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Drosophila   11266R-2,11266R-3   48862   Olesnicky EC, Bono JM, Bell L, Schachtner LT, Lybecker MC.   The RNA-binding protein caper is required for sensory neuron development in Drosophila melanogaster.   Dev. Dyn.   2017 -5 -26   246(8)   610-624   28543982   10.1002/dvdy.24523  
Drosophila     35108   Muñoz-Soriano V, Santos D, Durupt FC, Casani S, Paricio N.   Scabrous overexpression in the eye affects R3/R4 cell fate specification and inhibits notch signaling.   Dev. Dyn.   2015 -10 -28   245(2)   166-74   26505171   10.1002/dvdy.24362  
C.intestinalis / (O.japonicus)   Tg[MiCiVACHTK]5 , Tg[MiCiβ2TBK]2 , Tg[MiCiVGATK]1...   47715   Hozumi A, Horie T, Sasakura Y.   Neuronal map reveals the highly regionalized pattern of the juvenile central nervous system of the ascidian Ciona intestinalis.   Dev. Dyn.   2015 -8 -8   244(11)   1375-93   26250096   10.1002/dvdy.24317  
Medaka   MT331 (kyoho)   32724   Taimatsu K, Takubo K, Maruyama K, Suda T, Kudo A.   Proliferation following tetraploidization regulates the size and number of erythrocytes in the blood flow during medaka development, as revealed by the abnormal karyotype of erythrocytes in the medaka TFDP1 mutant.   Dev. Dyn.   2015 -2 -5   244(5)   651-68   25648602   10.1002/dvdy.24259  
C.intestinalis / (O.japonicus)   Wild C. int   32216   Nakamura J, Yoshida K, Sasakura Y, Fujiwara S.   Chondroitin 6-O-sulfotransferases are required for morphogenesis of the notochord in the ascidian embryo.   Dev. Dyn.   2014 -10 -10   243(12)   1637-45   25298188   10.1002/dvdy.24213  
C.intestinalis / (O.japonicus)   Wild C. int, Ciinte.Tg[pMi-Ciinte.EF1a>hCdt1(1/100)::mKO2;Ciinte.EF1a>CFP]1,...   31336   Kamiya C, Ohta N, Ogura Y, Yoshida K, Horie T, Kusakabe TG, Satake H, Sasakura Y.   Nonreproductive role of gonadotropin-releasing hormone in the control of ascidian metamorphosis.   Dev. Dyn.   2014 -8 -19   243(12)   1524-35   25130398   10.1002/dvdy.24176  
C.intestinalis / (O.japonicus)   Wild C. int, Tg[MiCiβ2TBK]2, Tg[MiCiPC2K]2,...   31346   Yokoyama TD, Hotta K, Oka K.   Comprehensive morphological analysis of individual peripheral neuron dendritic arbors in ascidian larvae using the photoconvertible protein Kaede.   Dev. Dyn.   2014 -7 -31   243(10)   1362-73   25073890   10.1002/dvdy.24169  
Medaka   OK-Cab (MT830), fosmid clone (GOLWF no 683_j24),...   36399   Ito K, Morioka M, Kimura S, Tasaki M, Inohaya K, Kudo A.   Differential reparative phenotypes between zebrafish and medaka after cardiac injury.   Dev. Dyn.   2014 -6 -21   243(9)   1106-15   24947076   10.1002/dvdy.24154  
C.elegans   tm724   45713   Cox-Paulson E, Cannataro V, Gallagher T, Hoffman C, Mantione G, Mcintosh M, Silva M, Vissichelli N, Walker R, Simske J, Ono S, Hoops H.   The minus-end actin capping protein, UNC-94/tropomodulin, regulates development of the Caenorhabditis elegans intestine.   Dev. Dyn.   2014 -3 -29   243(6)   753-64   24677443   10.1002/dvdy.24118  
Medaka   BAC, Cab, MT296   30617   Iida Y, Hibiya K, Inohaya K, Kudo A.   Eda/Edar signaling guides fin ray formation with preceding osteoblast differentiation, as revealed by analyses of the medaka all-fin less mutant afl.   Dev. Dyn.   2014 -3 -4   243(6)   765-77   24585696   10.1002/dvdy.24120  
Drosophila   DGRC#108921, DGRC#108145, DGRC#108138, DG...   32545   Mouri K, Nishino Y, Arata M, Shi D, Horiuchi SY, Uemura T.   A novel planar polarity gene pepsinogen-like regulates wingless expression in a posttranscriptional manner.   Dev. Dyn.   2014 -1 -10   243(6)   791-9   24403181   10.1002/dvdy.24112  
