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Paramecium   P. bursaria (PB0340041A)   48782   Takashi Miura, Hisao Moriya, Sosuke Iwai   Assessing phagotrophy in the mixotrophic ciliate Paramecium bursaria using GFP-expressing yeast cells   FEMS Microbiol. Lett.   2017 -6 -7         https://doi.org/10.1093/femsle/fnx117  
Paramecium   P. tetraurelia d4-2 (PA040015A), P. multimicron...   47741   Masaki Ishida, Manabu Hori   Improved isolation method to establish axenic strains of Paramecium   Jpn J Protozool.   2017 -04 -10         10.18980/jjprotozool.JJP16-05  
Paramecium   P. bursaria, strains Yad1g1N and Yad1w   36689   Kodama Y, Nagase M, Takahama A.   Symbiotic Chlorella variabilis strain, 1 N, can influence the digestive process in the host Paramecium bursaria during early infection   Symbiosis   2016 -05 -05   71 (1)   47-55     DOI 10.1007/s13199-016-0411-1  
Paramecium   P. caudatum, P. bursaria   47312   Kodama Yuuki, Fujishima Msasahiro   Paramecium as a model organism for studies on primary and secondary endosymbioses   Biocommunication in ciliates, (Eds. Witzany, Duenter, Nowacki, Mariusz),Springer International Publishing Switzerland   2016 -05     277-304     ISBN 978-3-319-32209-4  
Paramecium   NBRP-Parameciumの62株   36507   Watanabe K, Nakao R, Fujishima M, Tachibana M, Shimizu T, Watarai M.   Ciliate Paramecium is a natural reservoir of Legionella pneumophila.   Sci Rep   2016 -4 -16   6   24322   27079173   10.1038/srep24322  
Paramecium   P. bursariaの共生クロレラ Chlorella variabilis strain 1N   36506   Kuroiwa T., Ohnuma M., Imoto Y., Misumi O., Nagata N., Miyakawa I., Fujishima M,.Yagisawa F., Kuroiwa H.   Genome Size of the Ultrasmall Unicellular Freshwater Green Alga, Medakamo hakoo 311, as Determined by Staining with 4′,6-diamidino-2-phenylindole after Microwave Oven Treatments: II. Comparison with Cyanidioschyzon merolae, Saccharomyces cerevisiae (n, 2n), and Chlorella variabilis.   Cytologia   2016 -04 -11   81 (1)   69-76     10.1508/cytologia.81.69  
Paramecium   P. bursaria, strains Yad1w and Yad1g1N   35721   Kodama Y, Fujishima M.   Differences in infectivity between endosymbiotic Chlorella variabilis cultivated outside host Paramecium bursaria for 50 years and those immediately isolated from host cells after one year of reendosymbiosis.   Biol Open   2016 -1 -1   5(1)   55-61   26718931   10.1242/bio.013946  
Paramecium   P. bursaria, strains HA1, HA3 and HA4   35780   Iwai S, Fujiwara K, Tamura T.   Maintenance of algal endosymbionts in Paramecium bursaria: a simple model based on population dynamics.   Environ. Microbiol.   2015 -12 -3   18(8)   2435-45   26625979   10.1111/1462-2920.13140  
Paramecium   P. caudatum, strain G3   35743   Narematsu N, Quek R, Chiam KH, Iwadate Y.   Ciliary metachronal wave propagation on the compliant surface of Paramecium cells.   Cytoskeleton (Hoboken)   2015 -12 -1   72(12)   633-46   26616106   10.1002/cm.21266  
Paramecium   P. bursaria, strains Yad1w and Yad1g1N   34794   Dohra H, Fujishima M, Suzuki H.   Analysis of amino acid and codon usage in Paramecium bursaria.   FEBS Lett.   2015 -9 -6   589(20 Pt B)   3113-8   26341535   10.1016/j.febslet.2015.08.033  
Paramecium   P. caudatum, PC012005A   32184   Hiromasa Goto, Kuniharu Nakajima   Cultivation of paramecium caudatum in the presence of physiologically active substances, and a redox active polymer   International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy   2015 -01 -16   7   26-29     ISSN 2299-3843  
Paramecium   P. bursaria strains Yad1w and Yad1g1N   31993   Kodama Y, Fujishima M.   Symbiotic Chlorella variabilis incubated under constant dark conditions for 24 hours loses the ability to avoid digestion by host lysosomal enzymes in digestive vacuoles of host ciliate Paramecium bursaria.   FEMS Microbiol. Ecol.   2014 -10 -29   90(3)   946-55   25348325   10.1111/1574-6941.12448  
Paramecium   P. caudatum, PC122021A (KNZ1207) and PC042001A ...   32380   Moritomo H, Yamada K, Kojima Y, Suzuki Y, Tani S, Kinoshita H, Sasaki A, Mikuni S, Kinjo M, Kawamata J.   A biphenyl type two-photon fluorescence probe for monitoring the mitochondrial membrane potential.   Cell Struct. Funct.   2014 -10 -17   39(2)   125-33   25319070    
Paramecium   P. bursaria   31995   Hoshina, R.   Size of Paramecium bursaria individuals under cold and dark conditions   Biologia   2014 -8 -19   69・8   1018-1022     10.2478/s11756-014-0404-6  
