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Rats   NER/Kyo (strainID=26)   49300   Kuramoto T, Voigt B, Nakanishi S, Kitada K, Nakamura T, Wakamatsu K, Yoshihara M, Suyama M, Uemura R, Tanaka M, Kuwamura M, Shimizu S, Ohno Y, Sasa M, Serikawa T.   Identification of Candidate Genes for Generalized Tonic-Clonic Seizures in Noda Epileptic Rat.   Behav. Genet.   2017 -9 -25       28936718   10.1007/s10519-017-9870-2  
Rats   W-Tg(Thy1-COP4/YFP*)4Jfhy (strainID=1072)   49495   Jimbo Y, Matsuhisa N, Lee W, Zalar P, Jinno H, Yokota T, Sekino M, Someya T.   Ultraflexible Transparent Oxide/Metal/Oxide Stack Electrode with Low Sheet Resistance for Electrophysiological Measurements.   ACS Appl Mater Interfaces   2017 -9 -22   9(40)   34744-34750   28933150   10.1021/acsami.7b12802  
Rats   W-Tg(Thy1-COP4/YFP*)4Jfhy (strainID=1072)   49496   Lee W, Kim D, Matsuhisa N, Nagase M, Sekino M, Malliaras GG, Yokota T, Someya T.   Transparent, conformable, active multielectrode array using organic electrochemical transistors.   Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A.   2017 -9 -20       28923928   10.1073/pnas.1703886114  
Rats   F344-Trdk/Kyo (strainID=898)   49298   Kuramoto T, Yokoe M, Kunisawa N, Ohashi K, Miyake T, Higuchi Y, Yoshimi K, Mashimo T, Tanaka M, Kuwamura M, Kaneko S, Shimizu S, Serikawa T, Ohno Y.   Tremor dominant Kyoto (Trdk) rats carry a missense mutation in the gene encoding the SK2 subunit of small-conductance Ca(2+)-activated K(+) channel.   Brain Res.   2017 -9 -18       28917524   10.1016/j.brainres.2017.09.012  
Rats   W-Tg(Slc32a1-YFP*)2Yyan (strainID=908)   49299   Saito Y, Sugimura T, Yanagawa Y.   Comparisons of Neuronal and Excitatory Network Properties between the Rat Brainstem Nuclei That Participate in Vertical and Horizontal Gaze Holding.   eNeuro   2017 -9         10.1523/ENEURO.0180-17.2017  
Rats   F344/Stm, LE/Stm など多数   49296   Meek S, Mashimo T, Burdon T.   From engineering to editing the rat genome.   Mamm. Genome   2017 -7 -29       28752194   10.1007/s00335-017-9705-8  
Rats     49297   Shimoyama M, Smith R. J, Bryda E, Kuramoto T, Saba L, and Dwinell M   Rat Genome and Model Resources.   ILAR Journal   2017 -7   58   42–58     10.1093/ilar/ilw041  
Rats   LEW-Tg(CAG-EGFP)1Ys (strainID=647)   49301   Esmaeili R, Sadeghpour A, Darbandi-Azar A, Majidzadeh-A K, Vajhi A, Sadeghizadeh M.   Echocardiographic assessment of myocardial infarction: comparison of a rat model in two strains.   Iran J Vet Res   2017 -6 -8   18(1)   30-35   28588630    
Rats   F344-Sv2am1Kyo (strainID=1056)   49295   Ohno Y, Tokudome K.   Therapeutic Role of Synaptic Vesicle Glycoprotein 2A (SV2A) in Modulating Epileptogenesis.   CNS Neurol Disord Drug Targets   2017 -4 -11   16(4)   463-471   28393712   10.2174/1871527316666170404115027  
Rats   KFRS4/Kyo (strainID=919)   47738   Yoshihara M, Sato T, Saito D, Ohara O, Kuramoto T, Suyama M.   A deletion in the intergenic region upstream of Ednrb causes head spot in the rat strain KFRS4/Kyo.   BMC Genet.   2017 -3 -31   18(1)   29   28356074   10.1186/s12863-017-0497-3  
Rats   RCS/Kyo (strainID=27)   47084   Terayama Y, Matsuura T, Ozaki K.   Malignant mast cell tumor of the thymus in an Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) rat.   J Toxicol Pathol   2017 -2 -14   30(1)   63-67   28190926   10.1293/tox.2016-0044  
