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Zebrafish   Tg(isl1:GFP)/rw0   40013   Banote RK, Edling M, Eliassen F, Kettunen P, Zetterberg H, Abramsson A.   β-Amyloid precursor protein-b is essential for Mauthner cell development in the zebrafish in a Notch-dependent manner.   Dev. Biol.   2016 -3 -21   413(1)   26-38   26994945   10.1016/j.ydbio.2016.03.012  
Zebrafish   Tg(isl1:GFP)/rw0   40014   Davey CF, Mathewson AW, Moens CB.   PCP Signaling between Migrating Neurons and their Planar-Polarized Neuroepithelial Environment Controls Filopodial Dynamics and Directional Migration.   PLoS Genet.   2016 -3 -19   12(3)   e1005934   26990447   10.1371/journal.pgen.1005934  
Zebrafish   ?   40012   Böhm UL, Prendergast A, Djenoune L, Nunes Figueiredo S, Gomez J, Stokes C, Kaiser S, Suster M, Kawakami K, Charpentier M, Concordet JP, Rio JP, Del Bene F, Wyart C.   CSF-contacting neurons regulate locomotion by relaying mechanical stimuli to spinal circuits.   Nat Commun   2016 -3 -8   7   10866   26946992   10.1038/ncomms10866  
Zebrafish   Tg(vglut2a:GFP)   39984   Juárez-Morales JL, Schulte CJ, Pezoa SA, Vallejo GK, Hilinski WC, England SJ, de Jager S, Lewis KE.   Evx1 and Evx2 specify excitatory neurotransmitter fates and suppress inhibitory fates through a Pax2-independent mechanism.   Neural Dev   2016 -2 -21   11   5   26896392   10.1186/s13064-016-0059-9  
Zebrafish   NA   40011   Ho JC, Hsiao CD, Kawakami K, Tse WK.   Triclosan (TCS) exposure impairs lipid metabolism in zebrafish embryos.   Aquat. Toxicol.   2016 -2 -2   173   29-35   26828895   10.1016/j.aquatox.2016.01.001  
Zebrafish   Tg(isl1:GFP)/rw0, Tg(gad1b:GFP)   39978   Randlett O, Wee CL, Naumann EA, Nnaemeka O, Schoppik D, Fitzgerald JE, Portugues R, Lacoste AM, Riegler C, Engert F, Schier AF.   Whole-brain activity mapping onto a zebrafish brain atlas.   Nat. Methods   2016 -1 -19   12(11)   1039-46   26778924   10.1038/nmeth.3581  
Zebrafish   Tg(isl1:GFP)/rw0   40016   Chang J, Skromne I, Ho RK.   CDX4 and retinoic acid interact to position the hindbrain-spinal cord transition.   Dev. Biol.   2016 -1 -17   410(2)   178-189   26773000   10.1016/j.ydbio.2015.12.025  
Zebrafish   Tg(chx10:GFP), Tg(vglut2a:lRl-GFP), Tg(dbx1b:Cre)   39983   Song J, Ampatzis K, Björnfors ER, El Manira A.   Motor neurons control locomotor circuit function retrogradely via gap junctions.   Nature   2016 -1 -14   529(7586)   399-402   26760208   10.1038/nature16497  
Zebrafish   Tg(vglut2a:lRl-GFP), Tg(gad1b:GFP)   39986   Fidelin K, Djenoune L, Stokes C, Prendergast A, Gomez J, Baradel A, Del Bene F, Wyart C.   State-Dependent Modulation of Locomotion by GABAergic Spinal Sensory Neurons.   Curr. Biol.   2016 -1 -12   25(23)   3035-47   26752076   10.1016/j.cub.2015.09.070  
Zebrafish   rw037? or rw036?   40007   Taku AA, Marcaccio CL, Ye W, Krause GJ, Raper JA.   Attractant and repellent cues cooperate in guiding a subset of olfactory sensory axons to a well-defined protoglomerular target.   Development   2016 -1 -7   143(1)   123-32   26732841   10.1242/dev.127985  
