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Algae   NIES-3377   30387   Takahara M, Takahashi H, Matsunaga S, Miyagishima S, Takano H, Sakai A, Kawano S, Kuroiwa T.   A putative mitochondrial ftsZ gene is present in the unicellular primitive red alga Cyanidioschyzon merolae.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   2000 -12 -29   264(4)   452-60   11129049    
Prokaryotes E. coli   IH89, IH79, IH69, IH70, IH97   30156   Narita S, Taketani S, Inokuchi H.   Oxidation of protoporphyrinogen IX in Escherichia coli is mediated by the aerobic coproporphyrinogen oxidase.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1999 -9 -15   261(6)   1012-20   10485293    
Morning Glory   AK9   10861   Takahashi S, Inagaki Y, Satoh H, Hoshino A, Iida S.   Capture of a genomic HMG domain sequence by the En/Spm-related transposable element Tpn1 in the Japanese morning glory.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1999 -5 -14   261(3)   447-51   10323224    
Prokaryotes E. coli   IH46   30152   Nakano H, Yamada Y, Ishikura H, Inokuchi H.   A mutation in the gene for trigger factor suppresses the defect in cell division in the divE42 mutant of Escherichia coli K12.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1998 -11 -26   260(1)   75-80   9829830    
Prokaryotes E. coli   IH78   30145   Nakayashiki T, Inokuchi H.   Effects of starvation for heme on the synthesis of porphyrins in Escherichia coli.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1997 -7 -1   255(4)   376-81   9267433    
Drosophila     31382   Nakayama S, Kaiser K, Aigaki T.   Ectopic expression of sex-peptide in a variety of tissues in Drosophila females using the P[GAL4] enhancer-trap system.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1997 -4 -28   254(4)   449-55   9180699    
Prokaryotes E. coli   ME7828, ME7927, ME7928, ME7816, ME7817...   30137   Yamanaka K, Ogura T, Niki H, Hiraga S.   Identification of two new genes, mukE and mukF, involved in chromosome partitioning in Escherichia coli.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1996 -2 -25   250(3)   241-51   8602138    
Prokaryotes E. coli   IH77   30110   Nakayashiki T, Nishimura K, Tanaka R, Inokuchi H.   Partial inhibition of protein synthesis accelerates the synthesis of porphyrin in heme-deficient mutants of Escherichia coli.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1995 -11 -15   249(2)   139-46   7500934    
Prokaryotes B. subtilis   MBS151, MBS152, MBS153, MBS163, MBS166   33588   Yoshida K, Miwa Y, Ohmori H, Fujita Y.   Analysis of an insertional operator mutation (gntOi) that affects the expression level of the Bacillus subtilis gnt operon, and characterization of gntOi suppressor mutations.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1995 -9 -20   248(5)   583-91   7476858    
Morning Glory   AK9   10857   Hoshino A, Inagaki Y, Iida S.   Structural analysis of Tpn1, a transposable element isolated from Japanese morning glory bearing variegated flowers.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1995 -4 -10   247(1)   114-7   7715598    
Prokaryotes E. coli   ME9476, ME9535, ME9517, ME9501, ME9494...   30127   Kogoma T, Barnard KG, Hong X.   RecA, Tus protein and constitutive stable DNA replication in Escherichia coli rnhA mutants.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1994 -9 -1   244(5)   557-62   8078483    
DNA material   PCCS7 (RDB01538)   49571   Noji M, Murakoshi I, Saito K.   Molecular cloning of a cysteine synthase cDNA from Citrullus vulgaris (watermelon) by genetic complementation in an Escherichia coli Cys- auxotroph.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1994 -7 -8   244(1)   57-66   8041362    
Prokaryotes E. coli   ME7964   29801   Kawasaki Y, Wada C, Yura T.   Roles of Escherichia coli heat shock proteins DnaK, DnaJ and GrpE in mini-F plasmid replication.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1990 -1 -1   220(2)   277-82   2183004    
Prokaryotes E. coli   ME9028   29805   Kato J, Nishimura Y, Suzuki H.   Escherichia coli parA is an allele of the gyrB gene.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1989 -5 -1   217(1)   178-81   2549366    
Prokaryotes E. coli   ME9286, ME9287, ME9288, ME9294, ME9289...   29811   Kogoma T, Kline BC.   Integrative suppression of dnaA(Ts) mutations mediated by plasmid F in Escherichia coli is a DnaA-dependent process.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1987 -12 -1   210(2)   262-9   2830456    
Prokaryotes E. coli   ME9244, ME9247, ME9248, ME9216, ME9210...   29810   Torrey TA, Kogoma T.   Genetic analysis of constitutive stable DNA replication in rnh mutants of Escherichia coli K12.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1987 -7 -1   208(3)   420-7   2823060    
