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Human and Animal Cells   293T(RCB2202)   52664   Mochimaru Y, Negishi J, Murakami S, Musha S, Sato K, Okajima F, Tomura H.   Metals Differentially Activate Ovarian Cancer G Protein-Coupled Receptor 1 in Various Species.   Zool. Sci.   2018 -4 -7   35(2)   109-114   29623784   10.2108/zs170145  
General Microbes   JCM 5491, JCM 2874, JCM 2152, JCM 2085   51173   Ogawa D, Mochitate M, Furukawa M, Hasunuma I, Kobayashi T, Kikuyama S, Iwamuro S.   Molecular Cloning and Functional Characterization of Antimicrobial Peptides Brevinin-1ULf and Ulmin-1ULa in the Skin of the Newly Classified Ryukyu Brown Frog Rana ulma.   Zool. Sci.   2017 -12 -9   34(6)   523-531   29219046   10.2108/zs170084  
Tropical clawed frog   Xenopus tropicalis   50046   Nakai Y, Nakajima K, Yaoita Y.   An Inhibitor of Thyroid Hormone Synthesis Protects Tail Skin Grafts Transplanted to Syngenic Adult Frogs.   Zool. Sci.   2017 -10 -11   34(5)   414-418   28990472   10.2108/zs170011  
Tropical clawed frog   Xenopus tropicalis   52706   Nakai Y, Nakajima K, Yaoita Y.   An Inhibitor of Thyroid Hormone Synthesis Protects Tail Skin Grafts Transplanted to Syngenic Adult Frogs.   Zool. Sci.   2017 -10 -11   34(5)   414-418   28990472   10.2108/zs170011  
Drosophila   7216R-2,7216R-3,17707R-2,17707R-3,11567R-1...   47295   Minami R, Sato C, Yamahama Y, Kubo H, Hariyama T, Kimura KI.   An RNAi Screen for Genes Involved in Nanoscale Protrusion Formation on Corneal Lens in Drosophila melanogaster.   Zool. Sci.   2016 -12 -9   33(6)   583-591   27927092   10.2108/zs160105  
Tropical clawed frog   X. tropicalis   47748   Yoshida H, Okada M, Takebayashi-Suzuki K, Ueno N, Suzuki A.   Involvement of JunB Proto-Oncogene in Tail Formation During Early Xenopus Embryogenesis.   Zool. Sci.   2016 -6 -9   33(3)   282-9   27268982   10.2108/zs150136  
Medaka   Kaga(IB833), Hd-rR(IB178), HNI-II(IB176), HO4C(...   36394   Takehana Y, Sakai M, Narita T, Sato T, Naruse K, Sakaizumi M.   Origin of Boundary Populations in Medaka (Oryzias latipes Species Complex).   Zool. Sci.   2016 -4 -2   33(2)   125-31   27032677   10.2108/zs150144  
Human and Animal Cells   293T(RCB2202)   51627   Hagiwara A, Ogiwara K, Takahashi T.   Expression of Membrane Progestin Receptors (mPRs) in Granulosa Cells of Medaka Preovulatory Follicles.   Zool. Sci.   2016 -2   33(1)   98-105   26853875   10.2108/zs150093  
Drosophila     36291   Cornette R, Gusev O, Nakahara Y, Shimura S, Kikawada T, Okuda T.   Chironomid midges (Diptera, chironomidae) show extremely small genome sizes.   Zool. Sci.   2015 -5 -26   32(3)   248-54   26003979   10.2108/zs140166  
C.intestinalis / (O.japonicus)   Wild C. int   32267   Oonuma K, Hirose D, Takatori N, Saiga H.   Analysis of the Transcription Regulatory Mechanism of Otx During the Development of the Sensory Vesicle in Ciona intestinalis.   Zool. Sci.   2014 -9 -5   31(9)   565-72   25186927   10.2108/zs140060  
Tropical clawed frog   Nigerian H line   31791   Takeuchi T, Kubo Y, Okano K, Okano T.   Identification and characterization of cryptochrome4 in the ovary of western clawed frog Xenopus tropicalis.   Zool. Sci.   2014 -3 -8   31(3)   152-9   24601777   10.2108/zsj.31.152  
Drosophila     28881   Chen CC, Watada M, Miyake H, Katoh TK, Sun Z, Li YF, Ritchie MG, Wen SY.   Courtship patterns in the Drosophila montium species subgroup: repeated loss of precopulatory courtship?   Zool. Sci.   2013 -12 -11   30(12)   1056-62   24320184   10.2108/zsj.30.1056  