Zebrafish   Tg(evx2-hs:Gal4), Tg(vglut2a:lRl-GFP)   39979   Marquart GD, Tabor KM, Brown M, Strykowski JL, Varshney GK, LaFave MC, Mueller T, Burgess SM, Higashijima S, Burgess HA.   A 3D Searchable Database of Transgenic Zebrafish Gal4 and Cre Lines for Functional Neuroanatomy Studies.   Front Neural Circuits   2015 -12 -5   9   78   26635538   10.3389/fncir.2015.00078  
Zebrafish   Tg(vglut2a:lRl-GFP), Tg(gad1b:lRl-GFP)    39981   Barker AJ, Baier H.   Sensorimotor decision making in the zebrafish tectum.   Curr. Biol.   2015 -11 -26   25(21)   2804-2814   26592341   10.1016/j.cub.2015.09.055  
Zebrafish   Tg(UAS:GFP)?, SAGFF(LF)27C?   40009   Yokota Y, Nakajima H, Wakayama Y, Muto A, Kawakami K, Fukuhara S, Mochizuki N.   Endothelial Ca 2+ oscillations reflect VEGFR signaling-regulated angiogenic capacity in vivo.   Elife   2015 -11 -21   4     26588168   10.7554/eLife.08817  
Zebrafish   Tg(isl1:GFP)/rw0   39991   Barreiro-Iglesias A, Mysiak KS, Scott AL, Reimer MM, Yang Y, Becker CG, Becker T.   Serotonin Promotes Development and Regeneration of Spinal Motor Neurons in Zebrafish.   Cell Rep   2015 -11 -14   13(5)   924-32   26565906   10.1016/j.celrep.2015.09.050  
Zebrafish   gSA2AzGFF586A?, gSA2AzGFF591A ?, UASRFP1A?   40010   Kotani Y, Morito D, Yamazaki S, Ogino K, Kawakami K, Takashima S, Hirata H, Nagata K.   Neuromuscular regulation in zebrafish by a large AAA+ ATPase/ubiquitin ligase, mysterin/RNF213.   Sci Rep   2015 -11 -5   5   16161   26530008   10.1038/srep16161  
Zebrafish   Tg(gfap:dTomato), Tg(vsx1:GFP)   39987   MacDonald RB, Randlett O, Oswald J, Yoshimatsu T, Franze K, Harris WA.   Müller glia provide essential tensile strength to the developing retina.   J. Cell Biol.   2015 -9 -30   210(7)   1075-83   26416961   10.1083/jcb.201503115  
Zebrafish   Tg(chx10:GFP)   39990   Stil A, Drapeau P.   Neuronal labeling patterns in the spinal cord of adult transgenic Zebrafish.   Dev Neurobiol   2015 -9 -27   76(6)   642-60   26408263   10.1002/dneu.22350  
Zebrafish   Tg(isl1:GFP)/rw0   39994   Morsch M, Radford R, Lee A, Don EK, Badrock AP, Hall TE, Cole NJ, Chung R.   In vivo characterization of microglial engulfment of dying neurons in the zebrafish spinal cord.   Front Cell Neurosci   2015 -9 -18   9   321   26379496   10.3389/fncel.2015.00321  
Zebrafish   Tg(huC:GVP)   40001   Kyung T, Lee S, Kim JE, Cho T, Park H, Jeong YM, Kim D, Shin A, Kim S, Baek J, Kim J, Kim NY, Woo D, Chae S, Kim CH, Shin HS, Han YM, Kim D, Heo WD.   Optogenetic control of endogenous Ca(2+) channels in vivo.   Nat. Biotechnol.   2015 -9 -15   33(10)   1092-6   26368050   10.1038/nbt.3350  
Zebrafish   Tg(gad1b:GFP)   39985   Nathan FM, Ogawa S, Parhar IS.   Neuronal connectivity between habenular glutamate-kisspeptin1 co-expressing neurons and the raphe 5-HT system.   J. Neurochem.   2015 -8 -8   135(4)   814-29   26250886   10.1111/jnc.13273  
Zebrafish   Tg(zfSWS1-5.5A:EGFP)/kj9, Tg(RH2-2:GFP-PAC)/kj4 / tkk004,...   40000   Zang J, Keim J, Kastenhuber E, Gesemann M, Neuhauss SC.   Recoverin depletion accelerates cone photoresponse recovery.   Open Biol   2015 -8 -8   5(8)     26246494   10.1098/rsob.150086  