Rats   SD-Tg(HRAS)128Htsu (strainID=668), SD-Tg(CAG-HRAS*G12V)250Htsu ...   49302   Nohmi T, Masumura K, Toyoda-Hokaiwado N.   Transgenic rat models for mutagenesis and carcinogenesis.   Genes Environ   2017 -2 -9   39   11   28174618   10.1186/s41021-016-0072-6  
Rats   W-Tg(S100b-EGFP)Scell (strainID=673)   47327   Syaidah R, Tsukada T, Azuma M, Horiguchi K, Fujiwara K, Kikuchi M, Yashiro T.   Fibromodulin Expression in Folliculostellate Cells and Pericytes Is Promoted by TGFβ Signaling in Rat Anterior Pituitary Gland.   Acta Histochem Cytochem   2017 -1 -28   49(6)   171-179   28127105   10.1267/ahc.16021  
Rats   W-Tg(CAG-GFP)184Ys (strainID=525)   47474   Nakazaki M, Sasaki M, Kataoka-Sasaki Y, Oka S, Namioka T, Namioka A, Onodera R, Suzuki J, Sasaki Y, Nagahama H, Mikami T, Wanibuchi M, Kocsis JD, Honmou O.   Intravenous infusion of mesenchymal stem cells inhibits intracranial hemorrhage after recombinant tissue plasminogen activator therapy for transient middle cerebral artery occlusion in rats.   J. Neurosurg.   2017 -1 -7     1-10   28059661   10.3171/2016.8.JNS16240  
Rats   F344-Il2rgem7Kyo (strainID=1099)   47739   Rigatti LH, Toptan T, Newsome JT, Moore PS, Chang Y.   Identification and Characterization of Novel Rat Polyomavirus 2 in a Colony of X-SCID Rats by P-PIT assay.   mSphere   2016 -12 -29   1(6)     28028546   10.1128/mSphere.00334-16  
Rats   WTC.DMY-Mrs2dmy/Kyo (strainID=19)   47325   Shimotsuma Y, Tanaka M, Izawa T, Yamate J, Kuwamura M.   Enhanced Expression of Trib3 during the Development of Myelin Breakdown in dmy Myelin Mutant Rats.   PLoS ONE   2016 -12 -16   11(12)   e0168250   27977799   10.1371/journal.pone.0168250  
Rats   WTC/Kyo (strainID=18)   46643   Nagaki Y, Ito K, Kuwahara M.   WTC rat has unique characteristics such as resistant to streptozotocin.   Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports   2016 -12   Volume 8   157–161     10.1016/j.bbrep.2016.08.024  
Rats   BDIX/NemOda (strainID=579), BDIX.Cg-Tal/NemOda ...   47326   Yoshihara M, Sato T, Saito D, Ohara O, Kuramoto T, Suyama M.   Application of target capture sequencing of exons and conserved non-coding sequences to 20 inbred rat strains.   Genom Data   2016 -11 -25   10   155-157   27882299   10.1016/j.gdata.2016.11.010  
Rats   KZ-Leprfa/Tky (strainID=32), KZC/Tky (strainID=...   47228   Nakanishi S, Kuramoto T, Kashiwazaki N, Yokoi N.   Genetic profiling of two phenotypically distinct outbred rats derived from a colony of the Zucker fatty rats maintained at Tokyo Medical University.   Exp. Anim.   2016 -11 -1   66(2)   91-98   27795491   10.1538/expanim.16-0068  
Rats   F344/Stm(strainID=266)   39187   Taketsuru H, Kaneko T.   In vitro maturation of immature rat oocytes under simple culture conditions and subsequent developmental ability.   J. Reprod. Dev.   2016 -10 -21   62(5)   521-526   27375268   10.1262/jrd.2016-057  
Rats   LEW-Tg(CAG-EGFP)1Ys (strainID=647)   47740   Kaizawa Y, Kakinoki R, Ikeguchi R, Ohta S, Noguchi T, Takeuchi H, Oda H, Yurie H, Matsuda S.   A Nerve Conduit Containing a Vascular Bundle and Implanted With Bone Marrow Stromal Cells and Decellularized Allogenic Nerve Matrix.   Cell Transplant   2016 -9 -23   26(2)   215-228   27657936   10.3727/096368916X692951  
