RRC ID 35394
Author Gray AN, Henderson-Frost JM, Boyd D, Sharafi S, Niki H, Goldberg MB.
Title Unbalanced charge distribution as a determinant for dependence of a subset of Escherichia coli membrane proteins on the membrane insertase YidC.
Journal MBio
Abstract UNLABELLED:Membrane proteins are involved in numerous essential cell processes, including transport, gene regulation, motility, and metabolism. To function properly, they must be inserted into the membrane and folded correctly. YidC, an essential protein in Escherichia coli with homologues in other bacteria, Archaea, mitochondria, and chloroplasts, functions by incompletely understood mechanisms in the insertion and folding of certain membrane proteins. Using a genome-scale approach, we identified 69 E. coli membrane proteins that, in the absence of YidC, exhibited aberrant localization by microscopy. Further examination of a subset revealed biochemical defects in membrane insertion in the absence of YidC, indicating their dependence on YidC for proper membrane insertion or folding. Membrane proteins possessing an unfavorable distribution of positively charged residues were significantly more likely to depend on YidC for membrane insertion. Correcting the charge distribution of a charge-unbalanced YidC-dependent membrane protein abrogated its requirement for YidC, while perturbing the charge distribution of a charge-balanced YidC-independent membrane protein rendered it YidC dependent, demonstrating that charge distribution can be a necessary and sufficient determinant of YidC dependence. These findings provide insights into a mechanism by which YidC promotes proper membrane protein biogenesis and suggest a critical function of YidC in all organisms and organelles that express it.
IMPORTANCE:Biological membranes are fundamental components of cells, providing barriers that enclose the cell and separate compartments. Proteins inserted into biological membranes serve critical functions in molecular transport, molecular partitioning, and other essential cell processes. The mechanisms involved in the insertion of proteins into membranes, however, are incompletely understood. The YidC protein is critical for the insertion of a subset of proteins into membranes across an evolutionarily wide group of organisms. Here we identify a large group of proteins that depend on YidC for membrane insertion in Escherichia coli, and we identify unfavorable distribution of charge as an important determinant of YidC dependence for proper membrane insertion.
Volume 2(6)
Published 2011
DOI 10.1128/mBio.00238-11
PII mBio.00238-11
PMID 22108384
PMC PMC3225971
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