RRC ID 80256
Author Hong SM, Ten LN, Park KT, Back CG, Waleron M, Kang IK, Lee SY, Jung HY.
Title Pectobacterium jejuense sp. nov. Isolated from Cucumber Stem Tissue.
Journal Curr Microbiol
Abstract A single Pectobacterium-like strain named 13-115T was isolated from a specimen of diseased cucumber stem tissue collected on Jeju Island, South Korea. The strain presented a rod-like shape and was negative for Gram staining. When grown on R2A medium at 25 °C, strain 13-115T formed round, convex and white colonies. This strain showed growth at temperatures ranging from 10 to 30 °C and tolerated a pH range of 6-9. The strain could also tolerate NaCl concentrations up to 5%. Analysis of the 16S rRNA gene sequence revealed that strain 13-115T exhibited similarity of over 99% with Pectobacterium brasiliense, P. carotovorum, P. polaris, and P. parvum. By conducting multilocus sequence analyses using dnaX, leuS, and recA genes, a separate phylogenetic lineage was discovered between strain 13-115T and other members of the genus Pectobacterium. Moreover, the strain showed relatively low in silico DNA-DNA hybridization (<60.6%) and average nucleotide identity (ANI) (<94.9%) values with recognized Pectobacterium species. The isolate has a genome size of 5,069,478 bp and a genomic G + C content of 52.04 mol%. Major fatty acids identified in the strain included C16:0 (28.99%), summed feature 3 (C16:1 ω7c and/or C16:1 ω6c; 28.85%), and C18:1 ω7c (19.01%). Pathogenicity assay confirmed that the novel strain induced soft rot symptoms in cucumber plants and Koch's postulates were fulfilled. Molecular analysis and phenotypic data indicated that strain 13-115T could be classified as a new species within the Pectobacterium genus, which has been named Pectobacterium jejuense. The type strain is 13-115T (= KCTC 92800T = JCM 35940T).
Volume 80(9)
Pages 308
Published 2023-8-1
DOI 10.1007/s00284-023-03419-5
PII 10.1007/s00284-023-03419-5
PMID 37528256
MeSH Bacterial Typing Techniques Cucumis sativus* DNA DNA, Bacterial / chemistry DNA, Bacterial / genetics Fatty Acids / chemistry Nucleic Acid Hybridization Pectobacterium* / genetics Phospholipids / chemistry Phylogeny RNA, Ribosomal, 16S / genetics Sequence Analysis, DNA
General Microbes JCM 35940