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Species Resource name RRC ID Author Title Journal Published Volume Pages Pubmed ID DOI
Yeast   ?   49654   Blyth J, Makrantoni V, Barton RE, Spanos C, Rappsilber J, Marston AL.   Genes Important for Schizosaccharomyces pombe Meiosis Identified Through a Functional Genomics Screen.   Genetics   2017 -12 -21   208(2)   589-603   29259000   10.1534/genetics.117.300527  
Drosophila   TBX-0002,CAS-0001,pBFv-U6.2   49625   Uryu O, Ou Q, Komura-Kawa T, Kamiyama T, Iga M, Syrzycka M, Hirota K, Kataoka H, Honda BM, King-Jones K, Niwa R.   Cooperative Control of Ecdysone Biosynthesis in Drosophila by Transcription Factors Séance, Ouija board, and Molting Defective.   Genetics   2017 -12 -1       29187506   10.1534/genetics.117.300268  
Drosophila   TBX-0002,CAS-0001,pBFv-U6.2   49493   Enya S, Yamamoto C, Mizuno H, Esaki T, Lin HK, Iga M, Morohashi K, Hirano Y, Kataoka H, Masujima T, Shimada-Niwa Y, Niwa R.   Dual Roles of Glutathione in Ecdysone Biosynthesis and Antioxidant Function During the Larval Development in Drosophila.   Genetics   2017 -10 -13       29021278   10.1534/genetics.117.300391  
Yeast   FY20041, FY20042, FY20043, FY20044, FY10474...   49228   Gao C, Langbein L, Kamal F, George AA, Walworth NC.   Kinetochore Components Required for Centromeric Chromatin Assembly Are Impacted by Msc1 in Schizosaccharomyces pombe.   Genetics   2017 -8 -23   207(2)   559-569   28827290   10.1534/genetics.117.300183  
Drosophila   1395R-2, 2262R-1   47784   Hevia CF, López-Varea A, Esteban N, de Celis JF.   A Search for Genes Mediating the Growth-Promoting Function of TGFβ in the Drosophila melanogaster Wing Disc.   Genetics   2017 -3 -21   206(1)   231-249   28315837   10.1534/genetics.116.197228  
Drosophila   DGRC#109862 DGRC#200175   47673   Mathews KW, Cavegn M, Zwicky M.   Sexual Dimorphism of Body Size Is Controlled by Dosage of the X-Chromosomal Gene Myc and by the Sex-Determining Gene tra in Drosophila.   Genetics   2017 -1 -9   205(3)   1215-1228   28064166   10.1534/genetics.116.192260  
Yeast   FY23692   47301   Hoya M, Yanguas F, Moro S, Prescianotto-Baschong C, Doncel C, de León N, Curto MÁ, Spang A, Valdivieso MH.   Traffic Through the Trans-Golgi Network and the Endosomal System Requires Collaboration Between Exomer and Clathrin Adaptors in Fission Yeast.   Genetics   2016 -12 -16   205(2)   673-690   27974503   10.1534/genetics.116.193458  
C.elegans   tm3099, tm2638, tm3158   48794   Ataeian M, Tegha-Dunghu J, Curtis DG, Sykes EM, Nozohourmehrabad A, Bajaj M, Cheung K, Srayko M.   Maternal MEMI Promotes Female Meiosis II in Response to Fertilization in Caenorhabditis elegans.   Genetics   2016 -10 -13   204(4)   1461-1477   27729423   10.1534/genetics.116.192997  
Drosophila     50050   Green N, Odell N, Zych M, Clark C, Wang ZH, Biersmith B, Bajzek C, Cook KR, Dushay MS, Geisbrecht ER.   A Common Suite of Coagulation Proteins Function in Drosophila Muscle Attachment.   Genetics   2016 -9 -3   204(3)   1075-1087   27585844   10.1534/genetics.116.189787  