C.elegans   tm4519, tm5504   46243   Yee C, Florica R, Fillingham J, Killeen MT.   ENU-3 functions in an UNC-6/netrin dependent pathway parallel to UNC-40/DCC/frazzled for outgrowth and guidance of the touch receptor neurons in C. elegans.   Dev. Dyn.   2013 -10 -15   243(3)   459-67   24123761   10.1002/dvdy.24063  
C.intestinalis / (O.japonicus)   Wild C. int   32510   Nakazawa K, Yamazawa T, Moriyama Y, Ogura Y, Kawai N, Sasakura Y, Saiga H.   Formation of the digestive tract in Ciona intestinalis includes two distinct morphogenic processes between its anterior and posterior parts.   Dev. Dyn.   2013 -7 -3   242(10)   1172-83   23813578   10.1002/dvdy.24009  
Drosophila     21823   Geisbrecht ER, Sawant K, Su Y, Liu ZC, Silver DL, Burtscher A, Wang X, Zhu AJ, McDonald JA.   Genetic interaction screens identify a role for hedgehog signaling in Drosophila border cell migration.   Dev. Dyn.   2013 -1 -22   242(5)   414-31   23335293   10.1002/dvdy.23926  
C.intestinalis / (O.japonicus)   Tg[MiFr3dTPOCCiNutSB100x]1, Tg[MiFr3dTPOCCiNutS...   28127   Hozumi A, Mita K, Miskey C, Mates L, Izsvak Z, Ivics Z, Satake H, Sasakura Y.   Germline transgenesis of the chordate Ciona intestinalis with hyperactive variants of sleeping beauty transposable element.   Dev. Dyn.   2012 -10 -18   242(1)   30-43   23073965   10.1002/dvdy.23891  
Drosophila   7833R-1,7833R-3   21861   Herr A, Longworth M, Ji JY, Korenjak M, Macalpine DM, Dyson NJ.   Identification of E2F target genes that are rate limiting for dE2F1-dependent cell proliferation.   Dev. Dyn.   2012 -9 -14   241(11)   1695-707   22972499   10.1002/dvdy.23857  
Medaka   BAC, d-rR/TOKYO (MT837)   20956   Hildahl J, Sandvik GK, Lifjeld R, Hodne K, Nagahama Y, Haug TM, Okubo K, Weltzien FA.   Developmental tracing of luteinizing hormone β-subunit gene expression using green fluorescent protein transgenic medaka (Oryzias latipes) reveals a putative novel developmental function.   Dev. Dyn.   2012 -9 -14   241(11)   1665-77   22972610   10.1002/dvdy.23860  
Mice   Mesp1-cre (RBRC01145)   18091   Thompson H, Ohazama A, Sharpe PT, Tucker AS.   The origin of the stapes and relationship to the otic capsule and oval window.   Dev. Dyn.   2012 -7 -11   241(9)   1396-404   22778034   10.1002/dvdy.23831  
Mice   Mesp1-cre (RBRC01145)   17570   Rothova M, Thompson H, Lickert H, Tucker AS.   Lineage tracing of the endoderm during oral development.   Dev. Dyn.   2012 -5 -15   241(7)   1183-91   22581563   10.1002/dvdy.23804  
Drosophila   UAS-E-cadherin-GFP on the third chromosome   21973   Nakazawa N, Taniguchi K, Okumura T, Maeda R, Matsuno K.   A novel Cre/loxP system for mosaic gene expression in the Drosophila embryo.   Dev. Dyn.   2012 -3 -23   241(5)   965-74   22437963   10.1002/dvdy.23784  
Mice   Floxed RBP-J   16018   Liu Z, Owen T, Fang J, Srinivasan RS, Zuo J.   In vivo Notch reactivation in differentiating cochlear hair cells induces Sox2 and Prox1 expression but does not disrupt hair cell maturation.   Dev. Dyn.   2012 -2 -23   241(4)   684-96   22354878   10.1002/dvdy.23754  
Mice   Floxed RBP-J   15305   Mead TJ, Yutzey KE.   Notch pathway regulation of neural crest cell development in vivo.   Dev. Dyn.   2012 -1 -26   241(2)   376-89   22275227   10.1002/dvdy.23717  
C.elegans   tm1768   46317   Philogene MC, Small SG, Wang P, Corsi AK.   Distinct Caenorhabditis elegans HLH-8/twist-containing dimers function in the mesoderm.   Dev. Dyn.   2012 -1 -26   241(3)   481-92   22275075   10.1002/dvdy.23734  
Drosophila   NP5247(DGRC#104917)   15380   Kennell JA, Cadigan KM, Shakhmantsir I, Waldron EJ.   The microRNA miR-8 is a positive regulator of pigmentation and eclosion in Drosophila.   Dev. Dyn.   2011 -12 -17   241(1)   161-8   22174085   10.1002/dvdy.23705  
