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Reference Info.
Pubmed ID 17659086  
RRC ID 29087 
Author Sawai S, Guan XJ, Kuspa A, Cox EC. 
Title High-throughput analysis of spatio-temporal dynamics in Dictyostelium. 
Journal Genome Biol. 
Published 2007 
Volume 8(7) 
Pages R144 
Resource Info.
Species Cellular slime molds 
Resource name S00491, S00494, S00495, S00498, S00499, S00500, S00501, S00503, S00504, S00505, S00506, S00507, S00508, S00509, S00510, S00511, S00512, S00513, S00514, S00515, S00516, S00517, S00518, S00519, S00520, S00521, S00522, S00523, S00524, S00525, S00526, S00527, S00530, S00531, S00532, S00533, S00534, S00535, S00536, S90305