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Chrysanthemum   Chrysanthemum seticuspe Chrysanthemum makinoi Chr...   49286   M. Nakano, K. Taniguchi, M. Kusaba   Bioresources for genetic studies on the Anthemideae   Acta Horticulturae   2017 -7   1169   165-170      
Chrysanthemum   AHM01,JX02,OK03,ABP32,LL01,JX01,AHK10,AHN01,...   33262   Taniguchi, K., Motohara, K., Kusaba, M. and Nakata, M.   Phylogenetic Relationships between Chrysanthemum seticuspe f. seticuspe and C. seticuspe f. boreale Based on NCED3a Gene   Mem. Natl. Mus. Nat. Sci., Tokyo   2014 -3 -28   49   17-22      
Chrysanthemum   AHP01,AHP02,YEM06,WAB28,AGJ05,AGJ13,AGJ03,AEP13,...   33261   Taniguchi, K., Kusaba, M., Nakata, M. and Kadota, Y.   Unique Forms of Leaf and Capitulum in Chrysanthemum seticuspe (Maxim.) Hand.-Mazz. f. seticuspe Is Contained within Morphological Diversity of C. seticuspe f. boreale (Makino) H. Ohashi & Yonek.   Mem. Natl. Mus. Nat. Sci., Tokyo   2014 -3   49   11-15      
Chrysanthemum     11759   Pellicer J, Garcia S, Canela MA, Garnatje T, Korobkov AA, Twibell JD, Vallès J.   Genome size dynamics in Artemisia L. (Asteraceae): following the track of polyploidy.   Plant Biol (Stuttg)   2010 -8 -13   12(5)   820-30   20701707   10.1111/j.1438-8677.2009.00268.x  
Chrysanthemum     11747   Nori Kurata, Hikaru Satoh, Hidemi Kitano, Yasuo Nagato, Takashi Endo, Kazuhiro Sato, Ryo Akashi, Hiroshi Ezura, Makoto Kusaba, Masatomo Kobayashi, Eiji Nitasaka, Fumie Kasai, Yukiko Yamazaki and Atsushi Yoshimura   NBRP, National Bioresource Project of Japan and plant bioresource management   Breed Sci.   2010   60   459-460      
Chrysanthemum     11745   Yamazaki Y, Akashi R, Banno Y, Endo T, Ezura H, Fukami-Kobayashi K, Inaba K, Isa T, Kamei K, Kasai F, Kobayashi M, Kurata N, Kusaba M, Matuzawa T, Mitani S, Nakamura T, Nakamura Y, Nakatsuji N, Naruse K, Niki H, Nitasaka E, Obata Y, Okamoto H, Okuma M, Sato K, Serikawa T, Shiroishi T, Sugawara H, Urushibara H, Yamamoto M, Yaoita Y, Yoshiki A, Kohara Y.   NBRP databases: databases of biological resources in Japan.   Nucleic Acids Res.   2009 -11 -26   38(Database issue)   D26-32   19934255   10.1093/nar/gkp996  
Chrysanthemum   Chrysanthemum boreale, C. pacificum   4470   Kusaba M, Maoka T, Morita R, Takaichi S.   A novel carotenoid derivative, lutein 3-acetate, accumulates in senescent leaves of rice.   Plant Cell Physiol.   2009 -6 -30   50(8)   1573-7   19561331   10.1093/pcp/pcp096  
Chrysanthemum   広義キク属   4739   Magdy Hussein Abd El-Twab and Katsuhiko Kondo   Physical mapping of 5S, 45S, Arabidopsis-type telomere sequence repeats and AT-rich regions in Achillea millefolium showing intra-chromosomal variation by FISH and DAPI.   Chromosome Botany   2009   4   37-45      
Chrysanthemum   広義キク属植物   4738   Magdy Hussein Abd El-Twab and Katsuhiko Kondo   GISH identification of ancestor or closely related genome to Chrysanthemum grandiflorum cv.'Happy Gold'   Chromosome Botany   2009   4   47-51      
Chrysanthemum   広義キク属   4740   Yu Masuda, Tomohisa Yukawa and Katsuhiko Kondo   Molecular phylogenetic analysis of members of Chrysanthemum and its related genera in the tribe Anthemideae, the Asteraceae in East Asia on the basis of the internal transcribed spacer (ITS) region and the external transcribed spacer (ETS) region of nrDNA.   Chromosome Botany   2009   4   25-36      
Chrysanthemum     4741   Magdy Hussein Abd El-Twab and Katsuhiko Kondo   Visualization of genomic relationships in allotetraploid hybrids between Chrysanthemum lavandulifolium X C. chanetii by fluorescence in situ hybridization and genomic in situ hybridization.   Chromosome Botany   2008   3   19-25      
Chrysanthemum   広義キク属植物   4737   Toguri, T., Umemoto, N., Yoshioka, M., Nawata, O., Okamura, M. and Taniguchi, K.   Assessment of fertility of virus-tolerant transgenic Chrysanthemum and survey on viruses in wild Chrysanthemum populations in western Japan. In "Floriculture, Ornamental and Plant Biotechnology: advances and topical issues"   Global Science Books   2008     490-495      
