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Yeast     47683   Xiao Q, Zhang C, Li H, Wei B, Wang Y, Huang H, Li Y, Yu G, Liu H, Zhang J, Liu Y, Hu Y, Huang Y.   Identification and functional analysis of the ICK gene family in maize.   Sci Rep   2017 -3 -06   7   43818   28262730   10.1038/srep43818  
Mice   MSM/Ms(RBRC00209)   47687   Hirose M, Hasegawa A, Mochida K, Matoba S, Hatanaka Y, Inoue K, Goto T, Kaneda H, Yamada I, Furuse T, Abe K, Uenoyama Y, Tsukamura H, Wakana S, Honda A, Ogura A.   CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome editing in wild-derived mice: generation of tamed wild-derived strains by mutation of the a (nonagouti) gene.   Sci Rep   2017 -2 -14   7   42476   28195201   10.1038/srep42476  
Drosophila   1063-R2   47647   Richhariya S, Jayakumar S, Abruzzi K, Rosbash M, Hasan G.   A pupal transcriptomic screen identifies Ral as a target of store-operated calcium entry in Drosophila neurons.   Sci Rep   2017 -2 -14   7   42586   28195208   10.1038/srep42586  
Human and Animal Cells   201B7(HPS0063)   47700   Goparaju SK, Kohda K, Ibata K, Soma A, Nakatake Y, Akiyama T, Wakabayashi S, Matsushita M, Sakota M, Kimura H, Yuzaki M, Ko SB, Ko MS.   Rapid differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells into functional neurons by mRNAs encoding transcription factors.   Sci Rep   2017 -2 -13   7   42367   28205555   10.1038/srep42367  
Drosophila   CAS-0004,TBX-0002   47423   Hayashi M, Shinozuka Y, Shigenobu S, Sato M, Sugimoto M, Ito S, Abe K, Kobayashi S.   Conserved role of Ovo in germline development in mouse and Drosophila.   Sci Rep   2017 -1 -06   7   40056   28059165   10.1038/srep40056  
Human and Animal Cells   NOS-1(RCB1032)   47698   Ando T, Kudo Y, Iizuka S, Tsunematsu T, Umehara H, Shrestha M, Matsuo T, Kubo T, Shimose S, Arihiro K, Ogawa I, Ochi M, Takata T.   Ameloblastin induces tumor suppressive phenotype and enhances chemosensitivity to doxorubicin via Src-Stat3 inactivation in osteosarcoma.   Sci Rep   2017 -1 -05   7   40187   28054649   10.1038/srep40187  
Human and Animal Cells   253G1(HPS0002)   47697   Numaga-Tomita T, Kitajima N, Kuroda T, Nishimura A, Miyano K, Yasuda S, Kuwahara K, Sato Y, Ide T, Birnbaumer L, Sumimoto H, Mori Y, Nishida M.   TRPC3-GEF-H1 axis mediates pressure overload-induced cardiac fibrosis.   Sci Rep   2016 -12 -19   6   39383   27991560   10.1038/srep39383  
Human and Animal Cells   253G1(HPS0002)   47694   Numaga-Tomita T, Kitajima N, Kuroda T, Nishimura A, Miyano K, Yasuda S, Kuwahara K, Sato Y, Ide T, Birnbaumer L, Sumimoto H, Mori Y, Nishida M.   TRPC3-GEF-H1 axis mediates pressure overload-induced cardiac fibrosis.   Sci Rep   2016 -12 -19   6   39383   27991560   10.1038/srep39383  
Medaka   MR(del2) (MT1050), HdrR-II1 (IB178)   47437   Sakamoto T, Yoshiki M, Takahashi H, Yoshida M, Ogino Y, Ikeuchi T, Nakamachi T, Konno N, Matsuda K, Sakamoto H.   Principal function of mineralocorticoid signaling suggested by constitutive knockout of the mineralocorticoid receptor in medaka fish.   Sci Rep   2016 -11 -29   6   37991   27897263   10.1038/srep37991  
Barley   オオムギ系統   47253   Hisano H, Sato K.   Genomic regions responsible for amenability to Agrobacterium-mediated transformation in barley.   Sci Rep   2016 -11 -22   6   37505   27874056   10.1038/srep37505  
