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Pubmed ID 21653555  
RRC ID 15342 
Author Leihne V, Kirpekar F, Vågbø CB, van den Born E, Krokan HE, Grini PE, Meza TJ, Falnes PØ. 
Title Roles of Trm9- and ALKBH8-like proteins in the formation of modified wobble uridines in Arabidopsis tRNA. 
Journal Nucleic Acids Res. 
Published 2011-6-10 
Volume 39(17) 
Pages 7688-701 
DOI 10.1093/nar/gkr406   
PII gkr406 
AlkB Homolog 8, tRNA Methyltransferase
Amino Acid Sequence
Arabidopsis / enzymology*
Arabidopsis / genetics
Arabidopsis Proteins / chemistry
Arabidopsis Proteins / genetics
Arabidopsis Proteins / metabolism*
Dioxygenases / chemistry
Dioxygenases / genetics
Dioxygenases / metabolism*
Mixed Function Oxygenases / chemistry
Mixed Function Oxygenases / genetics
Mixed Function Oxygenases / metabolism*
Molecular Sequence Data
RNA, Transfer / chemistry
RNA, Transfer / metabolism
RNA, Transfer, Gly / chemistry
RNA, Transfer, Gly / metabolism
Sequence Alignment
Uridine / metabolism*
tRNA Methyltransferases / chemistry
tRNA Methyltransferases / genetics
tRNA Methyltransferases / metabolism*
Resource Info.
Species Arabidopsis / Cultured plant cells, genes 
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