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Pubmed ID 11171319  
RRC ID 30440 
Author Oda H, Tsukita S. 
Title Real-time imaging of cell-cell adherens junctions reveals that Drosophila mesoderm invagination begins with two phases of apical constriction of cells. 
Journal J. Cell. Sci. 
Published 2001-2-15 
Volume 114(Pt 3) 
Pages 493-501 
Cadherins / metabolism
Cell Adhesion*
Drosophila melanogaster / embryology*
Drosophila melanogaster / genetics
Gap Junctions*
Green Fluorescent Proteins
Luminescent Proteins / metabolism
Mesoderm / cytology*
Mesoderm / metabolism
Ubiquitins / metabolism
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Species Drosophila 
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