Drosophila   8376R-1,GFP-IR-2   47272   Shimada N, Inami S, Sato S, Kitamoto T, Sakai T.   Modulation of light-driven arousal by LIM-homeodomain transcription factor Apterous in large PDF-positive lateral neurons of the Drosophila brain.   Sci Rep   2016 -11 -17   6   37255   27853240   10.1038/srep37255  
DNA material   Genome Network Project Human cDNA IRAL001I24 (HGY080616...   47497   Yamaguchi A, Takanashi K.   FUS interacts with nuclear matrix-associated protein SAFB1 as well as Matrin3 to regulate splicing and ligand-mediated transcription.   Sci Rep   2016 -10 -12   6   35195   27731383   10.1038/srep35195  
DNA material   CSII-EF-MCS-IRES2-Venus (RDB04384)   47494   Omura H, Oikawa D, Nakane T, Kato M, Ishii R, Ishitani R, Tokunaga F, Nureki O.   Structural and Functional Analysis of DDX41: a bispecific immune receptor for DNA and cyclic dinucleotide.   Sci Rep   2016 -10 -10   6   34756   27721487   10.1038/srep34756  
DNA material   pGL4-OX40Lp-700b (RDB14536)   47709   Yashiro T, Hara M, Ogawa H, Okumura K, Nishiyama C.   Critical Role of Transcription Factor PU.1 in the Function of the OX40L/TNFSF4 Promoter in Dendritic Cells.   Sci Rep   2016 -10 -06   6   34825   27708417   10.1038/srep34825  
DNA material   CSII-CMV-MCS-IRES2-Bsd (RDB04385)   47267   Minegishi Y, Sheng X, Yoshitake K, Sergeev Y, Iejima D, Shibagaki Y, Monma N, Ikeo K, Furuno M, Zhuang W, Liu Y, Rong W, Hattori S, Iwata T.   CCT2 Mutations Evoke Leber Congenital Amaurosis due to Chaperone Complex Instability.   Sci Rep   2016 -9 -20   6   33742   27645772   10.1038/srep33742  
Barley   オオムギ系統   47303   Takahagi K, Uehara-Yamaguchi Y, Yoshida T, Sakurai T, Shinozaki K, Mochida K, Saisho D.   Analysis of single nucleotide polymorphisms based on RNA sequencing data of diverse bio-geographical accessions in barley.   Sci Rep   2016 -9 -12   6   33199   27616653   10.1038/srep33199  
DNA material   316-SEC7-mRFP (RDB08663)   47224   Osberg C, Aksnes H, Ninzima S, Marie M, Arnesen T.   Microscopy-based Saccharomyces cerevisiae complementation model reveals functional conservation and redundancy of N-terminal acetyltransferases.   Sci Rep   2016 -8 -24   6   31627   27555049   10.1038/srep31627  
Yeast   BY23323, BY24051   47493   Murata W, Kinpara S, Kitahara N, Yamaguchi Y, Ogita A, Tanaka T, Fujita K.   Cytoskeletal impairment during isoamyl alcohol-induced cell elongation in budding yeast.   Sci Rep   2016 -8 -10   6   31127   27507042   10.1038/srep31127  
DNA material   Genome Network Project Human cDNA IRAL038I16 (HGY095408...   47266   Kataoka K, Nakamura C, Asahi T, Sawamura N.   Mitochondrial cereblon functions as a Lon-type protease.   Sci Rep   2016 -7 -15   6   29986   27417535   10.1038/srep29986  
Drosophila     47645   Yagi R, Mabuchi Y, Mizunami M, Tanaka NK.   Convergence of multimodal sensory pathways to the mushroom body calyx in Drosophila melanogaster.   Sci Rep   2016 -7 -11   6   29481   27404960   10.1038/srep29481  
