RRC ID 73082
Author Otsuka M, Arai M, Mori M, Kato M, Kato N, Yokosuka O, Ochiai T, Takiguchi M, Omata M, Seki N.
Title Comparing gene expression profiles in human liver, gastric, and pancreatic tissues using full-length-enriched cDNA libraries.
Journal Hepatol Res
Abstract In the post-genome-sequencing era, full-length cDNA-sequence resources are extremely useful for functional analyses of genes. In addition, comprehensive gene profiling of human tissues at the mRNA level is also useful in understanding the molecular mechanisms of tissue-specific functions and disease pathogenesis. In this study, to obtain a wide variety of full-length cDNA clones derived from digestive tissues, numerous expressed sequence tags were generated from libraries enriched with full-length cDNAs. In total, 13575 sequences were obtained from three cDNA libraries, which were constructed from tissues and cell lines of human liver, stomach, and pancreas. The integration of overlapping clones categorized the sequences into 5936 clusters (1666, 2746, and 2222 clusters in the liver, stomach, and pancreas, respectively). Of these, 1138 clones were scored as full-length cDNAs. Surprisingly, the redundant clones from all three tissues were assembled to show that only 101 genes (1.7% of the assembled 5936 genes) were shared. These results suggest that functional differences between tissues are probably related to their divergent gene expression profiles, and form a basis for understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying tissue-specific pathogenesis that are expressed in different organs. In addition, the full-length cDNAs obtained in this study should prove useful for future functional analyses of the genes expressed in digestive tissues.
Volume 27(1)
Pages 76-82
Published 2003-9-1
DOI 10.1016/s1386-6346(03)00161-x
PII S138663460300161X
PMID 12957211
Human and Animal Cells Hep G2