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Pubmed ID 25142461  
RRC ID 36265 
Author Centanin L, Ander JJ, Hoeckendorf B, Lust K, Kellner T, Kraemer I, Urbany C, Hasel E, Harris WA, Simons BD, Wittbrodt J. 
Title Exclusive multipotency and preferential asymmetric divisions in post-embryonic neural stem cells of the fish retina. 
Journal Development 
Published 2014-8-22 
Volume 141(18) 
Pages 3472-82 
DOI 10.1242/dev.109892   
PII dev.109892 
Animals, Genetically Modified
Cell Division / physiology*
Cell Lineage / physiology*
Cloning, Molecular
Green Fluorescent Proteins
Integrases / genetics
Integrases / metabolism
Multipotent Stem Cells / physiology*
Neural Stem Cells / physiology*
Oryzias / physiology*
Retina / cytology*
Resource Info.
Species Medaka 
Resource name
GaudiHspCre.A (TG1053),
GaudiUbiq.iCre (TG1054),
GaudiRSG (TG1055),
GaudiBBW2.1 (TG1056),
GaudiLxBBW (TG1057

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