RRC ID 67267
Author Ohhara Y, Hoshino G, Imahori K, Matsuyuki T, Yamakawa-Kobayashi K.
Title The Nutrient-Responsive Molecular Chaperone Hsp90 Supports Growth and Development in Drosophila.
Journal Front Physiol
Abstract Animals can sense internal nutrients, such as amino acids/proteins, and are able to modify their developmental programs in accordance with their nutrient status. In the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster, amino acid/protein is sensed by the fat body, an insect adipose tissue, through a nutrient sensor, target of rapamycin (TOR) complex 1 (TORC1). TORC1 promotes the secretion of various peptide hormones from the fat body in an amino acid/protein-dependent manner. Fat-body-derived peptide hormones stimulate the release of insulin-like peptides, which are essential growth-promoting anabolic hormones, from neuroendocrine cells called insulin-producing cells (IPCs). Although the importance of TORC1 and the fat body-IPC axis has been elucidated, the mechanism by which TORC1 regulates the expression of insulinotropic signal peptides remains unclear. Here, we show that an evolutionarily conserved molecular chaperone, heat shock protein 90 (Hsp90), promotes the expression of insulinotropic signal peptides. Fat-body-selective Hsp90 knockdown caused the transcriptional downregulation of insulinotropic signal peptides. IPC activity and systemic growth were also impaired in fat-body-selective Hsp90 knockdown animals. Furthermore, Hsp90 expression depended on protein/amino acid availability and TORC1 signaling. These results strongly suggest that Hsp90 serves as a nutrient-responsive gene that upregulates the fat body-IPC axis and systemic growth. We propose that Hsp90 is induced in a nutrient-dependent manner to support anabolic metabolism during the juvenile growth period.
Volume 12
Pages 690564
Published 2021-1-1
DOI 10.3389/fphys.2021.690564
PMID 34239451
PMC PMC8258382
IF 3.367
Drosophila 10062R-2 10084R-1 10117R-2 10166R-2 10230R-1 10343R-1 10492R-3 10617R-1 10686R-3 10687R-1 10728R-2 10840R-3 1100R-2 11125R-1 11133R-4 11505R-2 11621R-1 1180R-2 11981R-3 12030R-2 12323R-2 12602R-1 12690R-2 12975R-2 17596R-2 13020R-1 13168R-1 17841R-3 13319R-2 17985R-1 13344R-2 18402Ra-1 13475R-3 18741R-3 13807R-2 1965R-2 14127R-3 2076R-3 14234R-2 2091R-1 1433R-2 14341R-1 2165R-3 14694R-2 2260R-1 14792R-2 2540R-1 14938R-2 2685R-6 15005R-1 2818R-1 1515R-1 2867R-2 1516R-3 15390R-2 2984R-3 30075R-2 3017R-2 10518R-1 31605R-2 31690R-2 10611R-1 11003R-3 1666R-2 9268R-3 32442R-4 3260R-2 16758R-1 16903R-8 17331R-1 17386R-2 1740R-1 3274R-1 17556R-1 HMJ22141 13020R-1 12956R-1 3425R-3 HMJ22050 3497R-1 HMJ23712 3523R-2 HMC02679 3597R-1 HMS02482 3696R-1 3798R-1 3806R-3 3817R-1 3843R-1 3879R-2 3893R-2 4038R-2 4111R-3 4152R-1 4202R-1 4264R-2 4634R-2 4637R-2 4662R-3 4957R-2 5072R-3 5270R-2 5289R-3 5353R-1 5378R-1 5436R-1 5484R-1 5495R-1 5550R-1 5595R-1 5625R-3 5641R-2 5688R-1 6043R-1 6054R-2 6064R-1 6147R-1 6322R-1 6603R-1 6612R-1 6824R-2 6856R-1 7082R-1 7095R-1 7097R-1 7099R-2 7103R-1 7134R-6 7206R-2 7352R-2 7546R-1 7762R-4 7770R-3 7776R-1 7830R-1 7847R-1 8009Ra-2 8053R-1 8190R-2 8202R-1 8222R-3 8257R-2 8298R-3 8308R-3 8431R-1 8443R-1 8444R-1 8451R-3 8534R-1 8615R-2 8786R-1 8858R-2 8954R-1 9053R-1 9086R-3 9144R-1 9220Rb-4 9438R-1 9485R-2 9565R-2 9695R-2 9922R-2 9936R-1 9952R-1 HMJ22277 HMS02276 HMJ22572 HMS03003 HMS00399 HMS02311 HMJ23868 HMS01441 HMJ30030 HMJ21308 HMJ23711 HMJ23057 HMS00899 HMC02977 HMS02963 HMJ22433 HMJ21397 HMJ23695 HMJ21020 HMJ21337 HMJ21762 HMS01187 HMS00962 HMJ21981 HMJ22667 HMJ23976 HMS00956 HMS01181 HMC02354 HMS01267 HMJ24012 HMJ23477 HMJ23623 HMS00297 HMJ22798 HMJ21232 HMJ21944 HMS01350 HMJ22656 HMJ30309 HMC02997 HMJ21841 HMS00304 HMJ21146 HMJ21551 HMJ30061 HMJ23349 HMS00589 HMC03157 HMJ30108 HMS00627 HMS01083 HMJ21220 HMJ21479 HMJ21827 HMS01179 HMS00776 HMJ21470 HMJ30283 HMS00092 HMC03103 HMJ24037 HMJ21756 HMJ22483 HMJ02087 HMS00118 HMJ21840 HMJ23339 HMJ22349 HMJ22438 HMJ23154 HMS02947 HMJ21019