Prokaryotes E. coli   ME7984, ME7942, ME7943, ME7942, ME7943...   29851   Yano R, Imai M, Yura T.   The use of operon fusions in studies of the heat-shock response: effects of altered sigma 32 on heat-shock promoter function in Escherichia coli.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1987 -4 -1   207(1)   24-8   3299002    
Algae     25739   Yamada, T. and Shimaji, M.   Splitting of the ribosomal RNA operon on chloroplast DNA from Chlorella ellipsoidea.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1987   208   377-383      
Prokaryotes E. coli   ME8395   29836   Dassa E, Boquet PL.   Identification of the gene appA for the acid phosphatase (pH optimum 2.5) of Escherichia coli.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1985 -1 -1   200(1)   68-73   2993816    
Prokaryotes E. coli   ME8574   29867   Enomoto M, Sakai A, Tominaga A.   Expression of an Escherichia coli flagellin gene, hag48, in the presence of a Salmonella H1-repressor.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1985 -1 -1   201(1)   133-5   3903432    
Prokaryotes E. coli   ME9199, ME9202, ME9204, ME9195, ME9235...   29835   Kogoma T, Subia NL, von Meyenburg K.   Function of ribonuclease H in initiation of DNA replication in Escherichia coli K-12.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1985 -1 -1   200(1)   103-9   2993805    
Prokaryotes E. coli   ME8447, ME8448, ME8451   29837   Nakayama K, Irino N, Nakayama H.   The recQ gene of Escherichia coli K12: molecular cloning and isolation of insertion mutants.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1985 -1 -1   200(2)   266-71   2993821    
Prokaryotes E. coli   ME8393, ME8394   29832   Ravi RS, Sozhamannan S, Dharmalingam K.   Transposon mutagenesis and genetic mapping of the rglA and rglB loci of Escherichia coli.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1985 -1 -1   198(3)   390-2   2989655    
Prokaryotes E. coli   ME8498, ME8499   30024   Albin R, Silverman PM.   Physical and genetic structure of the glpK-cpxA interval of the Escherichia coli K-12 chromosome.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1984 -1 -1   197(2)   261-71   6097795    
Pathogenic microorganisms   IFM 61936   32244   Gillum AM, Tsay EY, Kirsch DR.   Isolation of the Candida albicans gene for orotidine-5'-phosphate decarboxylase by complementation of S. cerevisiae ura3 and E. coli pyrF mutations.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1984 -1 -1   198(2)   179-82   6394964    
Prokaryotes E. coli   ME8313, ME8314, ME8409   30018   Horiuchi T, Maki H, Sekiguchi M.   RNase H-defective mutants of Escherichia coli: a possible discriminatory role of RNase H in initiation of DNA replication.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1984 -1 -1   195(1-2)   17-22   6092845    
Prokaryotes E. coli   ME8578, ME8579, ME8580, ME8581, ME8577   30091   Lloyd RG, Benson FE, Shurvinton CE.   Effect of ruv mutations on recombination and DNA repair in Escherichia coli K12.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1984 -1 -1   194(1-2)   303-9   6374379    
Prokaryotes E. coli   ME7810, ME7805, ME7809, ME7804   30037   Mori H, Ogura T, Hiraga S.   Prophage lambda induction caused by mini-F plasmid genes.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1984 -1 -1   196(2)   185-93   6238225    
Prokaryotes E. coli   ME9696, ME9697, ME9698, ME9699   34756   Ogawa T, Okazaki T.   Function of RNase H in DNA replication revealed by RNase H defective mutants of Escherichia coli.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1984 -1 -1   193(2)   231-7   6319961    
Prokaryotes E. coli   ME8575, ME8576   30070   Shurvinton CE, Lloyd RG, Benson FE, Attfield PV.   Genetic analysis and molecular cloning of the Escherichia coli ruv gene.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1984 -1 -1   194(1-2)   322-9   6328219    
Prokaryotes E. coli   ME7984, ME7942, ME7943, ME7942, ME7943...   30017   Tobe T, Ito K, Yura T.   Isolation and physical mapping of temperature-sensitive mutants defective in heat-shock induction of proteins in Escherichia coli.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1984 -1 -1   195(1-2)   10-6   6092838    
Prokaryotes E. coli   ME8264, ME8263, ME8261   30060   Boos W, Bantlow C, Benner D, Roller E.   cir, a gene conferring resistance to colicin I maps between mgl and fpk on the Escherichia coli chromosome.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1983 -1 -1   191(3)   401-6   6314091    
Prokaryotes E. coli   ME8286, ME8287, ME8288, ME8289   30061   Schweizer H, Boos W.   Transfer of the delta (argF-lac)U169 mutation between Escherichia coli strains by selection for a closely linked Tn10 insertion.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1983 -1 -1   192(1-2)   293-4   6316111    
