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Pubmed ID 11598188  
RRC ID 6673 
Author Arnoult D, Tatischeff I, Estaquier J, Girard M, Sureau F, Tissier JP, Grodet A, Dellinger M, Traincard F, Kahn A, Ameisen JC, Petit PX. 
Title On the evolutionary conservation of the cell death pathway: mitochondrial release of an apoptosis-inducing factor during Dictyostelium discoideum cell death. 
Journal Mol. Biol. Cell 
Published 2001-10-13 
Volume 12(10) 
Pages 3016-30 
Amino Acid Sequence
Apoptosis / physiology
Apoptosis Inducing Factor
Cell Nucleus / metabolism
Cell-Free System
Cytosol / metabolism
DNA Fragmentation / physiology
Dictyostelium / physiology
Dictyostelium / ultrastructure
Evolution, Molecular
Flavoproteins / chemistry
Flavoproteins / genetics
Flavoproteins / secretion
Jurkat Cells
Mammals / physiology
Membrane Potentials / physiology
Membrane Proteins / chemistry
Membrane Proteins / genetics
Membrane Proteins / secretion
Mitochondria / metabolism
Molecular Sequence Data
Phagocytosis / physiology
Phosphatidylserines / metabolism
Protoporphyrins / chemistry
Protoporphyrins / metabolism
Sequence Homology
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Species Cellular slime molds 
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