Medaka   hatching enzyme, cDNA   30605   Kato Y, Kusakabe R, Inoue K, Tochinai S.   MiR-124 is involved in post-transcriptional regulation of Polypyrimidine tract binding protein 1 (PTBP1) during neural development in the medaka, Oryzias latipes.   Zool. Sci.   2013 -11 -10   30(11)   891-900   24199853   10.2108/zsj.30.891  
Tropical clawed frog   Ivory Coast line   31785   Nakajima K, Nakai Y, Okada M, Yaoita Y.   Targeted gene disruption in the Xenopus tropicalis genome using designed TALE nucleases.   Zool. Sci.   2013 -6 -1   30(6)   455-60   23721469   10.2108/zsj.30.455  
C.intestinalis / (O.japonicus)   Wild C. int   21798   Katsumoto S, Hatta K, Nakagawa M.   Brief hypo-osmotic shock causes test cell death, prevents neurula rotation, and disrupts left-right asymmetry in Ciona intestinalis.   Zool. Sci.   2013 -5 -8   30(5)   352-9   23646939   10.2108/zsj.30.352  
Human and Animal Cells     44336   Konishi Y, Iwamuro S, Hasunuma I, Kobayashi T, Kikuyama S.   Molecular cloning and multifunctional characterization of host defense peptides from the bullfrog Harderian gland with special reference to catesbeianalectin.   Zool. Sci.   2013 -3 -14   30(3)   185-91   23480378   10.2108/zsj.30.185  
Tropical clawed frog   Ivory Coast line   31786   Okada M, Tazawa I, Nakajima K, Yaoita Y.   Expression of the amelogenin gene in the skin of Xenopus tropicalis.   Zool. Sci.   2013 -3 -14   30(3)   154-9   23480373   10.2108/zsj.30.154  
DNA material   MSM Mouse BAC (RDB04214) MSMg01-471G06, MSMg01-400O15,...   21541   Yamagishi M, Matsubara K, Sakaizumi M.   Molecular cytogenetic identification and characterization of Robertsonian chromosomes in the large Japanese field mouse (Apodemus speciosus) using FISH.   Zool. Sci.   2012 -10 -4   29(10)   709-13   23030344   10.2108/zsj.29.709  
Silkworms     22773   Roy A, Shimizu S, Kiya T, Mita K, Iwami M.   Identification of 20-hydroxyecdysone-inducible genes from larval brain of the silkworm, Bombyx mori, and their expression analysis.   Zool. Sci.   2012 -5 -9   29(5)   333-9   22559968   10.2108/zsj.29.333  
C.intestinalis / (O.japonicus)   Mu[MiTSAdTPOG]8, EJ[MiTSAdTPOG]123, EJ[MiTSAd...   19674   Yoshida R, Sasakura Y.   Establishment of enhancer detection lines expressing GFP in the gut of the ascidian Ciona intestinalis.   Zool. Sci.   2012 -1 -12   29(1)   11-20   22233491   10.2108/zsj.29.11  
Human and Animal Cells   XTC-YF (RCB0771)   18577   Fuchigami T, Matsuzaki T, Ihara S.   Possible roles of ENaC and Cl(-) channel in wound closure in Xenopus laevis embryos.   Zool. Sci.   2011 -10 -5   28(10)   703-11   21967216   10.2108/zsj.28.703  
Silkworms     22774   Aslam AF, Kiya T, Mita K, Iwami M.   Identification of novel bombyxin genes from the genome of the silkmoth Bombyx mori and analysis of their expression.   Zool. Sci.   2011 -8 -2   28(8)   609-16   21801003   10.2108/zsj.28.609  
General Microbes   JCM 2874, JCM 5491   17428   Koyama T, Conlon JM, Iwamuro S.   Molecular cloning and characterization of cDNAs encoding biosynthetic precursors for the antimicrobial peptides japonicin-1Ja, japonicin-2Ja, and temporin-1Ja in the Japanese brown frog, Rana japonica.   Zool. Sci.   2011 -5 -12   28(5)   339-47   21557657   10.2108/zsj.28.339  
Drosophila     11703   Imafuku M, Haramura T.   Activity rhythm of Drosophila kept in complete darkness for 1300 generations.   Zool. Sci.   2011 -3 -10   28(3)   195-8   21385060   10.2108/zsj.28.195  