Rats   W-Tg(Thy1-COP4/YFP*)4Jfhy (strainID=1072)   46644   Lee W, Kim D, Rivnay J, Matsuhisa N, Lonjaret T, Yokota T, Yawo H, Sekino M, Malliaras G. G and Someya T.   Integration of Organic Electrochemical and Field-Effect Transistors for Ultra flexible, High Temporal Resolution Electrophysiology Arrays.   Adv Mater   2016 -9 -22         10.1002/adma.201602237  
Rats   W-Tg (CAG-GFP) 184Ys (strainID=525)   47324   Morita T, Sasaki M, Kataoka-Sasaki Y, Nakazaki M, Nagahama H, Oka S, Oshigiri T, Takebayashi T, Yamashita T, Kocsis JD, Honmou O.   Intravenous infusion of mesenchymal stem cells promotes functional recovery in a model of chronic spinal cord injury.   Neuroscience   2016 -9 -3   335   221-31   27586052   10.1016/j.neuroscience.2016.08.037  
Rats   WTC/Kyo (strainID=18), WTC-swh/Kyo (strainID=53...   40102   Yoshihara M, Saito D, Sato T, Ohara O, Kuramoto T, Suyama M.   Design and application of a target capture sequencing of exons and conserved non-coding sequences for the rat.   BMC Genomics   2016 -8 -11   17   593   27506932   10.1186/s12864-016-2975-9  
Rats   F344-Sv2am1Kyo (strainID=1056)   46642   Tokudome K, Okumura T, Terada R, Shimizu S, Kunisawa N, Mashimo T, Serikawa T, Sasa M, Ohno Y.   A Missense Mutation of the Gene Encoding Synaptic Vesicle Glycoprotein 2A (SV2A) Confers Seizure Susceptibility by Disrupting Amygdalar Synaptic GABA Release.   Front Pharmacol   2016 -7 -30   7   210   27471467   10.3389/fphar.2016.00210  
Rats   LEW-Tg(Gt(ROSA)26Sor-luc)11Jmsk (strainID=649)   40049   Gálisová A, Fábryová E, Jirák D, Sticová E, Lodererová A, Herynek V, Kříž J, Hájek M.   Multimodal Imaging Reveals Improvement of Blood Supply to an Artificial Cell Transplant Site Induced by Bioluminescent Mesenchymal Stem Cells.   Mol Imaging Biol   2016 -7 -29   19(1)   15-23   27464498   10.1007/s11307-016-0986-1  
Rats   W-Tg(S100b-EGFP)Scell (strainID=673)   47089   Patterson KC, Hawkins VE, Arps KM, Mulkey DK, Olsen ML.   MeCP2 deficiency results in robust Rett-like behavioural and motor deficits in male and female rats.   Hum. Mol. Genet.   2016 -6 -23   25(15)   3303-3320   27329765   10.1093/hmg/ddw179  
Rats   F344-Sv2am1Kyo (strainID=1056)   37540   Tokudome K, Okumura T, Shimizu S, Mashimo T, Takizawa A, Serikawa T, Terada R, Ishihara S, Kunisawa N, Sasa M, Ohno Y.   Synaptic vesicle glycoprotein 2A (SV2A) regulates kindling epileptogenesis via GABAergic neurotransmission.   Sci Rep   2016 -6 -7   6   27420   27265781   10.1038/srep27420  
Rats   F344-Il2rgem2Kyo (strainID=979)   37539   Katsukawa M, Nakajima Y, Fukumoto A, Doi D, Takahashi J.   Fail-Safe Therapy by Gamma-Ray Irradiation Against Tumor Formation by Human-Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Neural Progenitors.   Stem Cells Dev.   2016 -4 -10   25(11)   815-25   27059007   10.1089/scd.2015.0394  
Rats   F344-Aspaem31Kyo (strainID=1206), F344-Aspaem34Kyo ...   37535   Nishitani A, Tanaka M, Shimizu S, Kunisawa N, Yokoe M, Yoshida Y, Suzuki T, Sakuma T, Yamamoto T, Kuwamura M, Takenaka S, Ohno Y, Kuramoto T.   Involvement of aspartoacylase in tremor expression in rats.   Exp. Anim.   2016 -3 -31   65(3)   293-301   27026062   10.1538/expanim.16-0007  
Rats   F344-Il2rgem2Kyo (strainID=979)   37538   Nishimura K, Doi D, Samata B, Murayama S, Tahara T, Onoe H, Takahashi J.   Estradiol Facilitates Functional Integration of iPSC-Derived Dopaminergic Neurons into Striatal Neuronal Circuits via Activation of Integrin α5β1.   Stem Cell Reports   2016 -3 -22   6(4)   511-24   26997644   10.1016/j.stemcr.2016.02.008  