Zebrafish   Tg(6xTcf/LefBS-miniP:d2EGFP)   40005   Romero-Carvajal A, Navajas Acedo J, Jiang L, Kozlovskaja-Gumbrienė A, Alexander R, Li H, Piotrowski T.   Regeneration of Sensory Hair Cells Requires Localized Interactions between the Notch and Wnt Pathways.   Dev. Cell   2015 -7 -21   34(3)   267-82   26190147   10.1016/j.devcel.2015.05.025  
Zebrafish   Tg(isl1:GFP)/rw0   40017   Morris JK, Chomyk A, Song P, Parker N, Deckard S, Trapp BD, Pimplikar SW, Dutta R.   Decrease in levels of the evolutionarily conserved microRNA miR-124 affects oligodendrocyte numbers in Zebrafish, Danio rerio.   Invert. Neurosci.   2015 -7 -15   15(3)   4   26159098   10.1007/s10158-015-0180-1  
Zebrafish   ?   40034   Hamed, M,, Odul, J., Miller, A.S., Kawakami, K., and Asanobu, K.   NAS: Neuron Analyzer Suite for automatic analysis of neuronal activities from calcium imaging data.   International Journal of Pharma Medicine and Biological Sciences   2015 -7 -3   Vol.4, No.3   167-170     10.18178  
Zebrafish   Tg(vsx1:GFP)   39989   Chow RW, Almeida AD, Randlett O, Norden C, Harris WA.   Inhibitory neuron migration and IPL formation in the developing zebrafish retina.   Development   2015 -6 -28   142(15)   2665-77   26116662   10.1242/dev.122473  
Zebrafish   gSA2AzGFF49A   40022   Auer TO, Xiao T, Bercier V, Gebhardt C, Duroure K, Concordet JP, Wyart C, Suster M, Kawakami K, Wittbrodt J, Baier H, Del Bene F.   Deletion of a kinesin I motor unmasks a mechanism of homeostatic branching control by neurotrophin-3.   Elife   2015 -6 -16   4     26076409   10.7554/eLife.05061  
Zebrafish   gSAGFF202A?   40019   Xiao Y, Faucherre A, Pola-Morell L, Heddleston JM, Liu TL, Chew TL, Sato F, Sehara-Fujisawa A, Kawakami K, López-Schier H.   High-resolution live imaging reveals axon-glia interactions during peripheral nerve injury and repair in zebrafish.   Dis Model Mech   2015 -6 -4   8(6)   553-64   26035865   10.1242/dmm.018184  
Zebrafish   Tg(vglut2a:lRl-GFP)   39982   Lee MM, Arrenberg AB, Aksay ER.   A structural and genotypic scaffold underlying temporal integration.   J. Neurosci.   2015 -5 -23   35(20)   7903-20   25995475   10.1523/JNEUROSCI.3045-14.2015  
Zebrafish   Tg(neurog1:lRl-GFP), Tg(HuC:Kaede)/rw0130a, Tg(br...   39980   Sato T, Sato F, Kamezaki A, Sakaguchi K, Tanigome R, Kawakami K, Sehara-Fujisawa A.   Neuregulin 1 Type II-ErbB Signaling Promotes Cell Divisions Generating Neurons from Neural Progenitor Cells in the Developing Zebrafish Brain.   PLoS ONE   2015 -5 -23   10(5)   e0127360   26001123   10.1371/journal.pone.0127360  
Zebrafish   Tg(isl1:GFP)/rw0   40015   Gao H, Bu Y, Wu Q, Wang X, Chang N, Lei L, Chen S, Liu D, Zhu X, Hu K, Xiong JW.   Mecp2 regulates neural cell differentiation by suppressing the Id1 to Her2 axis in zebrafish.   J. Cell. Sci.   2015 -5 -8   128(12)   2340-50   25948585   10.1242/jcs.167874  
