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Reference Info.
Pubmed ID 20719993  
RRC ID 7145 
Author Ahmed N, Hayashi T, Hasegawa A, Furukawa H, Okamura N, Chida T, Masuda T, Kannagi M. 
Title Suppression of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 replication in macrophages by commensal bacteria preferentially stimulating Toll-like receptor 4. 
Journal J Gen Virol. 
Published 2010-11 
Volume 91(Pt 11) 
Pages 2804-13 
Resource Info.
Species General Microbes 
Resource name JCM 2124, JCM 6331, JCM 6321, JCM 6325, JCM 12972, JCM 12992, JCM 5866, JCM 6386, JCM 20379, JCM 5491, JCM 20135