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Pubmed ID 24226770  
RRC ID 29487 
Author Furusawa Y, Obata Y, Fukuda S, Endo TA, Nakato G, Takahashi D, Nakanishi Y, Uetake C, Kato K, Kato T, Takahashi M, Fukuda NN, Murakami S, Miyauchi E, Hino S, Atarashi K, Onawa S, Fujimura Y, Lockett T, Clarke JM, Topping DL, Tomita M, Hori S, Ohara O, Morita T, Koseki H, Kikuchi J, Honda K, Hase K, Ohno H. 
Title Commensal microbe-derived butyrate induces the differentiation of colonic regulatory T cells. 
Journal Nature. 
Published 2013-12-19 
Volume 504(7480) 
Pages 446-50 
DOI 10.1038/nature12721   
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Species General Microbes 
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