RRC ID 65283
Author Perez LM, Alfonso A.
Title The Conserved ASCL1/MASH-1 Ortholog HLH-3 Specifies Sex-Specific Ventral Cord Motor Neuron Fate in Caenorhabditis elegans.
Journal G3 (Bethesda)
Abstract Neural specification is regulated by one or many transcription factors that control expression of effector genes that mediate function and determine neuronal type. Here we identify a novel role for one conserved proneural factor, the bHLH protein HLH-3, implicated in the specification of sex-specific ventral cord motor neurons in C. elegans Proneural genes act in early stages of neurogenesis in early progenitors, but here, we demonstrate a later role for hlh-3 First, we document that differentiation of the ventral cord type C motor neuron class (VC) within their neuron class, is dynamic in time and space. Expression of VC class-specific and subclass-specific identity genes is distinct through development and is dependent on the VC position along the A-P axis and their proximity to the vulva. Our characterization of the expression of VC class and VC subclass-specific differentiation markers in the absence of hlh-3 function reveals that VC fate specification, differentiation, and morphology requires hlh-3 function. Finally, we conclude that hlh-3 cell-autonomously specifies VC cell fate.
Volume 10(11)
Pages 4201-4213
Published 2020-11-5
DOI 10.1534/g3.120.401458
PII g3.120.401458
PMID 32973001
PMC PMC7642948
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