RRC ID 58219
Author Tsunekawa T, Banno R, Yaginuma H, Taki K, Mizoguchi A, Sugiyama M, Onoue T, Takagi H, Hagiwara D, Ito Y, Iwama S, Goto M, Suga H, Bettler B, Arima H.
Title GABAB Receptor Signaling in the Mesolimbic System Suppresses Binge-like Consumption of a High-Fat Diet.
Journal iScience
Abstract Binge eating could contribute to the development of obesity, and previous studies suggest that gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) type B receptor (GABABR) signaling is involved in the regulation of binge eating. Here, we show that time-restricted access to a high-fat diet (HFD) induces binge-like eating behavior in wild-type mice. HFD consumption during restricted time was significantly increased in corticostriatal neuron-specific GABABR-deficient mice compared with wild-type mice. Furthermore, the GABABR agonist baclofen suppressed HFD intake during restricted time in wild-type mice but not in corticostriatal or dopaminergic neuron-specific GABABR-deficient mice. In contrast, there were no significant differences in food consumption among genotypes under ad libitum access to HFD. Thus, our data show that the mesolimbic system regulates food consumption under time-restricted but not ad libitum access to HFD and have identified a mechanism by which GABABR signaling suppresses binge-like eating of HFD.
Volume 20
Pages 337-347
Published 2019-10-25
DOI 10.1016/j.isci.2019.09.032
PII S2589-0042(19)30370-0
PMID 31610370
PMC PMC6817655
IF 4.447
Times Cited 1
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