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Patent Info.
Application No PCT/JP2013/050907 
Publication No WO 2013108869 A1 
Title of the invention がんの治療又は予防剤 
Inventor's name Masaharu Takigawa, 正春 滝川, Takako HATTORI, 高子 服部, Sachi MINAGAWA, 吉 皆川, Yasuhiro Seto, 泰裕 瀬戸, Mika Tsuna, 美香 綱, Yoshitaka Harada, 義孝 原田, Manabu TAKAHISA, 学 高久, Hideyo Yasuda, 秀世 安田, 
External collaborator  
Filing Date 2013-1-18 
Publication Date  
Resource Info.
Species DNA material 
Resource Name pSV2 erb B2 (RDB01273

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