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Pubmed ID 23705883  
RRC ID 29339 
Author Spring S, Riedel T, Spröer C, Yan S, Harder J, Fuchs BM. 
Title Taxonomy and evolution of bacteriochlorophyll a-containing members of the OM60/NOR5 clade of marine gammaproteobacteria: description of Luminiphilus syltensis gen. nov., sp. nov., reclassification of Haliea rubra as Pseudohaliea rubra gen. nov., comb. nov., and emendation of Chromatocurvus halotolerans. 
Journal BMC Microbiol. 
Published 2013-5-28 
Volume 13 
Pages 118 
DOI 10.1186/1471-2180-13-118   
PII 1471-2180-13-118 
Aquatic Organisms / chemistry
Aquatic Organisms / classification*
Aquatic Organisms / genetics*
Aquatic Organisms / isolation & purification
Bacteriochlorophyll A / analysis*
Cluster Analysis
DNA, Bacterial / chemistry
DNA, Bacterial / genetics
DNA, Ribosomal / chemistry
DNA, Ribosomal / genetics
Gammaproteobacteria / chemistry
Gammaproteobacteria / classification*
Gammaproteobacteria / genetics*
Gammaproteobacteria / isolation & purification
Genetic Variation
Metabolic Networks and Pathways / genetics
Molecular Sequence Data
North Sea
RNA, Ribosomal, 16S / genetics
Seawater / microbiology*
Sequence Analysis, DNA
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Species General Microbes 
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