DNA material   pcDNA3.1_V5-NECAB3_WT (RDB14306); pcDNA3.1_V5-NEC...   47436   Nakaoka HJ, Hara T, Yoshino S, Kanamori A, Matsui Y, Shimamura T, Sato H, Murakami Y, Seiki M, Sakamoto T.   NECAB3 Promotes Activation of Hypoxia-inducible factor-1 during Normoxia and Enhances Tumourigenicity of Cancer Cells.   Sci Rep   2016 -3 -07   6   22784   26948053   10.1038/srep22784  
Medaka   HdrR-II1 (IB178)   36395   Zhang X, Guan G, Li M, Zhu F, Liu Q, Naruse K, Herpin A, Nagahama Y, Li J, Hong Y.   Autosomal gsdf acts as a male sex initiator in the fish medaka.   Sci Rep   2016 -1 -27   6   19738   26813267   10.1038/srep19738  
Medaka   olvas-eGFP   36423   Chakraborty T, Zhou LY, Chaudhari A, Iguchi T, Nagahama Y.   Dmy initiates masculinity by altering Gsdf/Sox9a2/Rspo1 expression in medaka (Oryzias latipes).   Sci Rep   2016 -1 -25   6   19480   26806354   10.1038/srep19480  
Medaka     36424   Zhou L, Charkraborty T, Zhou Q, Mohapatra S, Nagahama Y, Zhang Y.   Rspo1-activated signalling molecules are sufficient to induce ovarian differentiation in XY medaka (Oryzias latipes).   Sci Rep   2016 -1 -19   6   19543   26782368   10.1038/srep19543  
Human and Animal Cells   HeLa(RCB00007)   37885   Aini H, Itaka K, Fujisawa A, Uchida H, Uchida S, Fukushima S, Kataoka K, Saito T, Chung UI, Ohba S.   Messenger RNA delivery of a cartilage-anabolic transcription factor as a disease-modifying strategy for osteoarthritis treatment.   Sci Rep   2016   6   18743   26728350   10.1038/srep18743  
Silkworms     36419   Chen P, Tong XL, Fu MY, Hu H, Song JB, He SZ, Gai TT, Dai FY, Lu C.   Molecular mapping and characterization of the silkworm apodal mutant.   Sci Rep   2016   6   18956   26738847   10.1038/srep18956  
Mice   GFP-LC3#53(RBRC00806)   39512   Denaës T, Lodder J, Chobert MN, Ruiz I, Pawlotsky JM, Lotersztajn S, Teixeira-Clerc F.   The Cannabinoid Receptor 2 Protects Against Alcoholic Liver Disease Via a Macrophage Autophagy-Dependent Pathway.   Sci Rep   2016   6   28806   27346657   10.1038/srep28806  
Mice   tob-gene KO (B6)(RBRC01765)   46360   Didonna A, Cekanaviciute E, Oksenberg JR, Baranzini SE.   Immune cell-specific transcriptional profiling highlights distinct molecular pathways controlled by Tob1 upon experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis.   Sci Rep   2016   6   31603   27546286   10.1038/srep31603  
Arabidopsis / Cultured plant cells, genes   pda07290, pda18567, pda02895, pda08364, pda02336...   36738   Francoz E, Ranocha P, Pernot C, Ru AL, Pacquit V, Dunand C, Burlat V.   Complementarity of medium-throughput in situ RNA hybridization and tissue-specific transcriptomics: case study of Arabidopsis seed development kinetics.   Sci Rep   2016   6   24644   27095274   10.1038/srep24644  
Drosophila     40044   Fu CL, Wang XF, Cheng Q, Wang D, Hirose S, Liu QX.   The T-box transcription factor Midline regulates wing development by repressing wingless and hedgehog in Drosophila.   Sci Rep   2016   6   27981   27301278   10.1038/srep27981  
DNA material   pCAG-HIVgp (RDB04394); pCMV-VSV-G-RSV-Rev (RDB04393...   35936   Fukuda S, Nishida-Fukuda H, Nanba D, Nakashiro K, Nakayama H, Kubota H, Higashiyama S.   Reversible interconversion and maintenance of mammary epithelial cell characteristics by the ligand-regulated EGFR system.   Sci Rep   2016   6   20209   26831618   10.1038/srep20209  
