RRC ID 46481
Author Zhuang JJ, Hunter CP.
Title The Influence of Competition Among C. elegans Small RNA Pathways on Development.
Journal Genes (Basel)
Abstract , some small RNA pathways compete for access to common limiting resources. The strongest evidence supporting this model is that disrupting the production or stability of endogenous short interfering RNAs (endo-siRNAs) enhances sensitivity to experimentally induced exogenous RNA interference (exo-RNAi). Here, we examine the relationship between the endo-siRNA and microRNA (miRNA) pathways, and find that, consistent with competition among these endogenous small RNA pathways, endo-siRNA pathway mutants may enhance miRNA efficacy. Furthermore, we show that exo-RNAi may also compete with both endo-siRNAs and miRNAs. Our data thus provide support that all known Dicer-dependent small RNA pathways may compete for limiting common resources. Finally, we observed that both endo-siRNA mutants and animals experiencing exo-RNAi have increased expression of miRNA-regulated stage-specific developmental genes. These observations suggest that perturbing the small RNA flux and/or the induction of exo-RNAi, even in wild-type animals, may impact development via effects on the endo-RNAi and microRNA pathways.
Volume 3(4)
Published 2012-10-19
DOI 10.3390/genes3040671
PMID 23483754
PMC PMC3592204
IF 3.191
C.elegans tm1917