Yeast   FY13123, FY17338, FY17340, FY17341, FY17342   48064   Xu YJ, Singh A, Alter GM.   Hydroxyurea Induces Cytokinesis Arrest in Cells Expressing a Mutated Sterol-14α-Demethylase in the Ergosterol Biosynthesis Pathway.   Genetics   2016 -9 -3   204(3)   959-973   27585850   10.1534/genetics.116.191536  
Drosophila   1715R-1   40042   Deng Q, Guo T, Zhou X, Xi Y, Yang X, Ge W.   Cross-Talk Between Mitochondrial Fusion and the Hippo Pathway in Controlling Cell Proliferation During Drosophila Development.   Genetics   2016 -6 -19   203(4)   1777-88   27317679   10.1534/genetics.115.186445  
C.elegans   tm2720, tm2820   36828   McCallum KC, Liu B, Fierro-González JC, Swoboda P, Arur S, Miranda-Vizuete A, Garsin DA.   TRX-1 Regulates SKN-1 Nuclear Localization Cell Non-autonomously in Caenorhabditis elegans.   Genetics   2016 -2 -28   203(1)   387-402   26920757   10.1534/genetics.115.185272  
Pathogenic microorganisms   ?   46770   Uesono Y, Toh-e A, Kikuchi Y, Araki T, Hachiya T, Watanabe CK, Noguchi K, Terashima I.   Local Anesthetics and Antipsychotic Phenothiazines Interact Nonspecifically with Membranes and Inhibit Hexose Transporters in Yeast.   Genetics   2016 -1 -14   202(3)   997-1012   26757771   10.1534/genetics.115.183806  
Drosophila   DGRC#204647   47666   Savitsky M, Kim M, Kravchuk O, Schwartz YB.   Distinct Roles of Chromatin Insulator Proteins in Control of the Drosophila Bithorax Complex.   Genetics   2015 -12 -31   202(2)   601-17   26715665   10.1534/genetics.115.179309  
Drosophila     36241   Hales KG, Korey CA, Larracuente AM, Roberts DM.   Genetics on the Fly: A Primer on the Drosophila Model System.   Genetics   2015 -11 -14   201(3)   815-42   26564900   10.1534/genetics.115.183392  
Yeast   FY17702, FY8617   35238   George AA, Walworth NC.   Escape from Mitotic Arrest: An Unexpected Connection Between Microtubule Dynamics and Epigenetic Regulation of Centromeric Chromatin in Schizosaccharomyces pombe.   Genetics   2015 -10 -30   201(4)   1467-78   26510788   10.1534/genetics.115.181792  
C.elegans   tm2543   45635   Roelens B, Schvarzstein M, Villeneuve AM.   Manipulation of Karyotype in Caenorhabditis elegans Reveals Multiple Inputs Driving Pairwise Chromosome Synapsis During Meiosis.   Genetics   2015 -10 -27   201(4)   1363-79   26500263   10.1534/genetics.115.182279  
C.elegans   tm6062   35970   Sarasija S, Norman KR.   A γ-Secretase Independent Role for Presenilin in Calcium Homeostasis Impacts Mitochondrial Function and Morphology in Caenorhabditis elegans.   Genetics   2015 -10 -27   201(4)   1453-66   26500256   10.1534/genetics.115.182808  
Yeast   ?   34811   Hoffman CS, Wood V, Fantes PA.   An Ancient Yeast for Young Geneticists: A Primer on the Schizosaccharomyces pombe Model System.   Genetics   2015 -10 -9   201(2)   403-23   26447128   10.1534/genetics.115.181503  
C.elegans   tm2175, tm6234   45557   Edwards SL, Morrison LM, Yorks RM, Hoover CM, Boominathan S, Miller KG.   UNC-16 (JIP3) Acts Through Synapse-Assembly Proteins to Inhibit the Active Transport of Cell Soma Organelles to Caenorhabditis elegans Motor Neuron Axons.   Genetics   2015 -9 -12   201(1)   117-41   26354976   10.1534/genetics.115.177345  