Drosophila   7904R-2   21911   Le VQ, Wharton KA.   Hyperactive BMP signaling induced by ALK2(R206H) requires type II receptor function in a Drosophila model for classic fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva.   Dev. Dyn.   2011 -12 -17   241(1)   200-14   22174087   10.1002/dvdy.22779  
Zebrafish   rw0 (Tg(CM-isl1:GFP))?   12148   Burroughs-Garcia J, Sittaramane V, Chandrasekhar A, Waters ST.   Evolutionarily conserved function of Gbx2 in anterior hindbrain development.   Dev. Dyn.   2011 -3 -2   240(4)   828-38   21360792   10.1002/dvdy.22589  
C.intestinalis / (O.japonicus)   O. japonicus   8391   Shibata TF, Oji T, Akasaka K, Agata K.   Staging of regeneration process of an arm of the feather star Oxycomanthus japonicus focusing on the oral-aboral boundary.   Dev. Dyn.   2010 -9 -25   239(11)   2947-61   20865783   10.1002/dvdy.22429  
Zebrafish   hspGGFF27A, UASGtuba2A,   12133   Asakawa K, Kawakami K.   A transgenic zebrafish for monitoring in vivo microtubule structures.   Dev. Dyn.   2010 -8 -26   239(10)   2695-9   20737511   10.1002/dvdy.22400  
Zebrafish   rw0130a(Tg (Huc:Kaede)), HGn39D?, hspGFF53A...   6334   Pujol-Martí J, Baudoin JP, Faucherre A, Kawakami K, López-Schier H.   Progressive neurogenesis defines lateralis somatotopy.   Dev. Dyn.   2010 -6 -16   239(7)   1919-30   20549716   10.1002/dvdy.22320  
Zebrafish   rw0130a(Tg (Huc:Kaede))   12126   Sato A, Koshida S, Takeda H.   Single-cell analysis of somatotopic map formation in the zebrafish lateral line system.   Dev. Dyn.   2010 -6 -16   239(7)   2058-65   20549741   10.1002/dvdy.22324  
Mice   Emx1-Cre Tg1   11837   Chen CM, Wang HY, You LR, Shang RL, Liu FC.   Expression analysis of an evolutionarily conserved metallophosphodiesterase gene, Mpped1, in the normal and beta-catenin-deficient malformed dorsal telencephalon.   Dev. Dyn.   2010 -5 -27   239(6)   1797-806   20503375   10.1002/dvdy.22293  
Zebrafish   rw013(Tg (zCREST1-hsp70:GFP))?   6235   Mapp OM, Wanner SJ, Rohrschneider MR, Prince VE.   Prickle1b mediates interpretation of migratory cues during zebrafish facial branchiomotor neuron migration.   Dev. Dyn.   2010 -5 -27   239(6)   1596-608   20503357   10.1002/dvdy.22283  
C.elegans   tm3056   46577   Chen L, Zhou S.   "CRASH"ing with the worm: insights into L1CAM functions and mechanisms.   Dev. Dyn.   2010 -3 -13   239(5)   1490-501   20225255   10.1002/dvdy.22269  
C.intestinalis / (O.japonicus)   Ju[SBFr3dTPORCiNutMiTP]1   7173   Hozumi A, Kawai N, Yoshida R, Ogura Y, Ohta N, Satake H, Satoh N, Sasakura Y.   Efficient transposition of a single Minos transposon copy in the genome of the ascidian Ciona intestinalis with a transgenic line expressing transposase in eggs.   Dev. Dyn.   2010 -2 -27   239(4)   1076-88   20186916   10.1002/dvdy.22254  
C.elegans   tm1898, tm1779   46603   Harrington AJ, Hamamichi S, Caldwell GA, Caldwell KA.   C. elegans as a model organism to investigate molecular pathways involved with Parkinson's disease.   Dev. Dyn.   2010 -1 -29   239(5)   1282-95   20108318   10.1002/dvdy.22231  
Zebrafish   rw0(Tg(CM-isl1:GFP))   6236   Shi X, Teo LS, Pan X, Chong SW, Kraut R, Korzh V, Wohland T.   Probing events with single molecule sensitivity in zebrafish and Drosophila embryos by fluorescence correlation spectroscopy.   Dev. Dyn.   2009 -11 -3   238(12)   3156-67   19882725   10.1002/dvdy.22140  
Medaka   OK-Cab (MT830)   5837   Nakamura S, Kurokawa H, Asakawa S, Shimizu N, Tanaka M.   Two distinct types of theca cells in the medaka gonad: germ cell-dependent maintenance of cyp19a1-expressing theca cells.   Dev. Dyn.   2009 -8 -26   238(10)   2652-7   19705448   10.1002/dvdy.22068  
