RRC ID 79482
Author Shimojo H, Masaki T, Kageyama R.
Title The Neurog2-Tbr2 axis forms a continuous transition to the neurogenic gene expression state in neural stem cells.
Journal Dev Cell
Abstract Neural stem cells (NSCs) differentiate into neuron-fated intermediate progenitor cells (IPCs) via cell division. Although differentiation from NSCs to IPCs is a discrete process, recent transcriptome analyses identified a continuous transcriptional trajectory during this process, raising the question of how to reconcile these contradictory observations. In mouse NSCs, Hes1 expression oscillates, regulating the oscillatory expression of the proneural gene Neurog2, while Hes1 expression disappears in IPCs. Thus, the transition from Hes1 oscillation to suppression is involved in the differentiation of NSCs to IPCs. Here, we found that Neurog2 oscillations induce the accumulation of Tbr2, which suppresses Hes1 expression, generating an IPC-like gene expression state in NSCs. In the absence of Tbr2, Hes1 expression is up-regulated, decreasing the formation of IPCs. These results indicate that the Neurog2-Tbr2 axis forms a continuous transcriptional trajectory to an IPC-like neurogenic state in NSCs, which then differentiate into IPCs via cell division.
Published 2024-5-14
DOI 10.1016/j.devcel.2024.04.019
PII S1534-5807(24)00294-6
PMID 38772376
Mice RBRC05996