C.intestinalis / (O.japonicus)   E[MiTSAdTPOG]10, EJ[MiTSAdTPOG]62   7174   Ohta N, Horie T, Satoh N, Sasakura Y.   Transposon-mediated enhancer detection reveals the location, morphology and development of the cupular organs, which are putative hydrodynamic sensors, in the ascidian Ciona intestinalis.   Zool. Sci.   2010 -11 -3   27(11)   842-50   21039122   10.2108/zsj.27.842  
Drosophila   4637R-1,4637R-2,2125R-1,2125R-2,9885R-1...   21892   Sato T, Ogata J, Niki Y.   BMP and Hh signaling affects primordial germ cell division in Drosophila.   Zool. Sci.   2010 -10 -5   27(10)   804-10   20887178   10.2108/zsj.27.804  
Drosophila     11684   Sawamura K, Kamiya K, Sato H, Tomimura Y, Matsuda M, Oguma Y.   Evolutionary relationships in the Drosophila ananassae species cluster based on introns of multiple nuclear loci.   Zool. Sci.   2010 -4 -10   27(4)   303-12   20377348   10.2108/zsj.27.303  
C.intestinalis / (O.japonicus)   Wild C. int   19682   Horie T, Nakagawa M, Sasakura Y, Kusakabe TG, Tsuda M.   Simple motor system of the ascidian larva: neuronal complex comprising putative cholinergic and GABAergic/glycinergic neurons.   Zool. Sci.   2010 -2 -10   27(2)   181-90   20141423   10.2108/zsj.27.181  
C.intestinalis / (O.japonicus)   Wild C. int   19683   Islam AF, Moly PK, Miyamoto Y, Kusakabe TG.   Distinctive expression patterns of Hedgehog pathway genes in the Ciona intestinalis larva: implications for a role of Hedgehog signaling in postembryonic development and chordate evolution.   Zool. Sci.   2010 -2 -10   27(2)   84-90   20141412   10.2108/zsj.27.84  
C.intestinalis / (O.japonicus)   Wild C.int?   4854   Kawada T, Sekiguchi T, Sakai T, Aoyama M, Satake H.   Neuropeptides, hormone peptides, and their receptors in Ciona intestinalis: an update.   Zool. Sci.   2010 -2 -10   27(2)   134-53   20141419   10.2108/zsj.27.134  
C.intestinalis / (O.japonicus)   Wild C.int?   4849   Mita K, Koyanagi R, Azumi K, Sabau SV, Fujiwara S.   Identification of genes downstream of nodal in the Ciona intestinalis embryo.   Zool. Sci.   2010 -2 -10   27(2)   69-75   20141410   10.2108/zsj.27.69  
C.intestinalis / (O.japonicus)   ?   4855   Satake H, Sasaki N.   Comparative overview of toll-like receptors in lower animals.   Zool. Sci.   2010 -2 -10   27(2)   154-61   20141420   10.2108/zsj.27.154  
C.intestinalis / (O.japonicus)   Wild C. int   19684   Shimai K, Kitaura Y, Tamari Y, Nishikata T.   Upstream regulatory sequences required for specific gene expression in the ascidian neural tube.   Zool. Sci.   2010 -2 -10   27(2)   76-83   20141411   10.2108/zsj.27.76  
Human and Animal Cells     37864   Takano N, Kimura A, Takahashi T.   Two distinct localization patterns of testis-specific serine protease 1 (TESSP1) in the seminiferous tubules of the mouse testis.   Zool. Sci.   2009 -10 -6   26(4)   294-300   19798924   10.2108/zsj.26.294  
Medaka   BAC clone   30657   Aoki Y, Nakamura S, Ishikawa Y, Tanaka M.   Expression and syntenic analyses of four nanos genes in medaka.   Zool. Sci.   2009 -4 -4   26(2)   112-8   19341327   10.2108/zsj.26.112  
Silkworms   NA   11285   Shibata F, Sahara K, Naito Y, Yasukochi Y.   Reprobing multicolor FISH preparations in lepidopteran chromosome.   Zool. Sci.   2009 -4 -4   26(3)   187-90   19341338   10.2108/zsj.26.187  
Medaka   Tg(CMV-H2B-GFP) (TG849)   5964   Iwai T, Inoue S, Kotani T, Yamashita M.   Production of transgenic medaka fish carrying fluorescent nuclei and chromosomes.   Zool. Sci.   2009 -3 -10   26(1)   9-16   19267607   10.2108/zsj.26.9  