C.elegans   tm1896   6311   Altun ZF, Chen B, Wang ZW, Hall DH.   High resolution map of Caenorhabditis elegans gap junction proteins.   Dev. Dyn.   2009 -7 -22   238(8)   1936-50   19621339   10.1002/dvdy.22025  
Zebrafish   ?   5590   Chen YC, Cheng CH, Chen GD, Hung CC, Yang CH, Hwang SP, Kawakami K, Wu BK, Huang CJ.   Recapitulation of zebrafish sncga expression pattern and labeling the habenular complex in transgenic zebrafish using green fluorescent protein reporter gene.   Dev. Dyn.   2009 -2 -25   238(3)   746-54   19235732   10.1002/dvdy.21877  
Medaka   database, osx:mCherry (TG1134), osc:eGFP (TG1133...   15491   Renn J, Winkler C.   Osterix-mCherry transgenic medaka for in vivo imaging of bone formation.   Dev. Dyn.   2008 -12 -20   238(1)   241-8   19097055   10.1002/dvdy.21836  
C.elegans   tm1045, tm2164   4232   Gravato-Nobre MJ, Hodgkin J.   The acyltransferase gene bus-1 exhibits conserved and specific expression in nematode rectal cells and reveals pathogen-induced cell swelling.   Dev. Dyn.   2008 -11 -28   237(12)   3762-76   19035336   10.1002/dvdy.21792  
Zebrafish   rw0 (Tg(CM-isl1:GFP))   5607   Wada H, Hamaguchi S, Sakaizumi M.   Development of diverse lateral line patterns on the teleost caudal fin.   Dev. Dyn.   2008 -9 -26   237(10)   2889-902   18816847   10.1002/dvdy.21710  
Zebrafish   Tg(isl1:GFP)rw0   5603   Punnamoottil B, Kikuta H, Pezeron G, Erceg J, Becker TS, Rinkwitz S.   Enhancer detection in zebrafish permits the identification of neuronal subtypes that express Hox4 paralogs.   Dev. Dyn.   2008 -7 -16   237(8)   2195-208   18627100   10.1002/dvdy.21618  
Human and Animal Cells     43267   Phornphutkul C, Wu KY, Auyeung V, Chen Q, Gruppuso PA.   mTOR signaling contributes to chondrocyte differentiation.   Dev. Dyn.   2008 -2 -12   237(3)   702-12   18265001   10.1002/dvdy.21464  
Medaka   database, cDNA (MF01SSA162C06)   4418   Aoki Y, Nagao I, Saito D, Ebe Y, Kinjo M, Tanaka M.   Temporal and spatial localization of three germline-specific proteins in medaka.   Dev. Dyn.   2008 -1 -29   237(3)   800-7   18224712   10.1002/dvdy.21448  
Tropical clawed frog     4100   Kurosaka H, Takano-Yamamoto T, Yamashiro T, Agata K.   Comparison of molecular and cellular events during lower jaw regeneration of newt (Cynops pyrrhogaster) and West African clawed frog (Xenopus tropicalis).   Dev. Dyn.   2007 -12 -28   237(2)   354-65   18161063   10.1002/dvdy.21419  
Zebrafish   rw0 (Tg(CM-isl1:GFP))   6257   Rieger S, Volkmann K, Köster RW.   Polysialyltransferase expression is linked to neuronal migration in the developing and adult zebrafish.   Dev. Dyn.   2007 -12 -21   237(1)   276-85   18095350   10.1002/dvdy.21410  
Zebrafish   rw0 (Tg(CM-isl1:GFP))   4120   Gribble SL, Nikolaus OB, Dorsky RI.   Regulation and function of Dbx genes in the zebrafish spinal cord.   Dev. Dyn.   2007 -11 -13   236(12)   3472-83   17994542   10.1002/dvdy.21367  
C.intestinalis / (O.japonicus)   Ju[SBFr3dTPORCiprmMiTP]3 Ju[SBFr3dTPORCiprmMiTP]2...   3932   Sasakura Y, Konno A, Mizuno K, Satoh N, Inaba K.   Enhancer detection in the ascidian Ciona intestinalis with transposase-expressing lines of Minos.   Dev. Dyn.   2007 -10 -20   237(1)   39-50   17948255   10.1002/dvdy.21333  
Zebrafish   rw015d (Tg (hsp70:slit2-GFP))   12093   Hardy ME, Ross LV, Chien CB.   Focal gene misexpression in zebrafish embryos induced by local heat shock using a modified soldering iron.   Dev. Dyn.   2007 -10 -2   236(11)   3071-6   17907198   10.1002/dvdy.21318  
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