RRC ID 63584
Author Park J, Komori T, Uda T, Miyajima K, Fujii T, Kim SH.
Title Sequential Cell-Processing System by Integrating Hydrodynamic Purification and Dielectrophoretic Trapping for Analyses of Suspended Cancer Cells.
Journal Micromachines (Basel)
Abstract Microfluidic devices employing dielectrophoresis (DEP) have been widely studied and applied in the manipulation and analysis of single cells. However, several pre-processing steps, such as the preparation of purified target samples and buffer exchanges, are necessary to utilize DEP forces for suspended cell samples. In this paper, a sequential cell-processing device, which is composed of pre-processing modules that employ deterministic lateral displacement (DLD) and a single-cell trapping device employing an electroactive microwell array (EMA), is proposed to perform the medium exchange followed by arraying single cells sequentially using DEP. Two original microfluidic devices were efficiently integrated by using the interconnecting substrate containing rubber gaskets that tightly connect the inlet and outlet of each device. Prostate cancer cells (PC3) suspended in phosphate-buffered saline buffer mixed with microbeads were separated and then resuspended into the DEP buffer in the integrated system. Thereafter, purified PC3 cells were trapped in a microwell array by using the positive DEP force. The achieved separation and trapping efficiencies exceeded 94% and 93%, respectively, when using the integrated processing system. This study demonstrates an integrated microfluidic device by processing suspended cell samples, without the requirement of complex preparation steps.
Volume 11(1)
Published 2019-12-30
DOI 10.3390/mi11010047
PII mi11010047
PMID 31905986
IF 2.426
Human and Animal Cells PC-3(RCB2145)