RRC ID 58550
Author Miura T, Mikami H, Isozaki A, Ito T, Ozeki Y, Goda K.
Title On-chip light-sheet fluorescence imaging flow cytometry at a high flow speed of 1 m/s.
Journal Biomed Opt Express
Abstract We present on-chip fluorescence imaging flow cytometry by light-sheet excitation on a mirror-embedded microfluidic chip. The method allows us to obtain microscopy-grade fluorescence images of cells flowing at a high speed of 1 m/s, which is comparable to the flow speed of conventional non-imaging flow cytometers. To implement the light-sheet excitation of flowing cells in a microchannel, we designed and fabricated a mirror-embedded PDMS-based microfluidic chip. To show its broad utility, we used the method to classify large populations of microalgal cells (Euglena gracilis) and human cancer cells (human adenocarcinoma cells). Our method holds promise for large-scale single-cell analysis.
Volume 9(7)
Pages 3424-3433
Published 2018-7-1
DOI 10.1364/BOE.9.003424
PII 330684
PMID 29984107
IF 3.921
Times Cited 4
Algae NIES-48