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Species Resource name RRC ID Author Title Journal Published Volume Pages Pubmed ID DOI
DNA material   pUC18-HTK (with promoter) (RDB03436); Thermus the...   49277   Taniguchi H, Sungwallek S, Chotchuang P, Okano K, Honda K.   A Key Enzyme of the NAD(+) Salvage Pathway in Thermus thermophilus: Characterization of Nicotinamidase and the Impact of Its Gene Deletion at High Temperatures.   J. Bacteriol.   2017 -6 -21   199(17)     28630126   10.1128/JB.00359-17  
Prokaryotes B. subtilis   MBS433, MBS434, MBS435, MBS436, MBS437...   48567   Nishibori A, Kusaka J, Hara H, Umeda M, Matsumoto K.   Phosphatidylethanolamine domains and localization of phospholipid synthases in Bacillus subtilis membranes.   J. Bacteriol.   2005 -3 -4   187(6)   2163-74   15743965   10.1128/JB.187.6.2163-2174.2005  
Prokaryotes B. subtilis   MBS427, MBS428, MBS429, MBS430   48566   Kawai F, Shoda M, Harashima R, Sadaie Y, Hara H, Matsumoto K.   Cardiolipin domains in Bacillus subtilis marburg membranes.   J. Bacteriol.   2004 -2 -20   186(5)   1475-83   14973018    
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