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Pubmed ID 18835579  
RRC ID 6755 
Author Siltberg-Liberles J, Steen IH, Svebak RM, Martinez A. 
Title The phylogeny of the aromatic amino acid hydroxylases revisited by characterizing phenylalanine hydroxylase from Dictyostelium discoideum. 
Journal Gene 
Published 2008-10-7 
Volume 427(1-2) 
Pages 86-92 
DOI 10.1016/j.gene.2008.09.005   
PII S0378-1119(08)00439-3 
Allosteric Site
Amino Acid Sequence
Amino Acids / metabolism*
Cloning, Molecular
Dictyostelium / enzymology*
Mixed Function Oxygenases / metabolism*
Molecular Conformation
Molecular Sequence Data
Phenylalanine Hydroxylase / metabolism*
Pterins / chemistry
Sequence Homology, Amino Acid
Substrate Specificity
Resource Info.
Species Cellular slime molds 
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