C.elegans   tm6234   45558   Edwards SL, Yorks RM, Morrison LM, Hoover CM, Miller KG.   Synapse-Assembly Proteins Maintain Synaptic Vesicle Cluster Stability and Regulate Synaptic Vesicle Transport in Caenorhabditis elegans.   Genetics   2015 -9 -12   201(1)   91-116   26354975   10.1534/genetics.115.177337  
Yeast   FY25105, FY24344   34839   Johansen P, Cam HP.   Suppression of Meiotic Recombination by CENP-B Homologs in Schizosaccharomyces pombe.   Genetics   2015 -9 -12   201(3)   897-904   26354768   10.1534/genetics.115.179465  
Rice   野生イネ Rank1   34810   Taguchi-Shiobara F, Ota T, Ebana K, Ookawa T, Yamasaki M, Tanabata T, Yamanouchi U, Wu J, Ono N, Nonoue Y, Nagata K, Fukuoka S, Hirabayashi H, Yamamoto T, Yano M.   Natural Variation in the Flag Leaf Morphology of Rice Due to a Mutation of the NARROW LEAF 1 Gene in Oryza sativa L.   Genetics   2015 -8 -16   201(2)   795-808   26275424   10.1534/genetics.115.181040  
Yeast   FY20724, FY8393, FY21240, FY20571, FY8426   49497   Thakur J, Talbert PB, Henikoff S.   Inner Kinetochore Protein Interactions with Regional Centromeres of Fission Yeast.   Genetics   2015 -8 -16   201(2)   543-61   26275423   10.1534/genetics.115.179788  
C.elegans   tm5030, tm5032, tm6659   45669   Chen AT, Guo C, Itani OA, Budaitis BG, Williams TW, Hopkins CE, McEachin RC, Pande M, Grant AR, Yoshina S, Mitani S, Hu PJ.   Longevity Genes Revealed by Integrative Analysis of Isoform-Specific daf-16/FoxO Mutants of Caenorhabditis elegans.   Genetics   2015 -7 -30   201(2)   613-29   26219299   10.1534/genetics.115.177998  
C.elegans   tm1126   45566   Gilleland CL, Falls AT, Noraky J, Heiman MG, Yanik MF.   Computer-Assisted Transgenesis of Caenorhabditis elegans for Deep Phenotyping.   Genetics   2015 -7 -15   201(1)   39-46   26163188   10.1534/genetics.115.179648  
Drosophila     36166   Tsuda M, Peyre JB, Asano T, Aigaki T.   Visualizing Molecular Functions and Cross-Species Activity of Sex-Peptide in Drosophila.   Genetics   2015 -5 -30   200(4)   1161-9   26022240   10.1534/genetics.115.177550  
C.elegans   tm2146, tm1325   45567   Gomez-Amaro RL, Valentine ER, Carretero M, LeBoeuf SE, Rangaraju S, Broaddus CD, Solis GM, Williamson JR, Petrascheck M.   Measuring Food Intake and Nutrient Absorption in Caenorhabditis elegans.   Genetics   2015 -4 -24   200(2)   443-54   25903497   10.1534/genetics.115.175851  
Medaka   resource database   36052   Kirchmaier S, Naruse K, Wittbrodt J, Loosli F.   The genomic and genetic toolbox of the teleost medaka (Oryzias latipes).   Genetics   2015 -4 -10   199(4)   905-18   25855651   10.1534/genetics.114.173849  
C.elegans   tm2176   45581   Kim HM, Colaiácovo MP.   New Insights into the Post-Translational Regulation of DNA Damage Response and Double-Strand Break Repair in Caenorhabditis elegans.   Genetics   2015 -3 -31   200(2)   495-504   25819793   10.1534/genetics.115.175661  
C.elegans   tm773, tm1984, tm5924, tm2373, tm520,...   45597   Loer CM, Calvo AC, Watschinger K, Werner-Felmayer G, O'Rourke D, Stroud D, Tong A, Gotenstein JR, Chisholm AD, Hodgkin J, Werner ER, Martinez A.   Cuticle integrity and biogenic amine synthesis in Caenorhabditis elegans require the cofactor tetrahydrobiopterin (BH4).   Genetics   2015 -3 -27   200(1)   237-53   25808955   10.1534/genetics.114.174110  