C.intestinalis / (O.japonicus)   O. japonicus   4864   Shibata TF, Sato A, Oji T, Akasaka K.   Development and growth of the feather star Oxycomanthus japonicus to sexual maturity.   Zool. Sci.   2009 -3 -10   25(11)   1075-83   19267619   10.2108/zsj.25.1075  
Silkworms   NA   11315   Ito Y, Yasuda A, Sonobe H.   Synthesis and phosphorylation of ecdysteroids during ovarian development in the silkworm, Bombyx mori.   Zool. Sci.   2008 -10 -3   25(7)   721-7   18828659   10.2108/zsj.25.721  
Silkworms   NA   4715   Mitsumasu K, Azuma M, Niimi T, Yamashita O, Yaginuma T.   Changes in the expression of soluble and integral-membrane trehalases in the midgut during metamorphosis in Bombyx mori.   Zool. Sci.   2008 -10 -3   25(7)   693-8   18828655   10.2108/zsj.25.693  
Drosophila     5664   Ryuda M, Shimada K, Koyanagi R, Azumi K, Tanimura T, Hayakawa Y.   Analysis of hunger-driven gene expression in the Drosophila melanogaster larval central nervous system.   Zool. Sci.   2008 -10 -3   25(7)   746-52   18828662   10.2108/zsj.25.746  
Human and Animal Cells, General Microbes   JCM2874, JCM5491   3886   Koyama T, Iwamuro S.   Molecular cloning of a cDNA encoding atypical antimicrobial and cytotoxic Brevinin-1Ja from the skin of the Japanese brown frog, Rana japonica.   Zool. Sci.   2008 -6 -19   25(5)   487-91   18558801   10.2108/zsj.25.487  
Silkworms   NA   11242   Yamagata T, Sakurai T, Uchino K, Sezutsu H, Tamura T, Kanzaki R.   GFP labeling of neurosecretory cells with the GAL4/UAS system in the silkmoth brain enables selective intracellular staining of neurons.   Zool. Sci.   2008 -6 -19   25(5)   509-16   18558804   10.2108/zsj.25.509  
Human and Animal Cells     39626   Akimoto K, Takaoka T, Sorimachi K.   Development of a Simple Culture Method for the Tissues Contaminated with Microorganisms and Application to Establishment of a Fish Cell line.   Zool. Sci.   2008 -5 -23   17(1)   61-3   18494573   10.2108/zsj.17.61  
Human and Animal Cells     39253   Matsui H, Ohnishi J, Takahashi T.   Proteolytic activation of tissue-type plasminogen activator by the culture media of mouse cancer cells.   Zool. Sci.   2008 -5 -9   15(4)   499-505   18462028   10.2108/0289-0003(1998)15[499:PAOTPA]2.0.CO;2  
Silkworms     22817   Matsuda Y, Sahara K, Yasukochi Y, Yamashiki N.   Detection of gamma-tubulin in spermatogonial cells of Bombyx mori (Lepidoptera) and Chortophaga viridifasciata (Orthoptera).   Zool. Sci.   2008 -1 -26   24(8)   781-6   18217484   10.2108/zsj.24.781  
Medaka   database   2858   Maruyama K, Ishikawa Y, Yasumasu S, Iuchi I.   Globin gene enhancer activity of a DNase-I hypersensitive site-40 homolog in medaka, Oryzias latipes.   Zool. Sci.   2007 -12 -20   24(10)   997-1004   18088176   10.2108/zsj.24.997  
Medaka   folicless (MT146), orange-red variety   2876   Sekimizu K, Tagawa M, Takeda H.   Defective fin regeneration in medaka fish (Oryzias latipes) with hypothyroidism.   Zool. Sci.   2007 -9 -11   24(7)   693-9   17824777   10.2108/zsj.24.693  
Human and Animal Cells     42668   Kawakami Y, Seoka M, Miyashita S, Kumai H, Ohta H.   Characterization of transthyretin in the Pacific bluefin tuna, Thunnus orientalis.   Zool. Sci.   2006 -6 -13   23(5)   443-8   16766863   10.2108/zsj.23.443  
Medaka   HNI-II (IB176), HdrR-II1(IB178)   269   Sato T, Endo T, Yamahira K, Hamaguchi S, Sakaizumi M.   Induction of female-to-male sex reversal by high temperature treatment in Medaka, Oryzias latipes.   Zool. Sci.   2005 -10 -13   22(9)   985-8   16219978   10.2108/zsj.22.985  
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