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Pubmed ID 25658111  
RRC ID 40872 
Author Sun Z, Zhang W, Guo C, Yang X, Liu W, Wu Y, Song Y, Kwok LY, Cui Y, Menghe B, Yang R, Hu L, Zhang H. 
Title Comparative genomic analysis of 45 type strains of the genus Bifidobacterium: a snapshot of its genetic diversity and evolution. 
Journal PLoS ONE 
Published 2015-2-7 
Volume 10(2) 
Pages e0117912 
DOI 10.1371/journal.pone.0117912   
PII PONE-D-14-20943 
Adaptation, Physiological
Bees / microbiology
Bifidobacterium / genetics*
Bifidobacterium / physiology
Evolution, Molecular*
Gastrointestinal Tract / microbiology
Genetic Variation*
Host-Pathogen Interactions
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Species General Microbes 
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