RRC ID 50596
Author Kim S, Song I, Eom G, Kim S.
Title A Small Periplasmic Protein with a Hydrophobic C-Terminal Residue Enhances DegP Proteolysis as a Suicide Activator.
Journal J. Bacteriol.
Abstract activation of DegP promotes efficient degradation of misfolded proteins. Our results suggest that YjfN is a novel "suicide activator" for DegP that enhances DegP proteolysis under misfolded protein stress.
Volume 200(3)
Published 2018-2-1
DOI 10.1128/JB.00519-17
PII JB.00519-17
PMID 28947671
PMC PMC5763042
MeSH Bacterial Outer Membrane Proteins / metabolism Escherichia coli / genetics Escherichia coli / metabolism* Escherichia coli Proteins / genetics Escherichia coli Proteins / metabolism* Heat-Shock Proteins / genetics Heat-Shock Proteins / metabolism* Periplasmic Proteins / genetics* Periplasmic Proteins / metabolism Protein Binding Proteolysis Serine Endopeptidases / genetics Serine Endopeptidases / metabolism*
IF 3.219
Prokaryotes E. coli