Zebrafish   Tg(OMP2k:gap-CFP)/rw034, Tg(TRPC2 4.5k:gap-Venus)/...   33613   Garaffo G, Conte D, Provero P, Tomaiuolo D, Luo Z, Pinciroli P, Peano C, D'Atri I, Gitton Y, Etzion T, Gothilf Y, Gays D, Santoro MM, Merlo GR.   The Dlx5 and Foxg1 transcription factors, linked via miRNA-9 and -200, are required for the development of the olfactory and GnRH system.   Mol. Cell. Neurosci.   2015 -5 -6   68   103-19   25937343   10.1016/j.mcn.2015.04.007  
Zebrafish   ko157   40021   Hisano Y, Inoue A, Okudaira M, Taimatsu K, Matsumoto H, Kotani H, Ohga R, Aoki J, Kawahara A.   Maternal and Zygotic Sphingosine Kinase 2 Are Indispensable for Cardiac Development in Zebrafish.   J. Biol. Chem.   2015 -4 -25   290(24)   14841-51   25907554   10.1074/jbc.M114.634717  
Zebrafish   Tg(isl1:GFP)/rw0   39995   Shah AN, Davey CF, Whitebirch AC, Miller AC, Moens CB.   Rapid reverse genetic screening using CRISPR in zebrafish.   Nat. Methods   2015 -4 -14   12(6)   535-40   25867848   10.1038/nmeth.3360  
Zebrafish   Tg(sox17:EGFP)/ha01   39998   Dalgin G, Prince VE.   Differential levels of Neurod establish zebrafish endocrine pancreas cell fates.   Dev. Biol.   2015 -3 -24   402(1)   81-97   25797153   10.1016/j.ydbio.2015.03.007  
Zebrafish   Tg(isl1:GFP)/rw0   40020   Love CE, Prince VE.   Rest represses maturation within migrating facial branchiomotor neurons.   Dev. Biol.   2015 -3 -15   401(2)   220-35   25769695   10.1016/j.ydbio.2015.02.021  
Zebrafish   ?   33609   Hisano Y, Sakuma T, Nakade S, Ohga R, Ota S, Okamoto H, Yamamoto T, Kawahara A.   Precise in-frame integration of exogenous DNA mediated by CRISPR/Cas9 system in zebrafish.   Sci Rep   2015 -3 -6   5   8841   25740433   10.1038/srep08841  
Zebrafish   Tg(brn3a-hsp70:GFP)/rw0110b   39997   Bestman JE, Stackley KD, Rahn JJ, Williamson TJ, Chan SS.   The cellular and molecular progression of mitochondrial dysfunction induced by 2,4-dinitrophenol in developing zebrafish embryos.   Differentiation   2015 -3   89(3-4)   51-69   25771346   10.1016/j.diff.2015.01.001  
Zebrafish   Tg(HuC:Kaede)/rw0130a   39996   Liu J, Merkle FT, Gandhi AV, Gagnon JA, Woods IG, Chiu CN, Shimogori T, Schier AF, Prober DA.   Evolutionarily conserved regulation of hypocretin neuron specification by Lhx9.   Development   2015 -3 -1   142(6)   1113-24   25725064   10.1242/dev.117424  
Zebrafish   Tg(chx10:loxp-dsRED-loxp-GFP)/nns3, Tg(vsx1:EGFP)   40003   Heermann S, Schütz L, Lemke S, Krieglstein K, Wittbrodt J.   Eye morphogenesis driven by epithelial flow into the optic cup facilitated by modulation of bone morphogenetic protein.   Elife   2015 -2 -27   4     25719386   10.7554/eLife.05216  
Zebrafish   Review   33610   Wada H, Kawakami K.   Size control during organogenesis: Development of the lateral line organs in zebrafish.   Dev. Growth Differ.   2015 -2 -24   57(2)   169-78   25703577   10.1111/dgd.12196  
Zebrafish   SAIGFF213A, UASGCaMP7a32A?, UASRFP1A ?   33611   Ogino K, Low SE, Yamada K, Saint-Amant L, Zhou W, Muto A, Asakawa K, Nakai J, Kawakami K, Kuwada JY, Hirata H.   RING finger protein 121 facilitates the degradation and membrane localization of voltage-gated sodium channels.   Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A.   2015 -2 -19   112(9)   2859-64   25691753   10.1073/pnas.1414002112  