Rats   F344-Depdc5em1kyo, F344-Depdc5em2kyo   37537   Marsan E, Ishida S, Schramm A, Weckhuysen S, Muraca G, Lecas S, Liang N, Treins C, Pende M, Roussel D, Le Van Quyen M, Mashimo T, Kaneko T, Yamamoto T, Sakuma T, Mahon S, Miles R, Leguern E, Charpier S, Baulac S.   Depdc5 knockout rat: A novel model of mTORopathy.   Neurobiol. Dis.   2016 -2 -14   89   180-9   26873552   10.1016/j.nbd.2016.02.010  
Rats   W-Rosa26em1(CAG-GFP)Kyo (StrainID=1186)   36640   Yoshimi K, Kunihiro Y, Kaneko T, Nagahora H, Voigt B, Mashimo T.   ssODN-mediated knock-in with CRISPR-Cas for large genomic regions in zygotes.   Nat Commun   2016 -1 -21   7   10431   26786405   10.1038/ncomms10431  
Rats   W-Tg(CAG-DsRed2/GFP) 15Jms (strainID=533)   37534   Pomrenze MB, Millan EZ, Hopf FW, Keiflin R, Maiya R, Blasio A, Dadgar J, Kharazia V, De Guglielmo G, Crawford E, Janak PH, George O, Rice KC, Messing RO.   A Transgenic Rat for Investigating the Anatomy and Function of Corticotrophin Releasing Factor Circuits.   Front Neurosci   2016 -1 -7   9   487   26733798   10.3389/fnins.2015.00487  
Rats   LEW-Tg(CAG-EGFP)1Ys (strainID=647)   37533   Maeda H, Okamoto K, Namikawa T, Tsuda M, Uemura S, Shiga M, Hanazaki K, Kobayashi M.   Re-evaluation of hepatocyte replacement by recipient-derived cells after allogenic liver transplantation: Discrepancy between clinical observations and a rat model.   Hepatol. Res.   2016 -1 -5   46(10)   1037-44   26726847   10.1111/hepr.12643  
Rats   W-Tg(CAG-GFP)184Ys (strainID=525)   37536   Labedz-Maslowska A, Kamycka E, Bobis-Wozowicz S, Madeja Z, Zuba-Surma EK.   Identification of New Rat Bone Marrow-Derived Population of Very Small Stem Cell with Oct-4A and Nanog Expression by Flow Cytometric Platforms.   Stem Cells Int   2015 -12 -4   2016   5069857   26633976   10.1155/2016/5069857  
Rats   IS/Kyo (StrainID=5)   35180   Tsunoda D, Iizuka H, Ichinose T, Iizuka Y, Mieda T, Shimokawa N, Takagishi K, Koibuchi N.   The Trk family of neurotrophin receptors is downregulated in the lumbar spines of rats with congenital kyphoscoliosis.   Mol. Cell. Biochem.   2015 -11 -9   412(1-2)   11-8   26547552   10.1007/s11010-015-2603-z  
Rats   KFRS4/Kyo (StrainID=919)   35179   Kuramoto T, Yokoe M, Tanaka D, Yuri A, Nishitani A, Higuchi Y, Yoshimi K, Tanaka M, Kuwamura M, Hiai H, Kabashima K, Serikawa T.   Atopic dermatitis-like skin lesions with IgE hyperproduction and pruritus in KFRS4/Kyo rats.   J. Dermatol. Sci.   2015 -10 -12   80(2)   116-23   26454563   10.1016/j.jdermsci.2015.09.005  
Rats   LEW-Tg(CAG-EGFP)1Ys (StrainID=647)   35174   Tomita K, Nishibayashi A, Yano K, Hosokawa K.   Adipose-derived stem cells protect against endoneurial cell death: Cell therapy for nerve autografts.   Microsurgery   2015 -7 -21   35(6)   474-80   26189991   10.1002/micr.22451  
Rats   RCS/Kyo (strainID=27)   35173   Leow SN, Luu CD, Hairul Nizam MH, Mok PL, Ruhaslizan R, Wong HS, Wan Abdul Halim WH, Ng MH, Ruszymah BH, Chowdhury SR, Bastion ML, Then KY.   Safety and Efficacy of Human Wharton's Jelly-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Therapy for Retinal Degeneration.   PLoS ONE   2015 -6 -25   10(6)   e0128973   26107378   10.1371/journal.pone.0128973  