Drosophila     35949   Han H, Fan J, Xiong Y, Wu W, Lu Y, Zhang L, Zhao Y.   Chi and dLMO function antagonistically on Notch signaling through directly regulation of fng transcription.   Sci Rep   2016   6   18937   26738424   10.1038/srep18937  
DNA material   human MLC20 WT (RDB14158); human MLC20 T18A (RDB14159...   37887   Hirano M, Hirano K.   Myosin di-phosphorylation and peripheral actin bundle formation as initial events during endothelial barrier disruption.   Sci Rep   2016   6   20989   26863988   10.1038/srep20989  
Mice   C57BL/6-Tg(CAG-flpe)36Ito/ItoRbrc(RBRC01834)   39787   Ikeda K, Ueda T, Yamasaki N, Nakata Y, Sera Y, Nagamachi A, Miyama T, Kobayashi H, Takubo K, Kanai A, Oda H, Wolff L, Honda Z, Ichinohe T, Matsubara A, Suda T, Inaba T, Honda H.   Maintenance of the functional integrity of mouse hematopoiesis by EED and promotion of leukemogenesis by EED haploinsufficiency.   Sci Rep   2016   6   29454   27432459   10.1038/srep29454  
Yeast   FY17687   36112   Illner D, Lorenz A, Scherthan H.   Meiotic chromosome mobility in fission yeast is resistant to environmental stress.   Sci Rep   2016   6   24222   27074839   10.1038/srep24222  
Mice   B6;B6C3-Tg(Acro3-EGFP)01Osb(RBRC00886)   36043   Komeya M, Kimura H, Nakamura H, Yokonishi T, Sato T, Kojima K, Hayashi K, Katagiri K, Yamanaka H, Sanjo H, Yao M, Kamimura S, Inoue K, Ogonuki N, Ogura A, Fujii T, Ogawa T.   Long-term ex vivo maintenance of testis tissues producing fertile sperm in a microfluidic device.   Sci Rep   2016   6   21472   26892171   10.1038/srep21472  
DNA material   pcDNA3Flag-hp38beta2 (RDB12359), pcDNA3Flag-hp38b...   45521   Kondoh Y, Honda K, Hiranuma S, Hayashi T, Shimizu T, Watanabe N, Osada H.   Comparative chemical array screening for p38γ/δ MAPK inhibitors using a single gatekeeper residue difference between p38α/β and p38γ/δ.   Sci Rep   2016   6   29881   27431267   10.1038/srep29881  
Silkworms   p50T   35978   Konogami T, Yang Y, Ogihara MH, Hikiba J, Kataoka H, Saito K.   Ligand-dependent responses of the silkworm prothoracicotropic hormone receptor, Torso, are maintained by unusual intermolecular disulfide bridges in the transmembrane region.   Sci Rep   2016   6   22437   26928300   10.1038/srep22437  
DNA material   Genome Network Project IRAL008F08 (HGY083328)   36825   Kurosawa N, Wakata Y, Inobe T, Kitamura H, Yoshioka M, Matsuzawa S, Kishi Y, Isobe M.   Novel method for the high-throughput production of phosphorylation site-specific monoclonal antibodies.   Sci Rep   2016   6   25174   27125496   10.1038/srep25174  
Mice   B6;129-Grn<tm1>(RBRC02370)   36048   Kuse Y, Tsuruma K, Sugitani S, Izawa H, Ohno Y, Shimazawa M, Hara H.   Progranulin promotes the retinal precursor cell proliferation and the photoreceptor differentiation in the mouse retina.   Sci Rep   2016   6   23811   27030285   10.1038/srep23811  
Human and Animal Cells   201B7(HPS0063), 253G1(HPS0002)   37882   Matsuura K, Seta H, Haraguchi Y, Alsayegh K, Sekine H, Shimizu T, Hagiwara N, Yamazaki K, Okano T.   TRPV-1-mediated elimination of residual iPS cells in bioengineered cardiac cell sheet tissues.   Sci Rep   2016   6   21747   26888607   10.1038/srep21747  
