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Species Resource name RRC ID Author Title Journal Published Volume Pages Pubmed ID DOI
Pathogenic microorganisms   病原真核微生物   52840   Arai S, Wakana D, Itabashi T, Takeda H, Yaguchi T, de Campos-Takaki GM, Hosoe T.   New two pebrolide derivatives, 14-deacetoxy-1-deoxypebrolide and 7’-hydroxyasperphenamate isolated from Penicillium sp. IFM 62525. Heterocycles.   Heterocycles   2017   94 (2)   326-333     10.3987/COM-16-13624  
Pathogenic microorganisms   NA   46792   Nakamura K, Kusama T, Tanaka N, Sakai K, Gonoi T, Fromont J, Kobayashi J   2-Debromonagelamide U, 2-debromomukanadin G, and 2-debromonagelamide P from marine sponge Agelas sp.   Heterocycles   2015   90   425-31     10.3987/COM-14-S(K)38  
Pathogenic microorganisms   NA   46796   Tanaka N, Suto S, Asai M, Kusama T, Takahashi-Nakaguchi A, Gonoi T, Fromont J, Kobayashi J   Halichonadins M-Q, sesquiterpenes from an okinawan marine sponge Halichondria sp.   Heterocycles   2015   90(1)   173-185     10.3987/COM-14-S(K)2  
Pathogenic microorganisms   IFM 59075   46929   Nakadate S, Nozawa K, Yaguchi T   Two new eujindoles from Eupenicillium javanicum.   Heterocycles   2011   83(8)   1867-1871     10.3987/COM-11-12236  
Pathogenic microorganisms   NA   46963   Ishikawa K, Hosoe T, Itabashi T, Takizawa K, Yaguchi T, Kawai K.   A novofumigatamide, new cyclic tripeptide from Aspergillus novofumigatus.   Heterocycles   2010   81(9)   2143-2148     10.3987/COM-10-12005  
Pathogenic microorganisms   IFM 59075   46927   Nakadate S, Nozawa K, Horie H, Fujii Y, Yaguchi T   New type indole diterpene, eujindoles, from Eupenicillium javanicum.   Heterocycles   2010   83(2)   351-356     10.3987/COM-10-12094  
Pathogenic microorganisms   NA   47021   Tanaka N, Kubota T, Ishiyama H, Kashiwada Y, Takaishi Y, Ito J, Mikami Y, Shiro M, Kobayashi J.   Petiolins D and E phloroglucinol derivatives from Hypericum pseudopetiolatum var. kiusianum.   Heterocycles   2009   79   917-924     10.3987/COM-08-S(D)64  
Pathogenic microorganisms   IFM 5368, IFM 40213, IFM 40215   3159   Nakahara S, Kubo A, Mikami Y, Mitani H   Synthesis of arnoamine B and related compounds.   Heterocycles   2007   71   1801-1806     10.3987/COM-07-11074  
Pathogenic microorganisms   IFM 52672, IFM 52642   2936   Hosoe T, Fukushima K, Takizawa K, Itabashi T, Yoza K, and Kawai K   A new pyrrolidone-2,4-dione derivative, vermelhotin, isolated from unidentified fungus IFM 52642.   Heterocycles   2006   68   1949-1953      
Pathogenic microorganisms   NA   47066   Kubota T, Sunaura T, Morita H, Mikami Y, Hoshino T, Obata Y, Nakahata N, Kobayashi J.   Lycovatine A, a C16N-type quaternary alkaloid from Lycopodium clavatum var. robustum.   Heterocycles   2006   69(1)   469-474     10.3987/COM-06-S(O)21  
Pathogenic microorganisms   IFM 54704   3004   Nakadate S, Nozawa K, Horie H, Fujii Y, Nagai M, Komai S, Hosoe T, Kawai K, Yaguchi T, Fukushima K   New dioxomorpholine derivatives, javanicunine A and B, from Eupenicillium javanicum.   Heterocycles   2006   68   1969-1972      
Pathogenic microorganisms   ?   3005   Nakahara S, Kubo A, Mikami Y, Ito J   Synthesis of cribrostatin 6 and its related compounds.   Heterocycles   2006   68   515-520     10.3987/COM-06-10674  
Pathogenic microorganisms   IFM 53375   2661   Komai S, Hosoe, Itabashi T, Nozawa K, Yaguchi T, Fukushima K, Kawai K   New vermistatin derivatives isolated from Penicillium simplicissimum.   Heterocycles   2005   65   2771-2776      
Pathogenic microorganisms   IFM 40009, IFM 40215, IFM 41362, IFM 4139...   1094   Hosoe T., Fukushima K., Kawai K. et al.   The absolute structures of dihydroepiheveadride, as characteristic antifungal agent filamentous fungi, and its related compounds from unidentified fungus IFM 52672.   Heterocycles   2004   63   2581-2589      
Morning Glory   AK38   10836   Toki K, Saito N, Morita Y, Hoshino A, Iida S, Shigihara A, Honda T.   An acylated pelrgonidin 3-sophoroside from the pale-brownish red flowers of Ipomoea nil.   Heterocycles   2004   63   1449-1454      
Morning Glory   AK39   10837   Toki K, Saito N, Iida S, Hoshino A, Shigihara A, Honda T.   A novel acylated pelargonidin 3-sophoroside-5-glucoside from greyish-purple flowers of the Japanese Morning Glory (Pharbitis nil or Ipomoea nil).   Heterocycles   2001   55(12)   2261-2267      
Pathogenic microorganisms   IFM 5798, IFM 5801, IFM 40018, IFM 40213,...   31837   Kuroda J, Fukai T, Konishi M, Uno J, Kurusu K, Nomura T   LI-F antibiotics, a family of antifungal cyclic depsipeptides produced by Bacillus polymyxa L-1129   Heterocycles   2000   53(7)   1533-1549      
Pathogenic microorganisms   IFM 40727, IFM 40734, IFM 41395   31836   Fukai T, Takahashi C, Nomura T,Uno J, Arai T   Guanidolide A, a novel antibiotec produced by Sreptomyces hygroscopicus var. crystallogenes, the copiamycin source   Heterocycles   1988   27(10)   2333-2340      
Pathogenic microorganisms   IFM 50950   31835   Yamazaki M, Fujio H, Ohta Y, Iitaka Y, Itai A   A new toxic fungal metabolite, silvaticamide from Aspergillus silvaticus   Heterocycles   1981   15(2)   889-893      
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