Drosophila   DGRC#206424   36236   Ge W, Deng Q, Guo T, Hong X, Kugler JM, Yang X, Cohen SM.   Regulation of pattern formation and gene amplification during Drosophila oogenesis by the miR-318 microRNA.   Genetics   2015 -3 -20   200(1)   255-65   25786856   10.1534/genetics.115.174748  
C.elegans   tm1130, tm784   36830   González-Barrios M, Fierro-González JC, Krpelanova E, Mora-Lorca JA, Pedrajas JR, Peñate X, Chavez S, Swoboda P, Jansen G, Miranda-Vizuete A.   Cis- and trans-regulatory mechanisms of gene expression in the ASJ sensory neuron of Caenorhabditis elegans.   Genetics   2015 -3 -15   200(1)   123-34   25769980   10.1534/genetics.115.176172  
C.elegans   tm420, tm331, tm2031   45562   Garcia AM, Ladage ML, Dumesnil DR, Zaman K, Shulaev V, Azad RK, Padilla PA.   Glucose induces sensitivity to oxygen deprivation and modulates insulin/IGF-1 signaling and lipid biosynthesis in Caenorhabditis elegans.   Genetics   2015 -3 -13   200(1)   167-84   25762526   10.1534/genetics.115.174631  
Drosophila   y[*] P{GawB}boi[NP4065] w[*]/FM7c (DGRC#104588), w[*] P{GawB}NP4124/FM7c (...   33161   Hartman TR, Ventresca EM, Hopkins A, Zinshteyn D, Singh T, O'Brien JA, Neubert BC, Hartman MG, Schofield HK, Stavrides KP, Talbot DE, Riggs DJ, Pritchard C, O'Reilly AM.   Novel tools for genetic manipulation of follicle stem cells in the Drosophila ovary reveal an integrin-dependent transition from quiescence to proliferation.   Genetics   2015 -2 -15   199(4)   935-57   25680813   10.1534/genetics.114.173617  
Drosophila   white (w)[1118], roughoid (ru)[1] hairy (h)[1] scarlet (st)[1] rosy (ry)[506] ebony (e)[1],...   33165   Okumura T, Sasamura T, Inatomi M, Hozumi S, Nakamura M, Hatori R, Taniguchi K, Nakazawa N, Suzuki E, Maeda R, Yamakawa T, Matsuno K.   Class I myosins have overlapping and specialized functions in left-right asymmetric development in Drosophila.   Genetics   2015 -2 -11   199(4)   1183-99   25659376   10.1534/genetics.115.174698  
C.elegans   tm1406, tm1165   45572   Han B, Bellemer A, Koelle MR.   An evolutionarily conserved switch in response to GABA affects development and behavior of the locomotor circuit of Caenorhabditis elegans.   Genetics   2015 -2 -4   199(4)   1159-72   25644702   10.1534/genetics.114.173963  
C.elegans   tm1611, tm1991   45784   Leight ER, Murphy JT, Fantz DA, Pepin D, Schneider DL, Ratliff TM, Mohammad DH, Herman MA, Kornfeld K.   Conversion of the LIN-1 ETS protein of Caenorhabditis elegans from a SUMOylated transcriptional repressor to a phosphorylated transcriptional activator.   Genetics   2015 -1 -9   199(3)   761-75   25567989   10.1534/genetics.114.172668  
C.elegans   tm548   45824   Padmanabha D, Padilla PA, You YJ, Baker KD.   A HIF-independent mediator of transcriptional responses to oxygen deprivation in Caenorhabditis elegans.   Genetics   2015 -1 -2   199(3)   739-48   25552276   10.1534/genetics.114.173989  
