RRC ID 62218
Author Friedrich T, Scholz U, Elsässer T, Durante M, Scholz M.
Title Systematic analysis of RBE and related quantities using a database of cell survival experiments with ion beam irradiation.
Journal J Radiat Res
Abstract For tumor therapy with light ions and for experimental aspects in particle radiobiology the relative biological effectiveness (RBE) is an important quantity to describe the increased effectiveness of particle radiation. By establishing and analysing a database of ion and photon cell survival data, some remarkable properties of RBE-related quantities were observed. The database consists of 855 in vitro cell survival experiments after ion and photon irradiation. The experiments comprise curves obtained in different labs, using different ion species, different irradiation modalities, the whole range of accessible energies and linear energy transfers (LETs) and various cell types. Each survival curve has been parameterized using the linear-quadratic (LQ) model. The photon parameters, α and β, appear to be slightly anti-correlated, which might point toward an underlying biological mechanism. The RBE values derived from the survival curves support the known dependence of RBE on LET, on particle species and dose. A positive correlation of RBE with the ratio α/β of the photon LQ parameters is found at low doses, which unexpectedly changes to a negative correlation at high doses. Furthermore, we investigated the course of the β coefficient of the LQ model with increasing LET, finding typically a slight initial increase and a final falloff to zero. The observed fluctuations in RBE values of comparable experiments resemble overall RBE uncertainties, which is of relevance for treatment planning. The database can also be used for extensive testing of RBE models. We thus compare simulations with the local effect model to achieve this goal.
Volume 54(3)
Pages 494-514
Published 2013-5-1
DOI 10.1093/jrr/rrs114
PII rrs114
PMID 23266948
PMC PMC3650740
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