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Pubmed ID 27818143  
RRC ID 47625 
Author Kaizuka T, Morishita H, Hama Y, Tsukamoto S, Matsui T, Toyota Y, Kodama A, Ishihara T, Mizushima T, Mizushima N. 
Title An Autophagic Flux Probe that Releases an Internal Control. 
Journal Mol. Cell 
Published 2016-11-17 
Volume 64(4) 
Pages 835-849 
DOI 10.1016/j.molcel.2016.09.037   
PII S1097-2765(16)30589-5 
Resource Info.
Species DNA material 
Resource name
pMRX-IP-GFP-LC3-RFP-LC3 delta G (RDB14600); pMRX-IP-GFP-LC3-RFP (RDB14601). 

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