RRC ID 63568
Author Cristóbal Calderón-Reyes, Ramón Silva Pezoa, Pamela Leal, Alejandra Ribera-Fonseca, Cristina Cáceres, Ismael Riquelme, Tomas Zambrano, Daniela Peña, Miren Alberdi & Marjorie Reyes-Díaz
Title Anthocyanin-Rich Extracts of Calafate (Berberis microphylla G. Forst.) Fruits Decrease In Vitro Viability and Migration of Human Gastric and Gallbladder Cancer Cell Lines
Journal Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition
Volume 20
Pages 1891–1903
Published 2020-1-1
DOI 10.1007/s42729-020-00260-8
Human and Animal Cells G-415(RCB2640)