Whole Body Shape by a Single Cuticular Protein Obstructor-E in Drosophila melanogaster.   PLoS Genet.   2017 -1   13(1)   e1006548   28076349   10.1371/journal.pgen.1006548  
Yeast   FY7507, FY6839   47435   Senoo T, Kawano S, Ikeda S.   DNA base excision repair and nucleotide excision repair synergistically contribute to survival of stationary-phase cells of the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe.   Cell Biol. Int.   2016 -12 -29       28032397   10.1002/cbin.10722  
Drosophila   8711R-1   47331   Tare M, Sarkar A, Bedi S, Kango-Singh M, Singh A.   Cullin-4 regulates Wingless and JNK signaling-mediated cell death in the Drosophila eye.   Cell Death Dis   2016 -12 -29   7(12)   e2566   28032862   10.1038/cddis.2016.338  
Rats   W-Tg(S100b-EGFP)Scell (strainID=673)   47327   Syaidah R, Tsukada T, Azuma M, Horiguchi K, Fujiwara K, Kikuchi M, Yashiro T.   Fibromodulin Expression in Folliculostellate Cells and Pericytes Is Promoted by TGFβ Signaling in Rat Anterior Pituitary Gland.   Acta Histochem Cytochem.    2016 -12 -28   49(6)   171-179     10.1267/ahc.16021  
Drosophila   15284R-1   47316   Mena W, Diegelmann S, Wegener C, Ewer J.   Stereotyped responses of Drosophila peptidergic neuronal ensemble depend on downstream neuromodulators.   Elife   2016 -12 -15   5     27976997   10.7554/eLife.19686  
Yeast   S. bombe strains ?   47302   Topolski B, Jakopec V, Künzel NA, Fleig U.   Inositol Pyrophosphate Kinase Asp1 Modulates Chromosome Segregation Fidelity and Spindle Function in Schizosaccharomyces pombe.   Mol. Cell. Biol.   2016 -12 -15   36(24)   3128-3140   27697865   10.1128/MCB.00330-16  
Yeast   FY23692   47301   Hoya M, Yanguas F, Moro S, Prescianotto-Baschong C, Doncel C, de León N, Curto MÁ, Spang A, Valdivieso MH.   Traffic Through the Trans-Golgi Network and the Endosomal System Requires Collaboration Between Exomer and Clathrin Adaptors in Fission Yeast.   Genetics   2016 -12 -14       27974503   10.1534/genetics.116.193458  
Drosophila     47425   Lin CJ, Wen J, Bejarano F, Hu F, Bortolamiol-Becet D, Kan L, Sanfilippo P, Kondo S, Lai EC.   Characterization of a TUTase/nuclease complex required for Drosophila gametogenesis.   RNA   2016 -12 -14       27974621   10.1261/rna.059527.116  
Drosophila   pBFv-U6.2   47294   Lence T, Akhtar J, Bayer M, Schmid K, Spindler L, Ho CH, Kreim N, Andrade-Navarro MA, Poeck B, Helm M, Roignant JY.   m(6)A modulates neuronal functions and sex determination in Drosophila.   Nature   2016 -12 -08   540(7632)   242-247   27919077   10.1038/nature20568  
Drosophila   8439R-1,8439R-4   47314   Pavel M, Imarisio S, Menzies FM, Jimenez-Sanchez M, Siddiqi FH, Wu X, Renna M, O'Kane CJ, Crowther DC, Rubinsztein DC.   CCT complex restricts neuropathogenic protein aggregation via autophagy.   Nat Commun   2016 -12 -08   7   13821   27929117   10.1038/ncomms13821  
Rice     47329   Furuta T, Uehara K, Angeles-Shim RB, Shim J, Nagai K, Ashikari M, and Takashi T   Development of chromosome segment substitution lines harboring Oryza nivara genomic segments in Koshihikari and evaluation of yield-related traits.   Breeding Science   2016 -12 -6   66   845-850     10.1270/jsbbs.16131  
Mice   B6.129S-Drd2<tm1Mok>(RBRC01081)   47309   Shioda N, Yabuki Y, Wang Y, Uchigashima M, Hikida T, Sasaoka T, Mori H, Watanabe M, Sasahara M, Fukunaga K.   Endocytosis following dopamine D2 receptor activation is critical for neuronal activity and dendritic spine formation via Rabex-5/PDGFRβ signaling in striatopallidal medium spiny neurons.   Mol. Psychiatry   2016 -12 -06       27922607   10.1038/mp.2016.200  
