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Pubmed ID 26713442  
RRC ID 36417 
Author Kikuta A, Furukawa E, Ogawa R, Suganuma N, Saitoh M, Nishimaki T, Katsumura T, Oota H, Kawamoto T, Tatsukawa H, Hashimoto H, Hitomi K. 
Title Biochemical Characterization of Medaka (Oryzias latipes) Transglutaminases, OlTGK1 and OlTGK2, as Orthologues of Human Keratinocyte-Type Transglutaminase. 
Journal PLoS One  
Published 2015-12-29 
Volume 10(12) 
Pages e0144194 
DOI 10.1371/journal.pone.0144194   
PII PONE-D-15-33404 
Resource Info.
Species Medaka 
Resource name
olsp48d24 olsp35n14, olsp62a16, olec36d21,olec36g08 

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