RRC is the database of papers related to the NBRP resources. Please feed back on your papers published.

How to Submit Your Patent

1. Go to the "Registration" page.

  • Click on "Submit"button in the top to go to the "Registration" page.

2. Fill in your patent information.

  • Please enter the following information.
    • [Please input your email address.]
    • [Species (required)]
    • [Name(s) of resource(s) used in this patent]
    • [Application No]
    • [Publication No]
    • [Title of the invention]
    • [Inventor's name]
    • [Applicant]
    • [External collaborator]
    • [Filling Date]
    • [Comment]

  • Click the "Submit" button.

3. Confirm your registration.

  • Please confirm the contents of your pantent registration.

  • If you wish to edit your registration, please click "Back".

  • Click on the "Submit" button if the details of your registration are correct.

4. Complete your registration.

  • You have successfully submitted your patent.
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