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Arabidopsis / Cultured plant cells, genes   sja05800 sjw14100 sja25200 sjw12700   52749   Narusaka M, Iuchi S, Narusaka Y.   Analyses of natural variation indicates that the absence of RPS4/RRS1 and amino acid change in RPS4 cause loss of their functions and resistance to pathogens.   Plant Signal Behav   2017 -3 -10   12(3)   e1293218   28277970   10.1080/15592324.2017.1293218  
Morning Glory   DNA clones (InNHX1, InNHX2)   37116   Kasajima I, Sasaki K.   A chimeric repressor of petunia PH4 R2R3-MYB family transcription factor generates margined flowers in torenia.   Plant Signal Behav   2016 -4 -19   11(5)   e1177693   27089475   10.1080/15592324.2016.1177693  
Arabidopsis / Cultured plant cells, genes   pda13118   48790   Oh K, Matsumoto T, Hoshi T, Yoshizawa Y.   In vitro and in vivo evidence for the inhibition of brassinosteroid synthesis by propiconazole through interference with side chain hydroxylation.   Plant Signal Behav   2016 -3 -18   11(5)   e1158372   26987039   10.1080/15592324.2016.1158372  
Tomato     28744   Iwase A, Mitsuda N, Ikeuchi M, Ohnuma M, Koizuka C, Kawamoto K, Imamura J, Ezura H, Sugimoto K.   Arabidopsis WIND1 induces callus formation in rapeseed, tomato, and tobacco.   Plant Signal Behav   2014 -1 -7   8(12)   e27432   24389814   10.4161/psb.27432  
Lotus / Glycine   Lotus japonicus   30994   Suzuki W, Konishi M, Yanagisawa S.   The evolutionary events necessary for the emergence of symbiotic nitrogen fixation in legumes may involve a loss of nitrate responsiveness of the NIN transcription factor.   Plant Signal Behav   2013 -11 -26   8(10)     24270631   10.4161/psb.25975  
Arabidopsis / Cultured plant cells, genes   pst11030   30752   Qiu T, Chen Y, Li M, Kong Y, Zhu Y, Han N, Bian H, Zhu M, Wang J.   The tissue-specific and developmentally regulated expression patterns of the SAUR41 subfamily of small auxin up RNA genes: potential implications.   Plant Signal Behav   2013 -6 -14   8(8)     23759547   10.4161/psb.25283  
Rice   W1514,W1024,W1213,W1331   28168   Nosaka M, Ishiwata A, Shimizu-Sato S, Ono A, Ishimoto K, Noda Y, Sato Y.   The copy number of rice CACTA DNA transposons carrying MIR820 does not correlate with MIR820 expression.   Plant Signal Behav   2013 -6 -5   8(8)     23733074   10.4161/psb.25169  
Arabidopsis / Cultured plant cells, genes   sja26400   30747   Ariga H, Katori T, Yoshihara R, Hase Y, Nozawa S, Narumi I, Iuchi S, Kobayashi M, Tezuka K, Sakata Y, Hayashi T, Taji T.   Arabidopsis sos1 mutant in a salt-tolerant accession revealed an importance of salt acclimation ability in plant salt tolerance.   Plant Signal Behav   2013 -5 -10   8(7)   e24779   23656872   10.4161/psb.24779  
Tomato     27337   Nukumizu Y, Wada T, Tominaga-Wada R.   Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) homologs of TRIPTYCHON (SlTRY) and GLABRA3 (SlGL3) are involved in anthocyanin accumulation.   Plant Signal Behav   2013 -4 -23   8(7)   e24575   23603939   10.4161/psb.24575  
Arabidopsis / Cultured plant cells, genes   rpc00031   37120   Ueno Y, Yoshida R, Kishi-Kaboshi M, Matsushita A, Jiang CJ, Goto S, Takahashi A, Hirochika H, Takatsuji H.   MAP kinases phosphorylate rice WRKY45.   Plant Signal Behav   2013 -4 -23   8(6)   e24510   23603961   10.4161/psb.24510  
Tomato     27335   Narusaka M, Kubo Y, Hatakeyama K, Imamura J, Ezura H, Nanasato Y, Tabei Y, Takano Y, Shirasu K, Narusaka Y.   Breaking restricted taxonomic functionality by dual resistance genes.   Plant Signal Behav   2013 -3 -23   8(6)   e24244   23518587   10.4161/psb.24244  
Lotus / Glycine   Lotus japonicus   30976   Shigeyama T, Tominaga A, Arima S, Sakai T, Inada S, Jikumaru Y, Kamiya Y, Uchiumi T, Abe M, Hashiguchi M, Akashi R, Hirsch AM, Suzuki A.   Additional cause for reduced JA-Ile in the root of a Lotus japonicus phyB mutant.   Plant Signal Behav   2012 -7 -4   7(7)   746-8   22751318   10.4161/psb.20407  
Wheat   KU-2001, KU-2003, KU-2025, KU-9270, KU-2001...   25678   Takumi S, Mizuno N.   Low temperature-induced necrosis shows phenotypic plasticity in wheat triploid hybrids.   Plant Signal Behav   2011 -9 -8   6(10)   1431-3   21897130   10.4161/psb.6.10.17065  
Tomato     27321   Kato K, Maruyama S, Hirai T, Hiwasa-Tanase K, Mizoguchi T, Goto E, Ezura H.   A trial of production of the plant-derived high-value protein in a plant factory: photosynthetic photon fluxes affect the accumulation of recombinant miraculin in transgenic tomato fruits.   Plant Signal Behav   2011 -7 -28   6(8)   1172-9   21791976   10.4161/psb.6.8.16373  
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