RRC ID 68664
Author Kumagai K, Nishijima M, Hanada K.
Title Reconstitution assay system for ceramide transport with semi-intact cells.
Journal Methods Cell Biol
Abstract The intracellular transport of lipids from the sites of their synthesis to their appropriate destination is a critical step for lipid metabolism. One well-defined inter-organelle lipid movement is the transport of ceramide by ceramide transport protein (CERT). Ceramide, a key intermediate for both sphingomyelin and glycosphingolipids, is synthesized at the endoplasmic reticulum and delivered to the Golgi apparatus to be converted to sphingomyelin. CERT delivers ceramide from the ER to the Golgi apparatus in a non-vesicular and ATP-dependent manner. This chapter describes a reconstitution assay system for ceramide transport with semi-intact cells, which is useful for the study of the CERT-mediated inter-organelle transport of ceramide.
Volume 108
Pages 117-29
Published 2012-1-1
DOI 10.1016/B978-0-12-386487-1.00006-7
PII B9780123864871000067
PMID 22325600
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