Rats   F344-Oune/Kyo   35172   Abe K, Takamatsu N, Ishikawa K, Tsurumi T, Tanimoto S, Sakurai Y, Lisse TS, Imai K, Serikawa T, Mashimo T.   Novel ENU-Induced Mutation in Tbx6 Causes Dominant Spondylocostal Dysostosis-Like Vertebral Malformations in the Rat.   PLoS ONE   2015 -6 -20   10(6)   e0130231   26090680   10.1371/journal.pone.0130231  
Rats   TRM/Kyo (strainID=11), TRMR/Kyo (strainID=12),...   35178   Ohno Y, Shimizu S, Tatara A, Imaoku T, Ishii T, Sasa M, Serikawa T, Kuramoto T.   Hcn1 is a tremorgenic genetic component in a rat model of essential tremor.   PLoS ONE   2015 -5 -15   10(5)   e0123529   25970616   10.1371/journal.pone.0123529  
Rats   GAERS/Mave (strainID=557)   37541   Islam MR, Abdullah JM.   Age-dependent Electroencephalographic Differences in the Genetic Absence Epilepsy Rats from Strasbourg (GAERS) Model of Absence Epilepsy.   Malays J Med Sci   2015 -5 -6   21(Spec Issue)   34-40   25941461    
Rats   F344-Bscl2m1Kyo (SKO rat)   35176   Ebihara C, Ebihara K, Aizawa-Abe M, Mashimo T, Tomita T, Zhao M, Gumbilai V, Kusakabe T, Yamamoto Y, Aotani D, Yamamoto-Kataoka S, Sakai T, Hosoda K, Serikawa T, Nakao K.   Seipin is necessary for normal brain development and spermatogenesis in addition to adipogenesis.   Hum. Mol. Genet.   2015 -5 -3   24(15)   4238-49   25934999   10.1093/hmg/ddv156  
Rats     40051   Sparling JS, Bretzner F, Biernaskie J, Assinck P, Jiang Y, Arisato H, Plunet WT, Borisoff J, Liu J, Miller FD, Tetzlaff W.   Schwann cells generated from neonatal skin-derived precursors or neonatal peripheral nerve improve functional recovery after acute transplantation into the partially injured cervical spinal cord of the rat.   J. Neurosci.   2015 -5 -1   35(17)   6714-30   25926450   10.1523/JNEUROSCI.1070-14.2015  
Rats   W-Tg(Slc32a1-YFP*)1Yyan(strainID=905)   37532   Degro CE, Kulik A, Booker SA, Vida I.   Compartmental distribution of GABAB receptor-mediated currents along the somatodendritic axis of hippocampal principal cells.   Front Synaptic Neurosci   2015 -4 -9   7   6   25852540   10.3389/fnsyn.2015.00006  
Rats   F344-Il2rgem2Kyo (strainID=979)   35177   Yamashita A, Morioka M, Yahara Y, Okada M, Kobayashi T, Kuriyama S, Matsuda S, Tsumaki N.   Generation of scaffoldless hyaline cartilaginous tissue from human iPSCs.   Stem Cell Reports   2015 -3 -4   4(3)   404-18   25733017   10.1016/j.stemcr.2015.01.016  
Pathogenic microorganisms, Rats   ?   40090   Toyotome T, Watanabe A, Ochiai E, Kamei K.   N-acetylated α-linked acidic dipeptidase is identified as an antigen of Histoplasma capsulatum.   Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun.   2015 -2 -15   458(3)   483-7   25680469   10.1016/j.bbrc.2015.01.129  
Rats   F344-Il2rgem2Kyo(strainID=979)   33285   Samata B, Kikuchi T, Miyawaki Y, Morizane A, Mashimo T, Nakagawa M, Okita K, Takahashi J.   X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency (X-SCID) rats for xeno-transplantation and behavioral evaluation.   J. Neurosci. Methods   2015 -2 -11   243   68-77   25662444   10.1016/j.jneumeth.2015.01.027  
Rats   BUF/Mna(strainID=458)   33286   Matsuyama M, Kato K.   Refusal of Food Ingestion of Old Male BUF/Mna Rats in Metabolic Cages.   Research in Psychology and Behavioral Sciences   2015 -2 -2   3 (1)   5-6     10.12691/rpbs-3-1-2  
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