Yeast   wild-type S. pombe strain ?   47255   Bennett HW, Liu N, Hu Y, King MC.   TeloPCR-seq: a high-throughput sequencing approach for telomeres.   FEBS Lett.   2016 -12   590(23)   4159-4170   27714790   10.1002/1873-3468.12444  
Human and Animal Cells   OP9(RCB1124), OP9/N-DLL1(RCB2927), 409B2(HPS0076...   47284   Maeda T, Nagano S, Ichise H, Kataoka K, Yamada D, Ogawa S, Koseki H, Kitawaki T, Kadowaki N, Takaori-Kondo A, Masuda K, Kawamoto H.   Regeneration of CD8αβ T Cells from T-cell-Derived iPSC Imparts Potent Tumor Antigen-Specific Cytotoxicity.   Cancer Res.   2016 -12 -01   76(23)   6839-6850   27872100   10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-16-1149  
Drosophila   7216R-2,7216R-3,17707R-2,17707R-3,11567R-1...   47295   Minami R, Sato C, Yamahama Y, Kubo H, Hariyama T, Kimura KI.   An RNAi Screen for Genes Involved in Nanoscale Protrusion Formation on Corneal Lens in Drosophila melanogaster.   Zool. Sci.   2016 -12   33(6)   583-591   27927092   10.2108/zs160105  
Rats   WTC/Kyo (strainID=18)   46643   Nagaki Y, Ito K, Kuwahara M.   WTC rat has unique characteristics such as resistant to streptozotocin.   Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports   2016 -12   Volume 8   157–161     10.1016/j.bbrep.2016.08.024  
Rice   C0508 W0120 W1625 W2199 W1588 W1413...   45516   Shenton M, Iwamoto C, Kurata N, Ikeo K.   Effect of Wild and Cultivated Rice Genotypes on Rhizosphere Bacterial Community Composition.   Rice (N Y)   2016 -12   9(1)   42   27557607   10.1186/s12284-016-0111-8  
DNA material   pCMV-VSV-G-RSV-Rev (RDB04393)   47495   Tanaka Y, Ono N, Shima T, Tanaka G, Katoh Y, Nakayama K, Takatsu H, Shin HW.   The phospholipid flippase ATP9A is required for the recycling pathway from the endosomes to the plasma membrane.   Mol. Biol. Cell   2016 -12 -01   27(24)   3883-3893   27733620   10.1091/mbc.E16-08-0586  
Drosophila     47424   Yamagata N, Hiroi M, Kondo S, Abe A, Tanimoto H.   Suppression of Dopamine Neurons Mediates Reward.   PLoS Biol.   2016 -12   14(12)   e1002586   27997541   10.1371/journal.pbio.1002586  
Rats   BDIX/NemOda (strainID=579), BDIX.Cg-Tal/NemOda (strainID=607)...   47326   Yoshihara M, Sato T, Saito D, Ohara O, Kuramoto T, Suyama M.   Application of target capture sequencing of exons and conserved non-coding sequences to 20 inbred rat strains.   Genom Data   2016 -12   10   155-157   27882299   10.1016/j.gdata.2016.11.010  
Medaka   MR(del2) (MT1050), HdrR-II1 (IB178)   47437   Sakamoto T, Yoshiki M, Takahashi H, Yoshida M, Ogino Y, Ikeuchi T, Nakamachi T, Konno N, Matsuda K, Sakamoto H.   Principal function of mineralocorticoid signaling suggested by constitutive knockout of the mineralocorticoid receptor in medaka fish.   Sci Rep   2016 -11 -29   6   37991   27897263   10.1038/srep37991  
Drosophila   14716R-1,14716R-3   47273   Klemz R, Reischl S, Wallach T, Witte N, Jürchott K, Klemz S, Lang V, Lorenzen S, Knauer M, Heidenreich S, Xu M, Ripperger JA, Schupp M, Stanewsky R, Kramer A.   Reciprocal regulation of carbon monoxide metabolism and the circadian clock.   Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol.   2016 -11 -28       27892932   10.1038/nsmb.3331  
Drosophila     47275   Nitta Y, Yamazaki D, Sugie A, Hiroi M, Tabata T.   DISCO Interacting Protein 2 regulates axonal bifurcation and guidance of Drosophila mushroom body neurons.   Dev. Biol.   2016 -11 -28       27908785   10.1016/j.ydbio.2016.11.015  
Human and Animal Cells   NIH3T3-3-4(RCB1862)   47285   Terajima H, Yoshitane H, Ozaki H, Suzuki Y, Shimba S, Kuroda S, Iwasaki W, Fukada Y.   ADARB1 catalyzes circadian A-to-I editing and regulates RNA rhythm.   Nat. Genet.   2016 -11 -28       27893733   10.1038/ng.3731  
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