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Pubmed ID 19397956  
RRC ID 30655 
Author Katsumura T, Oda S, Mano S, Suguro N, Watanabe K, Mitani H, Oota H, Kawamura S. 
Title Genetic differentiation among local populations of medaka fish (Oryzias latipes) evaluated through grid- and deme-based sampling. 
Journal Gene 
Published 2009-4-29 
Volume 443(1-2) 
Pages 170-7 
DOI 10.1016/j.gene.2009.04.017   
PII S0378-1119(09)00193-0 
Cytochromes b / genetics
Genes, Mitochondrial
Genetic Variation*
Locus Control Region
Molecular Sequence Data
Oryzias / genetics*
Resource Info.
Species Medaka 
Resource name
HdrR-II1 (IB178), O. luzonensis (RS270), Maizuru (WS215), Amino (WS241

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