Zebrafish   Tg(isl1:GFP)/rw0   39993   Menelaou E, Paul LT, Perera SN, Svoboda KR.   Motoneuron axon pathfinding errors in zebrafish: differential effects related to concentration and timing of nicotine exposure.   Toxicol. Appl. Pharmacol.   2015 -2 -11   284(1)   65-78   25668718   10.1016/j.taap.2015.01.022  
Zebrafish   Tg(chx10:GFP)/nns1   40002   Capo-Chichi JM, Boissel S, Brustein E, Pickles S, Fallet-Bianco C, Nassif C, Patry L, Dobrzeniecka S, Liao M, Labuda D, Samuels ME, Hamdan FF, Vande Velde C, Rouleau GA, Drapeau P, Michaud JL.   Disruption of CLPB is associated with congenital microcephaly, severe encephalopathy and 3-methylglutaconic aciduria.   J. Med. Genet.   2015 -2 -5   52(5)   303-11   25650066   10.1136/jmedgenet-2014-102952  
Zebrafish   Tg(6xTcf/LefBS-miniP:d2EGFP)/isi04   40004   Walker MP, Stopford CM, Cederlund M, Fang F, Jahn C, Rabinowitz AD, Goldfarb D, Graham DM, Yan F, Deal AM, Fedoriw Y, Richards KL, Davis IJ, Weidinger G, Damania B, Major MB.   FOXP1 potentiates Wnt/β-catenin signaling in diffuse large B cell lymphoma.   Sci Signal   2015 -2 -3   8(362)   ra12   25650440   10.1126/scisignal.2005654  
Zebrafish   Tg(6xTcf/LefBS-miniP:d2EGFP)   40006   Venero Galanternik M, Kramer KL, Piotrowski T.   Heparan Sulfate Proteoglycans Regulate Fgf Signaling and Cell Polarity during Collective Cell Migration.   Cell Rep   2015 -1 -21       25600875   10.1016/j.celrep.2014.12.043  
Zebrafish   Tg(UAS:GFP)?   33628   Navis A, Bagnat M.   Loss of cftr function leads to pancreatic destruction in larval zebrafish.   Dev. Biol.   2015 -1 -17   399(2)   237-48   25592226   10.1016/j.ydbio.2014.12.034  
Zebrafish   Tg(isl1:GFP)/rw0   40018   Ingold E, Vom Berg-Maurer CM, Burckhardt CJ, Lehnherr A, Rieder P, Keller PJ, Stelzer EH, Greber UF, Neuhauss SC, Gesemann M.   Proper migration and axon outgrowth of zebrafish cranial motoneuron subpopulations require the cell adhesion molecule MDGA2A.   Biol Open   2015 -1 -13   4(2)   146-54   25572423   10.1242/bio.20148482  
Zebrafish   Tg(HuC:cameleon2.1)/cf2   39999   Zhu W, Yao X, Liang Y, Liang D, Song L, Jing N, Li J, Wang G.   Mediator Med23 deficiency enhances neural differentiation of murine embryonic stem cells through modulating BMP signaling.   Development   2015 -1 -8   142(3)   465-76   25564654   10.1242/dev.112946  
Zebrafish   Tg(huC:GVP)    40028   Kim CK, Miri A, Leung LC, Berndt A, Mourrain P, Tank DW, Burdine RD.   Prolonged, brain-wide expression of nuclear-localized GCaMP3 for functional circuit mapping.   Front Neural Circuits   2014 -12 -17   8   138   25505384   10.3389/fncir.2014.00138  
Zebrafish   Tg(huC:GVP)   40025   Friedmann D, Hoagland A, Berlin S, Isacoff EY.   A spinal opsin controls early neural activity and drives a behavioral light response.   Curr. Biol.   2014 -12 -9   25(1)   69-74   25484291   10.1016/j.cub.2014.10.055  
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