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Pubmed ID 25258322  
RRC ID 33252 
Author Machida K, Mikami S, Masutani M, Mishima K, Kobayashi T, Imataka H. 
Title A translation system reconstituted with human factors proves that processing of encephalomyocarditis virus proteins 2A and 2B occurs in the elongation phase of translation without eukaryotic release factors. 
Journal J. Biol. Chem. 
Published 2014-11-14 
Volume 289(46) 
Pages 31960-71 
DOI 10.1074/jbc.M114.593343   
PII M114.593343 
Alanine / genetics
Amino Acyl-tRNA Synthetases / metabolism
Binding Sites
Cell-Free System
DNA, Complementary / metabolism
Encephalomyocarditis virus / metabolism*
Eukaryotic Initiation Factor-2 / metabolism*
Gene Deletion
Gene Expression Regulation
HeLa Cells
Hepacivirus / metabolism
Open Reading Frames
Peptide Elongation Factor 1 / metabolism*
Plasmids / metabolism
Protein Biosynthesis*
Protein Folding
Ribosomes / chemistry
Viral Nonstructural Proteins / chemistry*
Viral Nonstructural Proteins / metabolism*
Viral Proteins / metabolism*
Resource Info.
Species DNA material 
Resource name
pUC-T7-HCV HA-2A-2B-FLAG (RDB13261); pUC-T7-HCV HA-2A-2B-HA (RDB13262); pUC-T7-HCV HA-2A(silent-1)2B-HA (RDB13263); pUC-T7-HCV HA-2A(silent-2)2B-HA (RDB13264); pUC-T7-HCV HA-2A(uORF2) (RDB13265); pUC-T7-EMCV-His-eEF1A (RDB13266); pUC-T7-EMCV-His-eEF1Bgamma (RDB13267); pUC-T7-EMCV-eEF1Balpha (RDB13268); pGEX6P-eRF1 (RDB13269); pGEX6P-eRF3 (RDB13270); pUC-T7-EMCV-GST-Glu-ProRS (RDB13271); pUC-T7-EMCV-GST-MetRS (RDB13272); pUC-T7-EMCV-GST-AspRS (RDB13273); pUC-T7-EMCV-GST-AlaRS (RDB13274); pUC-T7-EMCV-GST-CysRS (RDB13275); pUC-T7-EMCV-GST-ValRS (RDB13276); pUC-T7-EMCV-GST-TyrRS (RDB13277); pUC-T7-EMCV-His-PheRSbeta (RDB13278); pUC-T7-HCV-Rluc-HA (RDB13279); pUC-T7-HCV-beta-actin-HA (RDB13280); pUC-T7-HCV-PABP-HA (RDB13281); pUC-T7-HCV-beta-Gal-HA (RDB13282); pUC-T7-HCV-HA-Rluc (RDB13283); pUC-T7-HCV-HA-beta-actin (RDB13284); pUC-T7-HCV-HA-PABP (RDB13285); pUC-T7-HCV-HA-beta-Gal (RDB13286); pUC-T7-HCV HA-2A-HA-2B (22 aa) (RDB13287). 

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