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Pubmed ID 10502316  
RRC ID 12189 
Author Yagasaki F, Jinnai I, Yoshida S, Yokoyama Y, Matsuda A, Kusumoto S, Kobayashi H, Terasaki H, Ohyashiki K, Asou N, Murohashi I, Bessho M, Hirashima K. 
Title Fusion of TEL/ETV6 to a novel ACS2 in myelodysplastic syndrome and acute myelogenous leukemia with t(5;12)(q31;p13). 
Journal Genes Chromosomes Cancer. 
Published 1999-11 
Volume 26(3) 
Pages 192-202 
Resource Info.
Species DNA material 
Resource name
CEPH MEGA YAC clone 964-C-10; 745-F-8; 880-G-9; 638-E-12. 

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