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Pathogenic bacteria The Antibacterial and Anti-Eukaryotic Type VI Secretion System MIX-Effector Repertoire in Vibrionaceae.
General Microbes JCM 13464 Salmonella Typhimurium utilizes a T6SS-mediated antibacterial weapon to establish in the host gut.
General Microbes JCM 1296 , JCM 1406 Identification of a novel virulence factor in Clostridium difficile that modulates toxin sensitivity of cultured epithelial cells.
General Microbes JCM 10249 Virulence properties of Moritella viscosa extracellular products.
Human and Animal Cells HL60 , Jurkat , Sawano , Hep G2 , MOLT-4 , A549 , MRC-5 , HeLa , CACO-2 , TCS A Bacillus thuringiensis crystal protein with selective cytocidal action to human cells.
Human and Animal Cells Jurkat , Sawano , Hep G2 , HL60 , NIH3T3-3 , MOLT-4 , A549 , MRC-5 , HeLa , Vero , ... Parasporin-1, a novel cytotoxic protein to human cells from non-insecticidal parasporal inclusions of Bacillus thuringiensis.
Human and Animal Cells A549 , CACO-2 , COS-7 , HL60 , HeLa , Hep G2 , Jurkat , MOLT-4 , MRC-5 , NIH3T3-3 , ... Typical three-domain cry proteins of Bacillus thuringiensis strain A1462 exhibit cytocidal activity on limited human cancer cells.
Human and Animal Cells Bacillus thuringiensis serovar shandongiensis strain 89-T-34-22 produces multiple cytotoxic proteins with similar molecular masses against human cancer cells.
Human and Animal Cells In vitro cytotoxicity of non-cyt inclusion proteins of a Bacillus thuringiensis isolate against human cells, including cancer cells.