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Pubmed ID 25205745  
RRC ID 36242 
Author Kuo HK, McMahan S, Rota CM, Kohl KP, Sekelsky J. 
Title Drosophila FANCM helicase prevents spontaneous mitotic crossovers generated by the MUS81 and SLX1 nucleases. 
Journal Genetics 
Published 2014-11 
Volume 198(3) 
Pages 935-45 
DOI 10.1534/genetics.114.168096   
PII genetics.114.168096 
Crossing Over, Genetic
DNA Damage
DNA Helicases / metabolism
DNA-Binding Proteins / metabolism
Drosophila Proteins / metabolism
Drosophila melanogaster / cytology
Drosophila melanogaster / enzymology
Drosophila melanogaster / genetics
Endodeoxyribonucleases / metabolism
Endonucleases / metabolism
Genome, Insect
Meiosis / genetics
Mitosis / genetics
Mutation / genetics
Recombinases / metabolism
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Species Drosophila 
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