Chrysanthemum     3850   Fujishige, I. and Taniguchi, K.   In vitro production of stable new karyotype strains in culture lines of Crepis capillaris.    Chromosome Science   2007   10   29-35      
Chrysanthemum     3847   M.H.Abd El-Twab and K. Kondo   Rapid genome reshuffling induced by allopolyploidization in F1 hybrid in Chrysanthemum remotipinnum (formerly Ajania remotipinna) and Chrysanthemum chanetii (formerly Dendranthema chanetii).   Chromosome Botany   2007   2   1-9      
Chrysanthemum     3848   M.H.Abd El-Twab and K. Kondo   FISH physical mapping of 5S rDNA and telomere sequence repeats identified a peculiar chromosome mapping and mutation in Leucanthemella linearis and Nipponanthemum nipponicum in Chrysanthemum sensu lato.   Chromosome Botany   2007   2   11-17      
Chrysanthemum     3849   M.H.Abd El-Twab and K. Kondo   Isolation of chromosomes and mutation in the interspecific hybrid between Chrysanthemum boreale and C. vestitum using fluorescence in situ hybridization and genomic in situ hybridization.   Chromosome Botany   2007   2   19-24      
Chrysanthemum     3846   Watanabe, K., Kosuge, K., Shimamura, R., Konishi, N., Taniguchi, K.   Molecular systematic of Australian Calotis (Asteraceae: Astereae).    Australian Systematic Botany   2007   19   155-168      
Chrysanthemum     3844   Abd El-Twab, M.H. and Kondo, K.   FISH physical mapping of 5S, 45S and Arabidopsis-type telomere sequence repeats in Chrysanthemum zawadskii showing intra-chromosomal variation and complexity in nature.   Chromosome Botany   2006   1   1-5      
Chrysanthemum     3845   Zhmyleva, A.P. and Kondo, K.   Comparison of somatic chromosomes in some species of Chrysanthemum sensu lato in Russia.   Chromosome Botany   2006   1   13-22      
Chrysanthemum     735   Matoba, H., Soejima, A., Hoshi, Y. and Kondo, K.   Molecular cytogenetic organization of 5S and 18S rDNA loci in Aster ageratoides var. ageratoides, A. iinumae (=Kalimeris pinnatifida) and A. microcephalus var. ovatus in Japan.   Cytologia   2005   70   323-330      
Chrysanthemum     734   Abd El-Twab, M. H., Shinoyama, H. and Kondo, K.   Evidences of intergeneric somatic-hybrids between Dendranthema grandiflora and Artemisia sieversiana and their chromosomal mutations by using fluorescent in situ hybridization and genomic in situ hybridization.   Chromosome Science   2004   8   29-34      
Chrysanthemum     732   Abd El-Twab, M.H. and Kondo, K.   Physical mapping of 45S rDNA loci by fluorescent in situ hybridization and evolution among polyploidy Dendranthema species.   Chromosome Science   2003   7   71-76      
Chrysanthemum     733   Abd El-Twab, M.H. and Kondo, K.   Rapid genome changes after interspecific hybridization between Chinese Dendranthema indica X D. vestita identified by fluorescent in situ hybridization and 4',6-diamidino-2-phenylindole.   Chromosome Science   2003   7   77-81      
Chrysanthemum     3843   Hanmoto, H., Fujikawa, K., Itoh, T. and Yonezawa, Y.   Reproduction of similar karyotypes in different plants of Haplopappus gracilis, an annual Asteraceae, following exposure to lonizing radiation.   Cytologia   2003   68   413-424      
Chrysanthemum     730   Abd El-Twab, M.H. and Kondo, K.   Physical mapping of 5S rDNA in chromosomes of Dendranthema by fluorescence in situ hybridization.   Chromosome Science   2002   6   13-16      
Chrysanthemum     731   Kondo, K. and Abd El-Twab, M. H.   Analysis of inter- and intra-generic relationships sensu stricto among the members of Chrysanthemum sensu lato by using fluorescent in situ hybridization and genomic in situ hybridization.   Chromosome Science   2002   6   87-100      
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