Paramecium   P. caudatum strains bearing H. obtusa strain F1,...   31992   Dohra H, Tanaka K, Suzuki T, Fujishima M, Suzuki H.   Draft genome sequences of three Holospora species (Holospora obtusa, Holospora undulata, and Holospora elegans), endonuclear symbiotic bacteria of the ciliate Paramecium caudatum.   FEMS Microbiol. Lett.   2014 -8 -15   359(1)   16-8   25115770   10.1111/1574-6968.12577  
Paramecium   Paramecium tetraurelia   47449   Kutomi O., Hori M.   The molecular mechanisms of intraciliary energy-supply system and ciliary movements revealed by the studies on Paramecium cilia.   Japan Journal of Protozoology   2014 -06 -13   47   13-27      
Paramecium   P. bursaria, strains Yad1g1N (NBRP PB031010B) a...   29224   Kodama Y, Suzuki H, Dohra H, Sugii M, Kitazume T, Yamaguchi K, Shigenobu S, Fujishima M.   Comparison of gene expression of Paramecium bursaria with and without Chlorella variabilis symbionts.   BMC Genomics   2014 -3 -13   15   183   24612690   10.1186/1471-2164-15-183  
Paramecium   P. caudatum and P. bursaria   31994   Fujishima M., Kodama Y.   Insights into the Paramecium-Holospora and Paramecium-Chlorella symbioses   In Cilia/flagella and ciliates/flagellates, (Eds) Hausmann K., Radek R., Schweizerbart Science Publishers, Stuttgart   2014 -01 -14   Chapter 11   203-227     ISBN 978-3-510-65287-7  
Paramecium   P. caudatum, strain 255   27763   Dohra H, Suzuki H, Suzuki T, Tanaka K, Fujishima M.   Draft Genome Sequence of Holospora undulata Strain HU1, a Micronucleus-Specific Symbiont of the Ciliate Paramecium caudatum.   Genome Announc   2013 -8 -24   1(4)     23969064   10.1128/genomeA.00664-13  
Paramecium   P. bursaria, strains Yad1w and Yad1g1N   27762   Kodama Y, Fujishima M.   Synchronous induction of detachment and reattachment of symbiotic Chlorella spp. from the cell cortex of the host Paramecium bursaria.   Protist   2013 -8 -6   164(5)   660-72   23912150   10.1016/j.protis.2013.07.001  
Paramecium   P. bursaria strains Yad1g1N(PB031010B) and Yad1w (PB031012B)   21918   Kodama Y.   Localization of attachment area of the symbiotic Chlorella variabilis of the ciliate Paramecium bursaria during the algal removal and reinfection   Symbiosis   2013 -5   60   25-36     10.1007/s13199-013-0233-3  
Paramecium   P. caudatum strain KNZ1207 and P. bursaria strain Yad1g1N   30804   Kimura E, Deguchi T, Kamei Y, Shoji W, Yuba S, Hitomi J.   Application of infrared laser to the zebrafish vascular system: gene induction, tracing, and ablation of single endothelial cells.   Arterioscler. Thromb. Vasc. Biol.   2013 -3 -30   33(6)   1264-70   23539214   10.1161/ATVBAHA.112.300602  
Paramecium   P. caudatum strain dRB-1 (PC042001A)   21919   Schweikert M., Fujishima M., Görtz H.-D   Symbiotic associations between ciliates and prokaryotes   The Prokaryotes   2013   4th Edition   427-463     10.1007/978-3-642-30194-0_18  
Paramecium   P. bursaria strain Yad1g1N(PB031010B) and Yad1w (PB031012B)   21921   Kodama Y, Fujishima M.   Cell division and density of symbiotic Chlorella variabilis of the ciliate Paramecium bursaria is controlled by the host's nutritional conditions during early infection process.   Environ. Microbiol.   2012 -6 -8   14(10)   2800-11   22672708   10.1111/j.1462-2920.2012.02793.x  
Paramecium   P. aurelia, stock 7.2B   30805   Kutomi O, Hori M, Ishida M, Tominaga T, Kamachi H, Koll F, Cohen J, Yamada N, Noguchi M.   Outer dynein arm light chain 1 is essential for controlling the ciliary response to cyclic AMP in Paramecium tetraurelia.   Eukaryotic Cell   2012 -3 -20   11(5)   645-53   22427431   10.1128/EC.05279-11  
Paramecium   P. bursaria 株OS1g1N、株OS1w   48715   Kodama Y, Fujishima M   Characteristics of the digestive vacuole membrane of the alga-bearing ciliate Paramecium bursaria   Protist   2011 -12 -15   163   658-670     10.1016/j.protis.2011.10.004  
Paramecium   P. caudatum strain dRB-1 (PC042001A) and P. bursaria strains Yad1g1N(PB031010B) and Yad1w (PB031012B)   21920   Fujishima M, Kodama Y.   Endosymbionts in paramecium.   Eur. J. Protistol.   2011 -12 -14   48(2)   124-37   22153895   10.1016/j.ejop.2011.10.002  
Paramecium   P. caudatum strain KNZ1209 (PC011014A)   21922   Tani S, Nakagawa K, Honda T, Saito H, Suzuki Y, Kawamata J, Uchida M, Sasaki A, Kinjo M.   Fluorescence imaging of mitochondria in living cells using a novel fluorene derivative with a large two-photon absorption cross-section.   Curr Pharm Biotechnol   2011 -11 -2   13(14)   2649-54   22039816    
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