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Pubmed ID 25940087  
RRC ID 33962 
Author Ohkawa Y, Momota H, Kato A, Hashimoto N, Tsuda Y, Kotani N, Honke K, Suzumura A, Furukawa K, Ohmi Y, Natsume A, Wakabayashi T, Furukawa K. 
Title Ganglioside GD3 Enhances Invasiveness of Gliomas by Forming a Complex with Platelet-derived Growth Factor Receptor α and Yes Kinase. 
Journal J Biol Chem. 
Published 2015-6-26 
Volume 290(26) 
Pages 16043-58 
DOI 10.1074/jbc.M114.635755   
PII M114.635755 
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Species Mice 
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