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Pubmed ID 22123761  
RRC ID 15946 
Author Bian F, Qin QL, Xie BB, Shu YL, Zhang XY, Yu Y, Chen B, Chen XL, Zhou BC, Zhang YZ. 
Title Complete genome sequence of seawater bacterium Glaciecola nitratireducens FR1064(T). 
Journal J. Bacteriol. 
Published 2011-11-30 
Volume 193(24) 
Pages 7006-7 
DOI 10.1128/JB.06296-11   
PII 193/24/7006 
Alteromonadaceae / genetics*
Alteromonadaceae / isolation & purification*
Base Sequence
Evolution, Molecular
Genome Size
Genome, Bacterial*
Molecular Sequence Data
Seawater / microbiology*
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Species General Microbes 
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