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Pubmed ID 25659376  
RRC ID 33165 
Author Okumura T, Sasamura T, Inatomi M, Hozumi S, Nakamura M, Hatori R, Taniguchi K, Nakazawa N, Suzuki E, Maeda R, Yamakawa T, Matsuno K. 
Title Class I myosins have overlapping and specialized functions in left-right asymmetric development in Drosophila. 
Journal Genetics 
Published 2015-4 
Volume 199(4) 
Pages 1183-99 
DOI 10.1534/genetics.115.174698   
PII genetics.115.174698 
Resource Info.
Species Drosophila 
Resource name
white (w)[1118], roughoid (ru)[1] hairy (h)[1] scarlet (st)[1] rosy (ry)[506] ebony (e)[1], and sepia (se)[1] spineless (ss)[1] kidney (k)[1] e[s] rough (ro)[1] (DGRC#150534, DGRC#105729, and DGRC#105998

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