C.elegans   tm1583, tm1652   45794   Luo J, Xu Z, Tan Z, Zhang Z, Ma L.   Neuropeptide receptors NPR-1 and NPR-2 regulate Caenorhabditis elegans avoidance response to the plant stress hormone methyl salicylate.   Genetics   2014 -12 -21   199(2)   523-31   25527285   10.1534/genetics.114.172239  
C.elegans   tm1463   45823   Opperman K, Moseley-Alldredge M, Yochem J, Bell L, Kanayinkal T, Chen L.   A novel nondevelopmental role of the sax-7/L1CAM cell adhesion molecule in synaptic regulation in Caenorhabditis elegans.   Genetics   2014 -12 -10   199(2)   497-509   25488979   10.1534/genetics.114.169581  
Barley   barley   32563   Wang N, Ning S, Wu J, Tagiri A, Komatsuda T.   An epiallele at cly1 affects the expression of floret closing (cleistogamy) in barley.   Genetics   2014 -11 -16   199(1)   95-104   25398791   10.1534/genetics.114.171652  
C.elegans   tm1734   45841   Rojo Romanos T, Petersen JG, Riveiro AR, Pocock R.   A novel role for the zinc-finger transcription factor EGL-46 in the differentiation of gas-sensing neurons in Caenorhabditis elegans.   Genetics   2014 -11 -15   199(1)   157-63   25395666   10.1534/genetics.114.172049  
C.elegans   tm1406, tm1165   45743   Hawkins EG, Martin I, Kondo LM, Judy ME, Brings VE, Chan CL, Blackwell GG, Bettinger JC, Davies AG.   A novel cholinergic action of alcohol and the development of tolerance to that effect in Caenorhabditis elegans.   Genetics   2014 -10 -25   199(1)   135-49   25342716   10.1534/genetics.114.171884  
C.elegans   tm3267, tm267   45696   Brokate-Llanos AM, Monje JM, Murdoch Pdel S, Muñoz MJ.   Developmental defects in a Caenorhabditis elegans model for type III galactosemia.   Genetics   2014 -10 -10   198(4)   1559-69   25298520   10.1534/genetics.114.170084  
Yeast   S. bombe strains   31366   Gonzalez M, He H, Dong Q, Sun S, Li F.   Ectopic centromere nucleation by CENP--a in fission yeast.   Genetics   2014 -10 -10   198(4)   1433-46   25298518   10.1534/genetics.114.171173  
C.elegans   tm536, tm1458   45895   Ye AL, Ragle JM, Conradt B, Bhalla N.   Differential regulation of germline apoptosis in response to meiotic checkpoint activation.   Genetics   2014 -9 -14   198(3)   995-1000   25217053   10.1534/genetics.114.170241  
Drosophila   DGRC#140133   36242   Kuo HK, McMahan S, Rota CM, Kohl KP, Sekelsky J.   Drosophila FANCM helicase prevents spontaneous mitotic crossovers generated by the MUS81 and SLX1 nucleases.   Genetics   2014 -9 -11   198(3)   935-45   25205745   10.1534/genetics.114.168096  
C.elegans   tm2865, tm1661, tm3403, tm4316, tm2864...   45862   Starich TA, Hall DH, Greenstein D.   Two classes of gap junction channels mediate soma-germline interactions essential for germline proliferation and gametogenesis in Caenorhabditis elegans.   Genetics   2014 -9 -10   198(3)   1127-53   25195067   10.1534/genetics.114.168815  
C.elegans   tm4246, tm3467, tm4024, tm2807   45819   Noma K, Goncharov A, Jin Y.   Systematic analyses of rpm-1 suppressors reveal roles for ESS-2 in mRNA splicing in Caenorhabditis elegans.   Genetics   2014 -9 -7   198(3)   1101-15   25194163   10.1534/genetics.114.167841  
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