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Pubmed ID 18077632  
RRC ID 15649 
Author Kosoy M, Morway C, Sheff KW, Bai Y, Colborn J, Chalcraft L, Dowell SF, Peruski LF, Maloney SA, Baggett H, Sutthirattana S, Sidhirat A, Maruyama S, Kabeya H, Chomel BB, Kasten R, Popov V, Robinson J, Kruglov A, Petersen LR. 
Title Bartonella tamiae sp. nov., a newly recognized pathogen isolated from three human patients from Thailand. 
Journal J Clin Microbiol. 
Published 2008-2 
Volume 46(2) 
Pages 772-5 
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Species General Microbes 
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