Prokaryotes E. coli   ME6040   30084   Young KK, Edlin G.   Physical and genetical analysis of bacteriophage T4 generalized transduction.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1983 -1 -1   192(1-2)   241-6   6358795    
Prokaryotes E. coli   ME8687   30050   Henson JM, Blinkowa A, Walker JR.   The Escherichia coli dnaW mutation is an allele of the adk gene.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1982 -1 -1   186(4)   488-92   6290847    
Prokaryotes E. coli   ME9126, ME9113, ME9109, ME9111, ME9143...   30102   Torrey TA, Kogoma T.   Suppressor mutations (rin) that specifically suppress the recA+ dependence of stable DNA replication in Escherichia coliK-12.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1982 -1 -1   187(2)   225-30   6757658    
Prokaryotes E. coli   ME8590, ME8592, ME8591, ME8593   30043   Bitner RM, Kuempel PL.   P1 transduction map spanning the replication terminus of Escherichia coli K12.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1981 -1 -1   184(2)   208-12   6276692    
Prokaryotes E. coli   ME8262, ME8265   30044   Boos W, Steinacher I, Engelhardt-Altendorf D.   Mapping of mglB, the structural gene of the galactose-binding protein of Escherichia coli.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1981 -1 -1   184(3)   508-18   6278261    
Drosophila     33358   Mogami K, Hotta Y.   Isolation of Drosophila flightless mutants which affect myofibrillar proteins of indirect flight muscle.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1981 -1 -1   183(3)   409-17   6801424    
Prokaryotes E. coli   IH106, IH107   30098   Murakami A, Inokuchi H, Hirota Y, Ozeki H, Yamagishi H.   Characterization of dnaA gene carried by lambda transducing phage.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1980 -1 -1   180(2)   235-47   6450869    
Prokaryotes E. coli   ME8578, ME8579, ME8580, ME8581, ME8577   30039   Ream LW, Margossian L, Clark AJ, Hansen FG, von Meyenburg K.   Genetic and physical mapping of recF in Escherichia coli K-12.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1980 -1 -1   180(1)   115-21   6255290    
Prokaryotes E. coli   ME9100, ME9104, ME9101, ME9102, ME9105   29762   Kogoma T, Torrey TA, Connaughton MJ.   Induction of UV-resistant DNA replication in Escherichia coli: induced stable DNA replication as an SOS function.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1979 -10 -2   176(1)   1-9   396443    
Prokaryotes E. coli   pPM1inc15, pPM1inc9   33491   Meacock PA, Cohen SN.   Genetic analysis of the inter-relationship between plasmid replication and incompatibility.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1979 -7 -13   174(2)   135-47   386041    
Prokaryotes E. coli   ME8707, JE5509, JE5510, JE5505, JE5506...   29724   Suzuki H, Nishimura Y, Yasuda S, Nishimura A, Yamada M, Hirota Y.   Murein-lipoprotein of Escherichia coli: a protein involved in the stabilization of bacterial cell envelope.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1978 -11 -16   167(1)   1-9   105245    
Prokaryotes E. coli   pBEU17   33490   Uhlin BE, Nordström K.   A runaway-replication mutant of plasmid R1drd-19: temperature-dependent loss of copy number control.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1978 -10 -4   165(2)   167-79   366376    
Prokaryotes E. coli   ME6085   29752   Horiuchi T, Maki H, Sekiguchi M.   A new conditional lethal mutator (dnaQ49) in Escherichia coli K12.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1978 -7 -25   163(3)   277-83   355854    
Prokaryotes B. subtilis   MBS426, MBS460, MBS461, MBS462, MBS463...   48564   Matsumoto K, Takahashi H, Saito H, Ikeda Y.   Genetic defects in DNA repair system and enhancement of intergenote transformation efficiency in Bacillus subtilis Marburg.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1978 -7 -4   162(3)   229-35   98700    
Prokaryotes E. coli   JE6654   29750   von Meyenburg K, Hansen FG, Nielsin LD, Riise E.   Origin of replication, oriC, or the Escherichia coli chromosome on specialized transducing phages lambda asn.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1978 -4 -17   160(3)   287-95   353492    
Prokaryotes E. coli   ME8063   29730   Swenson PA, Joshi JG, Schenley RL.   Regulation of cessation of respiration and killing by cyclic 3',5'-adenosine monophosphate and its receptor protein after far-ultraviolet irradiation of Escherichia coli.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1978 -2 -16   159(2)   125-30   204860    
Prokaryotes E. coli   ME6228, ME6229   29740   Manis JJ, Kline BC.   Restriction endonuclease mapping and mutagenesis of the F sex factor replication region.   Mol. Gen. Genet.   1977 -4 -29   152(3)   175-82   327274    
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