DNA material   pGimRET (RDB14204); pPAL7_GimRET (RDB14203).   39509   Morikawa TJ, Fujita H, Kitamura A, Horio T, Yamamoto J, Kinjo M, Sasaki A, Machiyama H, Yoshizawa K, Ichimura T, Imada K, Nagai T, Watanabe TM.   Dependence of fluorescent protein brightness on protein concentration in solution and enhancement of it.   Sci Rep   2016   6   22342   26956628   10.1038/srep22342  
Mice   PWK(RBRC00213)   35989   Morita S, Nakabayashi K, Kawai T, Hayashi K, Horii T, Kimura M, Kamei Y, Ogawa Y, Hata K, Hatada I.   Gene expression profiling of white adipose tissue reveals paternal transmission of proneness to obesity.   Sci Rep   2016   6   21693   26868178   10.1038/srep21693  
Human and Animal Cells   LLC(RCB0558)   37884   Mukai H, Muramatsu A, Mashud R, Kubouchi K, Tsujimoto S, Hongu T, Kanaho Y, Tsubaki M, Nishida S, Shioi G, Danno S, Mehruba M, Satoh R, Sugiura R.   PKN3 is the major regulator of angiogenesis and tumor metastasis in mice.   Sci Rep   2016   6   18979   26742562   10.1038/srep18979  
DNA material   CSII-CMV-RfA-IRES2-Venus (RDB04388); CSII-CMV-Ven...   45802   Murakami-Tonami Y, Ikeda H, Yamagishi R, Inayoshi M, Inagaki S, Kishida S, Komata Y, Jan Koster, Takeuchi I, Kondo Y, Maeda T, Sekido Y, Murakami H, Kadomatsu K.   SGO1 is involved in the DNA damage response in MYCN-amplified neuroblastoma cells.   Sci Rep   2016   6   31615   27539729   10.1038/srep31615  
Arabidopsis / Cultured plant cells, genes   pda07685   36739   Nakamoto T, Miyanokoshi M, Tanaka T, Wakasugi K.   Identification of a residue crucial for the angiostatic activity of human mini tryptophanyl-tRNA synthetase by focusing on its molecular evolution.   Sci Rep   2016   6   24750   27094087   10.1038/srep24750  
DNA material   p3xFLAG-CMV-10-Pemt (RDB14190); pcDNA3-myc-CHC(23...   39291   Nakatsuka A, Matsuyama M, Yamaguchi S, Katayama A, Eguchi J, Murakami K, Teshigawara S, Ogawa D, Wada N, Yasunaka T, Ikeda F, Takaki A, Watanabe E, Wada J.   Insufficiency of phosphatidylethanolamine N-methyltransferase is risk for lean non-alcoholic steatohepatitis.   Sci Rep   2016   6   21721   26883167   10.1038/srep21721  
Algae   NIES-2152   37462   Ota S, Yoshihara M, Yamazaki T, Takeshita T, Hirata A, Konomi M, Oshima K, Hattori M, Bišová K, Zachleder V, Kawano S.   Deciphering the relationship among phosphate dynamics, electron-dense body and lipid accumulation in the green alga Parachlorella kessleri.   Sci Rep   2016   6   25731   27180903   10.1038/srep25731  
Yeast   FY17781, FY17780, FY17791, FY15592, FY14816...   35735   Pichugina T, Sugawara T, Kaykov A, Schierding W, Masuda K, Uewaki J, Grand RS, Allison JR, Martienssen RA, Nurse P, Ueno M, O'Sullivan JM.   A diffusion model for the coordination of DNA replication in Schizosaccharomyces pombe.   Sci Rep   2016   6   18757   26729303   10.1038/srep18757  
DNA material   CSII-CMV-MCS-IRES2-Venus (RDB04383); pCAG-HIVgp (...   35968   Sasamoto Y, Hayashi R, Park SJ, Saito-Adachi M, Suzuki Y, Kawasaki S, Quantock AJ, Nakai K, Tsujikawa M, Nishida K.   PAX6 Isoforms, along with Reprogramming Factors, Differentially Regulate the Induction of Cornea-specific Genes.   Sci Rep   2016   6   20807   26899008   10.1038/srep20807  
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